For the Love of a Ghost
By Brad "Skillet" Holman

It has been a hard journey, fighting through that cursed forest back there. Monster after monster has been after us, but I wouldn't give up, and Sabin being who he is wouldn't give up either. He has inspired me, Sabin I mean.

So young, so full of life. He reminds me of myself before I became I can't say it right now. It still hurts too much. As for the other man with us though, he is somewhat an enigma. But night after night Sabin tries to talk to him and get him to say something positive about the whole thing. And night after night he just sits there.

I wonder sometimes how he can be so devoid of any feelings whatsoever. I feel all the time. Anger, hatred, feeling of the darkness. Will I become like him?

So I sit and think about what has happened the past few weeks.

It was all so sudden. One day I am the retainer to the King of Doma and the next I am a refugee of that same kingdom.

Life sure does like to throw some twists into a stable enviroment. I have never believed in fate but now everything has changed for me. I was a father and a husband, and now I am widow.

It isn't fair. Life shouldn't be this painful. No one has a right to be in this much grief. Yes, that is an emotion I am feeling too. Grief. Grief and pain so deep that I don't think I will ever be able to live normally again. She was so beautiful. My wife was the most beautiful woman on this planet. I loved her so much, and now she is gone.

Was it only two weeks ago that I was dancing with her on the walls of Doma castle to some music from a festival down below us? Yes, I think it was. I just wanted to hold her forever. To look into her eyes and just dance. And then there was my son. My beloved son. He was a vision of his mother. He had her eyes.

The day before the siege I was out training with him, readying him to become my squire full-time. I let him believe he was my squire when he was younger. He would say to me, "Daddy, can I carry your sword?" or "Daddy can I polish your armor?". He was always saying things like that.

Now he is dead. Along with Elaine, my beautiful boy is dead. And Kefka murdered them. That is why I am traveling with Sabin and Shadow. Sabin told me of a group of people fighting against Kefka. Joining them is my best chance to get revenge. And so here I am, walking through woods in some haunted forest. Than of all things a haunted train attacks.

Life can't get much better than this can it?

We finally stop the cursed thing and it lets us ride it. We find it is a train to the other world. The place where souls go after they die in this world. I feel dishonored for even being on it. I feel, unwelcome.

Then it stops with a horrible sound. I hurry off and jump to the station of all things. A station for the undead?

Sabin wants to get out of there immediately but I feel something calling me. Something inside of me and for a moment my heart forgets it's pain.

She is walking in a line to the train. I recognize them. They are the people that died at Doma. I know them. Gregory, the minister at the church. Tomas, the baker that I liked to talk to. And Elaine, my wife, whom I shared everything with. And behind her our boy.

They begin to board the train. I yell for them. She enters the last car and the train begins to leave. Sabin tries to hold me back but I push him away and run toward the car.

The train is moving away. I can't keep up. Then she appears. "My love, we are separated now but I will be with you forever. Farewell my love." Then my boy, "I'll take care of mommy. Don't worry about her." How can I not worry?

The train pulls away and I never see her again. I stood there on the end of the station watching as the train went by and I hear her whisper to me one last time, "Do not mourn me. Keep living. I will be with you, in your heart and you will never forget me. I love you."

Keep living? How can I not? I still have my honor and my family to avenge, and avenge them I shall.

And one day Kefka will die and I will be happy at last. And life for me will go on.

For the love of a ghost is all I have left of her and I will treasure it. Farewell, beautiful Elaine.


Author's notes: I hope it gets accepted. If it does than hurrah my first fan fic. Anyways the character Cyan hasn't been really written about a lot, most of the authors concentrate on some of the most popular characters. I wanted to write about one that really grabbed at me. Nothing special just a story of his first weeks after Doma. See ya. Special thanks to dave for his love of the character.