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Complete Translation of Final Fantasy V! - World 2

Final Fantasy V is © 1992 Square. This translation is © 1996 Mark Rosa (

Well, here's Part 2! Sometimes you'll see some numbers in brackets... these refer to the specific points in Tat Nakao's walkthrough in Illucia.
~ Updated 4 November 1997 ~

Other useful documents: The FFV FAQ ~ Illucia, home of the FFV walkthrough

- World 2 -

Butz: This is...
Lenna: Galuf's world?

[After wandering...]
Lenna: Maybe we should take a rest in a tent...?

[While resting...]
Faris: ...... Lenna... ThereÍs something thatÍs been bothering me for a while...
Faris: Why was it that you did such a dangerous thing to save the Hiryuu up on the Northern Mountain?
Lenna: Faris... do you remember our mother?
Faris: Huh? Maybe a little...
Lenna: When I see the Hiryuu, it reminds me of our mother...
Faris: How?
Butz: A monster!
Butz: Lenna! Faris!

(Fight with the Abductor)

Butz: Where are we?
(ExdeathÍs theme)
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha!!
Welcome to my castle!!
Butz: Exdeath!
Monster: Sir Exdeath! Galuf and the others have reached the Big Bridge!
Exdeath: They have? Then get the mirror ready!
Monster: Yes, sir!
Exdeath: IÍm sure you people will be useful for something!
Lenna: Butz! Look!
Butz: An image of us, in the sky!
Kururu: Grandpa, look!
Galuf: Butz! Lenna! Faris!
Exdeath: Surrender, Galuf! If you donÍt, these peopleÍs lives are over!
Galuf: Drat! Everyone withdraw!
Exdeath: Gilgamesh!
Gilgamesh: Yes, sir!
Exdeath: Keep an eye on these people! I'm counting on you.
Butz: Exdeath! Why you...
(Butz is shot by Exdeath)
Butz: Drat!
Galuf: Kururu, I need to borrow your Hiryuu! We have to save Butz and the others!
Galuf (to soldier): Let go of the Hiryuu!
Soldier: Yes, sir!

Galuf (to Hiryuu, after reaching the castle): You go back and stay with Kururu!
Galuf: So, they're here...
(open treasure box)
Received all of the party's items and crystal chips!
Galuf: Butz, Lenna, Faris!! Wait for me!

[2] (arriving at the cell)
Gilgamesh: Who's there!?

(Fight with Gilgamesh)
Gilgamesh: Grr! Well, I guess we'll stop this foolishness... for now! But I won't forget this!
Butz: Galuf!
Galuf: Wait, I'll open the door.
Faris: Thanks, Galuf.
Butz: Sorry, Galuf. We were...
Galuf: We'll talk later! Now let's get out of here!

(in front of cells on B1F)
Butz (ducks down): Uh oh, we don't want to be spotted!

[3] (On Big Bridge)
Galuf: This place is full of monsters! Be careful!
(Inside the first door...)
Gilgamesh: All this time, I've been waiting behind this door! I was worrying about what the heck I'd do if you never showed up! All right, let's go!!
(Fight with Gilgamesh, #1)
Gilgamesh: Oh, so sorry! With four of you here, there's not much I can do... oh, what am I saying!? (Casts his powerful defense magic)
[After you take a lot of his HP]
Gilgamesh: Urgh! I just realized I'm late for something! I'll be back; you just wait!

Galuf: Kururu!
Faris: Grandpa!! He's putting up a barrier!!
(our heroes are sent flying as a barrier forms around Exdeath's castle)
Kururu: Grandpa! Grandpa!!

Faris: Where are we?
Galuf: Grociana Continent... the home of fearsome monsters... looks like we've been thrown into a tough spot!
Butz: Galuf... for us, you...
Galuf: After I specifically told you not to come here... you had to butt in!
Galuf (to himself): But somehow... I'm glad...

[4] (In the town of Rugor)
1: Hi there! This is the town of Rugor.
2: Has Exdeath really revived?
3: Wow, is this a rare event or what? It's been years since anyone came by our village!
4: (blocking an exit) Don't go out there! It's full of monsters!
5: You know that castle down south? Better not go there!
6: Exdeath's revived, really? Well, he'd never attack a boondock village like this one. Nah, no way...
7: Hey! I saw a Moogle! Really!
8: This kid says he saw a moogle! He's a lying flubbernugget!
9: The wine we make here? Best in the world!
10: That castle to the south is the Sealed Castle of Koozer. The weapons that were used in the war a thousand years ago are sealed up inside.
[In the pub]
11: We don't have any dancers in this town... could you go dance for us?
12: Man, this wine is the best!
13: Ever hear about the "Kornago Pot"? It's got the power to capture monsters really easily.
14: This stuff sure tastes great, no?
15: (bartender) What do you think of our famous wine? Is this stuff the best or what?
Innkeeper: Wow, we only get guests once in a blue moon! Tell you what... just for tonight, it'll be free!

