The Cast Remembered
Ben Bunting




help comes from unexpected places

heart of gold; too bad it's trapped inside a shell of charred black

last time I flew this high I fell

never quite recovered from that

maybe it's worth another try, maybe this time I can keep my balance

and not fall off the wire

I just won't look down, or look back, for that matter

only forward, and up

towards the light, white and pure

like new snow

that's my life now

I hope



It's not all it's cracked up to be, is it?

what one wears on his head, the other carries in his heart

but both would trade what they have to have each other

but for now, they are separated

by sandcastles, threatening to collapse into dust

by the time it's over they may have to hold up the walls



so this is what happens when you don't bother to stop along the way

and think

when the world grabs you and throws you aside

you tend to think that you should throw it aside rather than the other way around

under a dark shroud

you don't get too much light

and before you know it

you're a Shadow


doesn't seem that I'll ever be good enough for them

not goo enough; insane

that's what they called him. called him and chased me away

since then, I've been here

not really any people anymore, maybe it's better that way

of course, I don't even know if you could call me a person anymore

but then again, maybe I have another chance

well, should I take it?

good ole Mr. Thou


this huge, impenetrable castle

seemingly invincible from afar

supported by the weakest of pillars

heart of a lion

made of glass

so many reasons to fight

but it always seems to carry me farther from where I'm headed

the one thing my sword can't cut are my bonds to the past

but the present seems to need a helping hand


blackjack, snake eyes, royal flush

if there was ever a game with long odds, this is it

but the return's never nearly as good if you don't put down a big bet

sometimes it's hard to remember where you started from, when you're this high in the air

I've never really had that problem though

leaving a part of yourself six feet under give you a heavy anchor

and anchor that tells me there's blue skies ahead --

if only I can win on more hand

time to roll the dice


crystal snowflake

so perfect she doesn't seem real

well -- she's not

or she wasn't supposed to be

the roses changed all that

she was someone else that night

but more herself than she knew was there

the bandana helped her hold onto a life no one cared about but him

until now


dancing mad

blood and fire

scorched earth

festering statue, rotting effigy

monument of existence flawed and tarnished

but so far only realized in the storm that is the mind of one so turned

against his own, and himself


a human weapon

if you could call a weapon human

came to be in a world not our own

cast into cold reality

thawed, then burnt by the flames of this new place and those who sought what she had

she will find truth amongst a group of lost souls,

all on the same path for different reasons

but first she turns her weaponry on those who helped create it



fate has a certain order

in that every light casts a shadow

and every shadow need light to thrive

many parts can make a whole

but they always begin as parts

the balance is struck again in time