by Joshua D. W.

Skies dangle above me,
Several hundreds of feet high.
I see clouds circulating everywhere,
A cool sun heated down upon my crisp face.

 All is destroyed in a single Instant.

 Destruction, chaos, evil.
A purple sky is seen now, as a blue light
Destroys everything in it's path.
Cities in ruins, forests burnt, people
Forced to disguise themselves in masks and
Charades of darkness.

 All is destroyed in a single Instant.

 People split up, all over the
World that we now walk upon.
A small, refuge of children.
A band of thieves, breaking into a Castle.
Dreams of a sinful past.
Paintings of horror, terrifying profanity.

 All is destroyed in a single Instant.

 Transes of mindless magicians.
A family, destroyed by hatred.
A cave dug deep within mines.
A lost soul in the underground.
Mourning of an old friend.
The weight of an entire mansion.

 All is destroyed in a single Instant.

 A vast field of green, raged with animals.
A freezing eternity in a cave of ice.
Memories of a young woman, cloaked in mystery,
Fire of a bird.
An incredible treasure of life and joy.
A love of a single man, unknown by her own feelings,
Triangulated by a third, a deceased.

 All destroyed in a single Instant.

 I feel no mercy for those who are tormented by this world.
I am happy here.
I am happy here and I am all that matters.
The begining, the end, and the sweet inside.
I am emotionless, I am unfazed by the million screams of pain
Plaguing me with beautiful dreams.
The sword plunged through a man's back.
The slightest kick of a foot, destroying ones ownself.
All the power lies in me.
I am invincible.

 And all destroyed in a single Instant.


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