(Galuf sneaks out in the middle of the night and Butz follows)
Butz: Hey! Where's Galuf?
(in the pub)
Galuf: Oh, man! The legendary wine of Rugor!! Sure is good for the throat!!
Galuf: What's up, Butz?
Butz: Well, I couldn't sleep...
Galuf: Oh? Well, sit down.
Butz: Galuf... we're so sorry. If it weren't for us, you would have been able to invade Exdeath's castle...
Galuf: But if we had been able to invade it, we would all have been annihilated by the barrier! I couldn't believe that it was finished... but thanks to you, we survived!
Butz: Galuf...
Galuf: But, Butz... why did you come here, knowing that you couldn't go back to your own world?
Butz: No reason...
Galuf: Butz... I can't thank you enough!
Butz: Oh, stop that!

[5] [At the Sealed Castle of Koozer]
Galuf: The Twelve Legendary Weapons! They really exist!
Butz: Are these the ones that were used in that war a thousand years ago?
Lenna: They've all been petrified...
Butz: Well, that's what happens when you leave weapons lying around for a millennium...
[You can look at the weapons... but you can't get them. Yet.]

[6] [In a small forest...]
Moogle: Kupo!!
Galuf: A moogle, here!?
Butz: What's a moogle?
Galuf: They're shy little creatures who live in the forest. You almost never see them...
Lenna: We'd better help him!
[Deeper into the cave]
Moogle: Kupo! Kupo!
(After fighting Tyrannosaurus)

Lenna: It's the moogle!
Moogle: Kupo!!
Lenna: He looks afraid... Come over here, it's OK...
Moogle: Kupo!
Lenna: It's all right, don't be afraid!
Moogle: Kupo!! Kupoppo!!
Butz: What's he doing?
Lenna: Looks like he's calling us... (Moogle shows them the way thru the desert)

[7] (In the Moogle Forest)
Moogle: Kupo!!
Lenna: It's the moogle that we helped!
Moogle: Kupo!! Kupo!!
Lenna: Is he thanking us?
Moogle: Kupo!! (points to chests)
Lenna: I think he's telling us that we can use this stuff...

(Put on the moogle suit, and get the Elf Cloak in the other tree)
Moogle: Kukupopo--!
Galuf: What's he doing?
(The scene switches to Bal Castle...)

Kururu: What are you all worried about??
Moogle: Kupo--!!
Soldier: What's going on?
Kururu: It looks like Grandpa is in the Moogle Forest!
Soldier: ?
Kururu: Moogles can communicate using telepathy. Even when they're separated, they can talk using their hearts...
Soldier: The Moogle Forest... that's pretty far away.
Kururu: Yeah... and the Hiryuu can't fly anymore...
(Hiryuu squeals)
Kururu: Thanks, Hiryuu... so you'll fly just this once?
Soldier: Is that safe?

(Back in the forest)
Butz: What are they doing?
Moogle: Kupopopo!!
Butz: The "nose"?
(Kururu flying through the sky)
Kururu: I wonder where the Moogle Forest is...?
Moogle: Kupopo!!
Kururu: Oh! At the "nose"?
(Imagine a big moogle face drawn over the whole forest; the Moogle Forest is located at the "nose".)
Moogle: Kukupopo--!!!
Galuf: Kururu!
Kururu: Grandpa!
Galuf: What are you doing here?
Kururu: The moogle told me you were here!
Kururu: Quick, we've got to get back to the castle!

[8] (Back at Bal Castle)
Kururu: I'm giong to let the Hiryuu rest.
Soldier: King Galuf!
Galuf: Everyone, you did a great job while I was gone!
Soldier: King Galuf!
Galuf: What's happening with Exdeath?
Soldier: No significant movement since the barrier's been completed, sir.
Galuf: I see... what about our troops?
Soldier: Due to the battles with Exdeath's monsters, they're almost entirely wiped out.
Galuf: ...
Soldier: I'm sorry, sir.
Butz (to Galuf): And I thought you were just some old man... so you're really a king!?
Galuf: ...Well, I guess I am.
Butz: Man, I'm surprised!
Galuf (to soldiers): Excellent job, everyone! At ease!
Soldiers: Yes, sir!

