7 Flush, and the Whole Earth
By: Mike Lattanzio

For those who can not guess, Setzer is my favourite character in FF6. He's always so happy and sees the interesting side of every issue. He's the only one whose special ability can either do little or even cost the team money. Well, he's scored in this one.

"I told you this airship was fast!" This falcon won the girl of my dreams. She couldn't remain alive unless she loved another, and she does. Me. A ha ha. Everyone has his companion. Old man and Shadow both have their Relm. Locke and Celes. Terra and I. Mog and Umaro, Gogo has himself, Sabin wants only freedom. Terra, the whole earth, and I have captured her. Edgar, the unlucky bastard. He knows I have her. He cannot possible comprehend the love we have for each other. His eyes cannot see the depth of our love, he sees only the outside.

The beautiful earth. Some say the world is a beautiful place, worth fighting for. I believe them. I have won the entire world. I have Terra.

They have all gone now. Edgar has returned to Castle Figaro an empty man. Locke, only Celes could ever contain him. Sabin still is looking for his own way. Terra and I have moved back into Kohlingen. We own the only remaining airship on the planet.

"Hmm?" She asks only this. I have no answer, the realm of possibilities is limitless, as is our new life together, forever.

My mind leans back toward Edgar. He was the best for her. She loved Locke, now she loves me, as I do her. At times I fear things could have happened so differently. Was it fate that brought us together? I believe it was, so I am not afraid to call her mine. As a possession? No, she has captured me. She wanted me from the start, I could not escape my destiny. Escape? What am I saying?

"Do you love me? Like I mean, really love me? Say you love me. Oh, Terra, I'm so sorry!"

"But of course? I am alive, am I not? Would I have lived, had I not loved? What are you saying? I love you!"

"I love you too Terra."

Victory. We are meant to be together. We are meant to be together. Simple, perfect, true. I'm sorry Edgar. He lives in the world of women. His strength is massive, his skill and desire near unmatched. But he has lost this chapter. I'm sorry Edgar, I scored a 7 flush, and the whole Earth.

This one has a very different ending than in the game.
Setzer feels horrible about Edgar's misfortune and
Worries about Terra's vow because of it. I do not
Need to repeat the story however, you just read it.
Actually, this was my first ever fanfic, so would you
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