Galuf: Butz, what's up?
Butz: You're a king... I just can't believe it!
Galuf: Why, don't I look like a king!?
(Butz shakes his head)
Galuf: What!?
Butz: I'm just joking!! ... But now it feels weird to call you by your first name... maybe I should say "King Galuf"...
Galuf: Nah, I was your friend before you knew I was King of Bal...just call me...
Butz: Galuf!
Galuf: Right! Ha ha ha...
[Around Bal Castle]
Soldier 1: Exdeath's Castle is protected by his barrier, and we can't get into it!
Soldier 2: We were attacked by Exdeath, so there aren't too many soldiers left.
Soldier 3: Right after the time when she was born, Kururu's parents had to go to the Grociana Continent in order to save the Hiryuu... and they haven't been seen since.
Soldier 4: Kururu's on the top floor of this tower. I think she's crying...
Soldier 5: Don't worry! We're all safe now that Galuf's back!
Soldiers 6, 7, & 8: We can't open this gate! Monsters'll come in! And trust me, we don't want that!
[1F, left side, after some exploring]
9: (old man) If you select your items using 'Optimum', you won't equip things like the Elf Cloak and the Gold Hairpin. But those things have other special abilities. Be careful and keep track of these things!
[1F, right tower]
Soldier 10: Bal Castle's quite old indeed. There are all kinds of secrets that even we haven't discovered.
Soldier 11: Our troops are all being defeated! And it's all because of that no-good Gilgamesh!
Soldier 12: We've tried all kinds of things... but we just can't sem to get that door down there to open.
[King's Hall]
Soldier 13: King Galuf, please take the Teleport magic! You forgot it last time, sir.
Soldier 14: So King Galuf lost hims memory because of an accident when he warped with the meteor... hmm... the equipment that he brought from here must've been broken.
Soldier 15: If we don't defeat Exdeath, the world's toast...
Soldier 16: The Big Bridge is completely guarded by the barrier.and the Hiryuu can't fly... so we can't even get near Exdeath's Castle.
17: Kururu is such a sweet child... and she's got the same spirit as Galuf.
18: Somehow Kururu can talk to this moogle here! Isn't that a strange power to have?
(At top of castle)
Kururu: ......
Lenna: Kururu?
Kururu: The Hiryuu's dying...
Lenna: Huh?
Faris: What happened to him?
Kururu: He was wounded and really shouldn't have been flying... but he did it for us...
Galuf: To help us...
Faris: Well, how can we save him?
Kururu: ......
Lenna: The Flying Dragon Weed...
Kururu: If we had a Flying Dragon Weed, could we cure the Hiryuu's injury?
Lenna: We could, but does the weed exist in this world...?
Faris: Surely we could find it in the place where the Hiryuu live?
Galuf: In that case...
Butz: It exists!?
Galuf: In the Valley of the Flying Dragons... but nobody's ever gone in there and come out again...
Butz: Let's go!!
Kururu: Butz!
Galuf: The valley is to the north of this castle, beyond the werewolves' village of Quelb.
Kururu: But outside the castle, it's full of monsters!
Galuf: It'll be fine; we'll all go!
Butz: Yeah!
Lenna: We'll be OK!
Faris: We'll get that weed for sure!

(At the gate)
Galuf: Open the gate!
Soldier: But... Exdeath's monsters are out there...
Galuf: As soon as we go out, seal up the gate, real tight!
Soldier: But, Sir Galuf! If we do that, you won't be able to get back in the castle! Is that all right with you?
(Answer yes, and...)
Galuf: OK then! Quickly close the gate and seal it up!
Soldiers: Yes sir! Be careful, King Galuf!
Galuf: They're already here! Everyone get ready!!
(Fight with Abductor, again)

[9] (At Town of Quelb)
Galuf: We'll have to open the gate in the north part of this town so we can get to the valley...

(At Kelgar's House)
Wolf: Freeze!! (2 wolves jump down)
Butz: Who are you!?
Galuf: Butz, wait! They're our friends!!
Faris: Friends!?
Kelgar: Galuf??
Galuf: Kelgar!
Kelgar: It's been a while, Galuf!
Galuf (to Butz): He's one of the Four Braves of Dawn!
Butz: Did you fight with Galuf against Exdeath, 30 years ago...?
Kelgar: (to Galuf) Who are these people!?
Galuf: They're warriors from the world where we sealed Exdeath...
Kelgar: Friends of his, no doubt!
Butz: What!?
Kelgar: You shattered the crystals and revived Exdeath...
Galuf: No!! They're...
Kelgar: Out of the way, Galuf!
Kelgar: OK, Butz, let's have a duel!!
Butz: !?
Galuf: Kelgar...
Kelgar: Let's see what's in your heart!!
Butz: OK... a one-on-one duel...
Kelgar: Now watch my Lupine Attack!!
Butz: ?
Butz: Yeah, I saw that... (pushes Kelgar)
Galuf: Butz, I think you overdid that one!!

Butz: Sorry, Kelgar.
Galuf: Trying that with your old body...
Kelgar: But how did you defend my Lupine Attack?
Butz: It's a move I learned from my father.
Kelgar: Huh? What's his name?
Butz: Dorgan. (Kelgar and Galuf look surprised)
Butz: What's with you two?
Galuf: You can't be...
Kelgar: Dorgan's son...
Butz: You know about my father?
Galuf: Your father, myself, Kelgar, and Zeza...we fought together against Exdeath thirty years ago...
Kelgar: He's one of the Four Braves of Dawn.
Butz: Then, was he from this world?
Kelgar: Yes.
Butz: ......
Galuf: Thirty years ago, while chasing Exdeath, we were warped to your world...
Galuf: Is he immortal or something?
Dorgan: There's no end to it!
Kelgar: All we can do is seal him up here...
Zeza: Yeah...
Dorgan: Here!? Are you saying we should take the evil of our world and seal it up here in another? I'm against it!
Zeza: But what else can we do?
Kelgar: He'll come back to life!
Galuf: Aw, nutbunnies!
Kelgar: We've got no choice... we've got to seal him up here!
Galuf: Dorgan, in order to use the power of the crystals, we need to combine our four spirits!
Kelgar: Come on, Dorgan!
(Dorgan gives in and Exdeath is sealed away...)
Galuf: (to Dorgan) You're staying behind...?
Dorgan: Uh-huh...
Kelger: Why!?
Dorgan: Farewell!
Galuf: Dorgan...
[Flashback ends...]
Galuf: Dorgan stayed behind in your world so he could guard Exdeath's seal...
Butz: Ah hah...
Kelgar: How's Dorgan doing these days, anyway?
Butz: Three years ago, he got sick, and...
Kelgar: Oh... well, son of Dorgan, say something! It'll give you strength...
Kelgar: I'll tell the people in town to open the gate...
Kelgar: Cough, cough... if I could only fight with you!
[Elsewhere in Quelb]
Wolf 1:(in Kelgar's house) Kelgar's really weakening... he shouldn't have done that stuff before.
2: You're going to the Valley of the Flying Dragons? That's nothing but a big monster lair!
3: Exdeath's monsters have been attacking us... there aren't too many here who can still fight.
4: Ah ha... so when Tsouss went to protect the Fire Crystal...
5: I'm hearing weird voices from this well...
Voice: Here, little froggie... where's my frog!? [Old guy pops out] Hey, could you go find me a frog? I really want one! (After you get him one) Give me the frog and 10000 gil, and I'll give you this pot. How 'bout it? (yes...) Heh, this'll get me something nice to eat!
6: It's still a mystery why the Hiryuu are going extinct...
7: Nobody's ever gone into the Valley of the Flying Dragons and come out alive!
8: We're prayin' for ya! Here, this song'll help! [Got "Requiem"!]
9 & 10: This ceremony's to bring you luck!
11: Hut one, hut two!
[At the inn]
Waiter: Hey, have a seat over there and I'll get you one of Quelb's best dishes! Here you go! (HP/MP revived, etc.!)
Waiter:: And as an after-dinner treat... (Got 8 Potions!)

[10] [In Hiryuu no Tani (Valley of the Flying Dragons)]
Lenna: Look!
Faris: The Flying Dragon Weed!
(Weed comes alive)
Lenna & Faris: Aaahhhh!!!
Butz: What's this?
Lenna: The weed attacks people?
Faris: Looks like it's turned into a monster!
Galuf: Is this why the Hiryuu are becoming extinct?
(Fight with Hiryuusou)
Faris: The weed!!
Lenna: Look!
Lenna: Let's take it and head back!

[11] (Back at Bal Castle)
Galuf: We're back! Open the door, willya!
Soldier: No way! You're servants of Exdeath! And we won't let you trick us!
Galuf: Ah, forget it. We'll have to find some other way in.
Galuf: (jumps in the moat) Come on, everybody! Jump in!
Soldiers:(after you come in the back way) So sorry! We thought you were Exdeath's goons!
Galuf: Ah, no big deal!
Woman: Kururu says her head hurts... quick, come this way!
Galuf: Kururu!
Kururu: Grand... pa....
Galuf: Kururu, be strong!
Kururu: ...He's calling us...
Galuf: Try not to talk, Kururu...
Kururu: He's calling us... Ghido's calling...
Butz: Ghido?
Kururu: Hurry to Ghido's place!
Butz: Who's Ghido?
Galuf: He's a sage who's lived for 700 years... he predicted the shattering of the crystals on your world.
Butz: He's the one who's calling us?
Galuf: He might know something about defeating Exdeath!
Kururu: ......
Galuf: We'll go meet with Ghido... hang in there, Kururu...
Kururu: OK... you'd better use the Hiryuu...
Galuf: Don't worry, we've got the Flying Dragon Weed!
Kururu: Really!? The Hiryuu's on the top floor...
Galuf: Shall we go?
Lenna: OK!!
Faris: Of course!
Butz: Yeah, let's go! But... where can we find this Ghido?
Galuf: North of the valley, on a small island off the edge of the continent.
[Also on this floor]
Wizard: Ghido lives in a little shrine to the northeast of the Valley of the Flying Dragons.
[At the top]
Lenna (to the Hiryuu): Come on, eat it!
Butz: It's all because of that weed that the Hiryuu are becoming extinct... there's no way we can get him to eat it...
Galuf: But if we don't make him eat it, he'll die!
Lenna: Don't worry... I'll eat it myself... munch, munch...
Faris: Lenna! What are you doing!?
Butz: Lenna, that weed's poisonous to humans!!
Lenna (to Hiryuu): Come on, eat it up... good boy...
Faris & Kururu: Lenna!!
Kururu: Here, drink this!
Faris: Lenna!!
Butz: Lenna! Are you OK?
Lenna: Uh huh...
Kururu: I can't believe you ate that weed!
Faris: Really!!
Lenna: Sorry...
Galuf: Are you all right, Kururu?
Kururu: Yeah...
Galuf: Kururu!
Kururu: I'm... OK...
(Hiryuu roars)
Butz: Man, everybody's overworking themselves!
Kururu: Heh heh...
Galuf: Now, you go and rest!
Kururu: Yes, Grandpa.
Lenna: Thanks, Kururu!
Kururu: No, it was you who saved the Hiryuu! Thanks so much!!
Galuf: Now go and sleep!
Kururu: OK, be careful!!
Galuf: To Ghido's place!
Lenna: Yeah!
Faris: OK!
Butz: Let's go!

[12] (On Ghido's island)
Butz: Where are we?
Galuf: We're at the Sage Ghido's dwelling!
Lenna: Let's go!
Faris: Wait!!
Butz: An earthquake!?
Butz: The island...!? (Island shakes)
Galuf: Let's get back to the Hiryuu!!
(Ghido's island sinks into the water; meanwhile, in Exdeath's castle...)
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha!! This is what happens to those who oppose me!!

[13] (Our heroes head for Surgate)
Guard: Who are you people!?
Other soldier: This is King Galuf of Bal!! What are you fools doing!? He's the King of Bal!
Soldier: King Zeza is leading our Surgate Fleet against Exdeath's castle.
Galuf: Really?
Faris: Isn't he one of the Four Braves of Dawn?
Butz: My father's partner in battle.
Soldier: Come this way!
Soldier: Please feel free to use any of the items in the castle.
Galuf: Thank you!
[Guards outside]
Soldier 1: Please! Wait there! (opens the gate for you)
Soldier 2: This is Zeza's castle, Surgate!
Soldier 3: We'll protect the castle until Zeza returns!
Soldier 4: (again) Please feel free to use any of the items in the castle.
Soldier 5: You know, you folks could land the Hiryuu on Zeza's fleet if you wanted to.
Soldier 6: Zeza is leading his fleet to Exdeath's castle.
Soldier 7: Exdeath's Castle has some tough defenses on the Big Bridge, but the eastern side is weaker.
Soldier 8: We'll protect the castle until Zeza returns!
Soldier 9: If we coud only destroy that barrier...
[B2F has the usual assortment of merchants, plus an inn]
[In the library]
Scholar 1: (scholars) I've got a feeling that something really important is written in this book...
Scholar 2: I found a really old book from over a thousand years ago. But this is only half of it, so I can't read it. It's called the "Book of Sealings"...
Scholar 3: This is the oldest book in the library, but we can't read it because this is only one half of the complete edition.
Butz: (Looking at the book) I've seen a book that looks just like this before...
Scholar 4: We can't find the other half of that book, no matter where we look! And we've examined every book in the world...
Scholar 5: This book here tells the details of the disasters brought about by Exdeath thirty years ago. We mustn't let a nightmare like that ever happen again.
[Other room]
Librarian: Everybody's been taking books out and leaving them all over the place... could you help me get them in order? (The shelves go in the Japanese kana order, starting in the top left. If you can't figure it out, check the walkthrough. ^^)
Butz (at the top left shelf): "A"... "I"... "U"... "E"... E... hey, it's not here!
Lenna: What isn't here?
Butz: Oh, nothing! [Hmm... what's he looking for? ^_^;]
[Note that Lenna says this even if you do this scene later when she's not in your party... ]
Librarian: (after you put the boks in the right spots) Oh, thanks. Now I can go back to my room.
(in the next room, after putting the three books back)
Mage's Book: Use "Ryuuken" (a Dragoon ability) against mages! That's the secret of my strength!
Librarian: Hey, thanks for putting those books back. You know, they say there's a powerful magic that lets you float, and it's in this very castle...
Wizard: (in the room after that) Hey there! I just got back from that lake up north! It's surrounded by mountains, you know. And there was this huge eye staring at me! Sure was weird-looking!
[Don't forget to get Levitate!]

[14] (At Zeza's Fleet, southeast of Exdeath's castle)
Zeza: What? A Hiryuu!?
(Soldiers line up)
Zeza: Wait! They aren't enemies!
Zeza: So, it's you, Galuf!
Galuf: Zeza! Been a while, huh!
Zeza: Who are these people?
Galuf: Dorgan's son, Butz.
Zeza: Dorgan!?
Galuf: And these two are members of the royal family on the other world.
Zeza (to Butz, Lenna, and Faris): I am Zeza, the swordsman.
Galuf: Not "King Zeza"?
Zeza: Nah, somehow the title "King" just doesn't suit me...
Galuf: Yeah, me too! (they laugh)

Galuf: Can we get into Exdeath's castle?
Zeza: Well, we're trying!
Zeza: Anyway, for now go inside and rest!
Soldier 1: The barrier should fall if we can destroy even one of the four barriers.
Soldier 2: This fleet's actually just a disguise. If we had a little more time...
Soldier 3: We could invade Exdeath's castle... if we could only destroy the barrier!
[Lower deck]
Soldier 4: Please use the room on the right.
[Left room]
Soldier 5: We're digging a tunnel under the water.
Soldier 6: Boat's all ready! Gah!
(While resting...)
Sailor: Ahhh! Monsters!!!
Sailor: They're attacking!!
(Back on the boat deck)
Galuf: Zeza, what's going on? (The music should give it away. ^^;)
Zeza: They're attacking us!
(Gilgamesh and some Gabbledegaks show up!)
Galuf: A pincer attack?
Zeza: I'll take this one!
Galuf: Don't let him get away!
Zeza: Yeah, look who's talking!
Zeza: Grrrraaaahhh---!!
(Despite the emergency here, you can actually rest if you get weakened. ^^)
Soldiers: We'll help you out!
Gilgamesh: Ah, the blue sky! The vast oceans! Who DARES to bother me while I'm enjoying this!?
(During the battle with Gilgamesh...)
Gilgamesh: (to Enkidu) Hey, you're late, pal!
Enkidu: They really embarrassed me back there!
Gilgamesh: Just heal us up, OK?
[If you defeat Enkidu first...]
Gilgamesh: Hey, Enkidu! I'll let you handle the rest of it! Hey! You better not leave me behind!
[Gilgamesh is defeated]
Gilgamesh: Drat! If I'm falling in the water, I'm pullin' you filth-monkeys with me!
Galuf: Argh! (slips)
Gilgamesh: You filthy jerk-noggins! I won't forget this!
(On edge of boat)
Galuf: My hands are slipping!
Zeza: Hang on until I get there!
Galuf: I can't!! I can't take it any more!
Galuf: Hiryuu!!
Zeza: Time for us to do the attacking! Follow me!
Soldier 1: Head down below and leave the rest to us!
Soldier 2: We handled the rest of those monsters!
Soldier 4: (below) Zeza's waiting in the room on the left!
[In left room]
Zeza: Lift the other side of this chest!
Zeza: All right, here we go!
Galuf: What's this?
Zeza: This ship is actually in disguise. It's a submarine. We're going to enter the Barrier Tower from the ocean floor.
Galuf: Ah ha...
Zeza: We're all finished with the tunnel to the Barrier Tower, so let's be off!

[15] [Entering the Barrier Tower]
Zeza: Stand back! (blows a hole in the wall)
Zeza: Let's head in! Here we go!
Galuf: Is this the Barrier Tower?
Zeza: Right. If we can destroy this place, the tower will be destroyed.
Zeza: I'll head for the engine room down below. On the top floor, there should be an antenna.
Galuf: And what do we do with the antenna?
Zeza: While I've got the power shut down, you break it.
Zeza: Here, take this. (Gives them "Hisohi sou")
Galuf: What's that?
Zeza: We can use it to communicate. Now let's go!
[If you head for B1F]
Zeza: What're you doing? Get up to the top floor and destroy that antenna!
[Door to 8F]
Zeza's voice: Can you... hear me?
Butz: Is that from the "Hisohi sou"?
Galuf: It's Zeza!
Zeza: Can you hear me?
Galuf: Loud and clear!
Zeza: I've reached the engine room. (A monster runs toward him) Here, everything's secure! (shoots the moster with lightning)
Galuf: Zeza, what's going on?
Zeza: It's nothing! Now hurry up and get to the top floor!
Galuf: Roger!
[Top floor]
Galuf: Zeza: We're at the top floor!
Zeza: OK, roger!
Zeza: Now! Destroy the antenna!
Atomos: I won't let you do as you please!!
(Fight with Atomos)
Butz: We did it!
Galuf: Zeza, do you copy? The antenna's destroyed!
Zeza (to himself): Drat, no escape!
Galuf, it's dangerous up there! Hurry up and get out! The pent-up energy here has no place to go and there's going to be an explosion!
Lenna: The Hiryuu! Let's ride!
Galuf: Zeza, we'll save you!
Zeza: Now, wait in the sub! I'm fine; I'll meet you later!
Galuf: No way!! Do you want to die down there?
Butz: Galuf, that's too dangerous!
Galuf: But...
Butz: Lenna and Faris will go first
Galuf: Zeza, you knew this would happen! And you sacrificed yourself anyway!?
Zeza: Wait in the sub! I promise I'll come! Over and out!
Galuf: Zezaaaa---!!
Zeza: Of course I knew... but there was no way I could send you...
Zeza: Four new warriors, protected by the crystal shards... I'll have to trust you to defeat Exdeath... Galuf, Butz, Lenna, Faris... I leave the rest to you.
Zeza: Don't worry... I'd save you any time...
Galuf: Zezaaaa-----!
Butz: There's nothing we can do...
[Butz smacks Galuf and carries him to the Hiryuu]
Galuf: ...Butz... head for the submarine...
Butz: Galuf... I'm sure Zeza's...
Galuf: It was my final promise to him... let me keep it.
(Galuf waits for Zeza at the bottom)
Butz: Galuf... let it go... in that explosion, he...
Galuf: Just let me wait a little longer... just a little longer...
(Wait a while...)
Galuf: Zeza... you just had to do it all yourself...
Faris: Since we've got the sub, maybe we can get to Ghido's sunken dwelling...
Butz: Yeah. you're right.
Butz: How's Galuf?
Lenna: If we rest a bit first, he'll be fine.
Butz: OK, let's go then!

[If you stop at Surgate again]
Soldier 3: Now that Zeza won't be coming back, we'll have to guard the castle.
[In the King's Hall]
Soldier 4: You're the only ones we can count on now. Please defeat Exdeath somehow!
Soldier 5: The King must have had a fine last moment...
Soldier 6:Now that Zeza won't be coming back, we'll have to guard the castle.
[Injured soldiers in beds; numbered left to right, front row first]
Soldier 7: Zeza's truly gone...
Soldiers 8, 9, 10, & 12: Ouch! This hurts...
Soldier 11: The plan to destroy the barrier worked!? Dagnabbit, why'd I have to get injured?
[Inn on B2F]
Innkeeper: All the beds are filled with injured soldiers from the battle at Exdeath's castle...[Five more soldiers are here; they say the same things as the ones in the other beds.]

[Chocobo Forest]
[16] [At Ghido's place, which is underwater now...]
Butz: An empry treasure box? Hey, there's a big rock in here... (Take it? If yes, ...) Urgh! This thing's heavy!
Butz: Hey! A turtle! (Jump in the pond?)
[On the other side of the pond]
Butz: Hey, what's with this turtle?
Galuf: Butz, will you stop that!?
Butz: But this is fun!
Ghido: Cut that out!
Butz: It... it can talk!
Galuf: Our deepest apologies, Sage Ghido.
Butz: This... turtle!?
Lenna: He's Ghido?
Faris: Really!?
Galuf: He certainly is! How rude of you all!
Ghido: Oh, that's OK.
Butz: Sorry...
Ghido: It's OK, really. I've got something to tell you about; you've really got to hurry!
Butz: Is it about Exdeath?
Ghido: Indeed it is. The thing he's after is in the Great Forest of Muah.
Butz: The Great Forest of Muah?
Ghido: The living forest west of Surgate Castle... it's the birthplace of Exdeath.
Butz: !?
Ghido: Five hundred years ago, an evil spirit, which was sealed up in the forest, turned a tree into a monster. That's Exdeath! I kept the seal shut for 500 years, but 30 years ago the seal was broken.
Butz: In the battle with the Four Braves of Dawn?
Ghido: Right. Dorgan and his warriors succeeded in using the crystals to seal Exdeath back up. But now he has returned.
Butz: And it's all our fault...
Ghido: No, it's not because of you... the spirit that was sealed up is about to return, and we've got to defeat it!
Butz: But where is it?
Ghido: Maybe... well, it's looking for something in the Great Forest of Muah...
Butz: In the Great Forest of Muah?
Ghido: Please go there and defeat it! Protect the thing that's resting there!
Butz: To the Great Forest of Muah...
Galuf: We must avenge Zeza!
Faris: And defeat Exdeath!
Lenna: Let's go!
Ghido: Be warned; the Great Forest of Muah is alive. And it attacks anyone who enters, no matter who they are.
Butz: ...
Ghido: Here, take this!
[Got the Ancient Branch!]
Butz: What's this?
Ghido: It's the Ancient Branch; a part of the Guardian of the Seal. If you have this, you should be able to enter the forest.
Ghido:Hurry! Exdeath's already on his way to the forest!
Butz: Got it!

[At the town of Muah]
1: Hey, where'd you folks come from? This town isn't exactly easy to get to!
2: Legend has it that something truly beautiful was sealed up in that forest to the east, 500 years ago.
3: People's ambitions can lead to evil, you know.
4: The living forest... the Great Forest of Muah, that is... is guarding a seal.
5: Nobody can get into the Great Forest of Muah!
[In the pub]
6: Those trees are really alive. They can hear what you say and feel what's in your heart!
7: The tree spirits don't generally show themselves. But if you peek into the holes in the tree trunks, they'll start talking!
8: Really deep in the forest, there's an ancient tree that guards the seal.
9: Those tree spirits hide the path to the forest depths!
10: One time I got lost in the forest and found a funny little animal. Kept saying 'Kupo! Kupo!'... weird, huh?

[In the Great Forest of Muah]
Lenna: Look! The branch we got from Ghido!
(A path opens)
Faris: The forest...
Butz: It's going to let us in...
(After wandering... the ground shakes!)
Butz: What's going on!?
(The forest's "en fuego"!)
Butz: Is Exdeath setting the forest on fire!?
Moogle: (pops out of a hole) Kupo!
Butz: (after jumping in) Let's wait here and check things out. [Walking through the burned forest]
Lenna: What's that?
Galuf: The Ancient Tree... it guards the seal.
[the branch flies into the air]
Butz: The branch!!

[inside the tree]
Butz: What's that thing?
Galuf: Is that the guardian of the seal? (The blue things draw near...) Here it comes!!
[Battle with Fuuin Sareshi Mono... then Exdeath shows up]

Exdeath: So, you managed to break the seal... I knew you could do it. I can't thank you enough... fwa ha ha...
Galuf: Exdeath!
Exdeath: Thanks to you four, the seal has been opened!
Butz: Huh!?
Galuf: The crystal?
Exdeath: The crystals' power that binds me... shall soon be mine!
Exdeath: Ha ha... kneel down in reverence to the crystals!!!
[Meanwhile, at Bal Castle]
Kururu: My heart... uh oh, I wonder if anything's happened to Grandpa...
Moogle: Kupo!!
Kururu: Hmm? In the Great Forest of Muah?

Exdeath: Now, you're finished! Die!!
Kururu (stuns Exdeath): Grandpa! Butz! Lenna! Faris!!
Galuf: What happened to Exdeath?
Kururu: He'll be OK... but he won't be able to move for a while.
Huh!? [crystals glow]
Exdeath (to Kururu): Why you...! (traps Kururu in a wall of flame)
Kururu: What are you doing!?!
Exdeath: Die!!
Exdeath: How about this, Galuf? Try to stop me, and the crystals shatter!
Galuf: Kururu! (Exdeath uses a blue tractor beam)
Galuf: Exdeath!! (absorbs Kururu's wall and walks right through the beam)

(Galuf & Exdeath fight)

Exdeath: Take this! (uses Vacuum Blade)
Exdeath: Now I'm serious! And you're headed for the world of death! Hahahaha!! (uses Holy and Meteo)
(Galuf's HP fall to 0, but he can still fight)
Exdeath: Why don't you die!?
Galuf: I'm not ready to go yet! Burn me all you want; I'll still defeat you!!
Exdeath: Anger and hate won't be enough to destroy me...!
Galuf: ... It's not anger... or hate...
Exdeath: Then, ....
[Beam opens; crystals float towards Exdeath and he vanishes]
Kururu: Grandpa!
All: Galuf! Get up!!
Galuf: I can't... go on...
Butz: Galuf! What are you saying?
Lenna: Galuf!
Faris: Stand up!!
Kururu: Open your eyes!!
Galuf: Butz... Lenna... Faris, and Kururu...please... defeat Exdeath...!
Kururu: Grandpa! Don't die!!
Butz: Don't die, Galuf! "Cure 3"!
Lenna: Please! "Raise"!
Kururu: "Phoenix Down"! "Elixir"!

Galuf's vitality ran out...

Kururu: Grandpa! No! Don't die!!

Kururu: ... Grandpa's calling me!
Butz: Kururu...
Kururu: Grandpa?
Galuf: I'm giving you the power that's protected the crystals for 1000 years... the power that came from the Ancient Tree...
Kururu:No! Come back!
Galuf: Kururu, you won't be alone... you know that, don't you?

Kururu received all of Galuf's abilities!

Kururu: This warmth.. I can feel Grandpa inside!
Galuf: I'll always be with you, Kururu...
Kururu: (speaking to Exdeath) I understand. Huh? What about Exdeath...?
Butz: Kururu!
Kururu: Butz, Lenna, Faris... I'll fight with you!
Butz: Kururu...
Kururu: Exdeath's trying to destroy all the crystals... that's what Grandpa said. We have to hurry! Let's go! To Exdeath's castle!!
Kururu: Hiryuu!!
(Our heroes hop on the Hiryuu)

[22] [Exdeath's Castle]
Soldier 1: Exdeath's up there...
Soldier 2: Exdeath showed up, and he was way too tough for us!
Soldier 3: We can't make it... could you defeat him?
Soldier 4: He's so strong...
Soldier 5: Avenge us!
Butz: It's a dead end... what's up, Kururu?
Kururu: It's an illusion... created by Exdeath!
Lenna: How do you know?
Kururu: Help us, Grandpa...!

[Cut to Kelgar's house in Quelb...]
Kelgar: Galuf too... Dorgan, Zeza, Galuf... they're all gone... cough, cough...
And I'm not long for this world either...
Wolves: Kelgar!!
Kelgar: I think it's time for me to sleep, too...
[Image of Galuf appears]
Wolves: Who's there!?
Kelgar: Galuf, is that you? Something's happened to Kururu?
Galuf... everyone... lend them your power!
[Kelgar passes away]
Wolves: Kelgar!
Kelgar: Break the illusion!

I'll send my last bit of life to you in Exdeath's castle!
Wolves: Kelgar!
Kururu: Grandpa... and you wolves, too!
Butz: Did Kelgar do this? [cool buzzing sound ^_^]
Kururu: Everyone did!
[the true form of the castle is revealed... and the way to the upper floors opens]

Carbuncle: I'll join you if you're stronger than I am... so! Let's test your strength! [Battle with Carbuncle]
Carbuncle: You're strong indeed! I'm on your side!

[11F] (after opening empty treasure chest)
Butz: Gilgamesh!
Gilgamesh: Ha ha! I've got what was in there!
Gilgamesh: So, we meet for the fourth time... somehow, I'm glad!
Gilgamesh: Hey, what happened to that old man?
Kururu: In the battle with Exdeath...
Gilgamesh: ...... oh...
Ah well... time to start really fighting! "Gilgamesh Change!"
Now I'll test this sword... it's got as much power as Excalibur, you know!
Grrr! (misses) What the!? This is the world's strongest sword!
Exdeath (suddenly appears): Gilgamesh!
Gilgamesh: ...
Exdeath: You useless fool! I'm sending you to the Cleft of Dimension!
Gilgamesh: No way! You've gotta forgive me...
Exdeath: Shut up! (casts Degeon)
Gilgamesh: Aaahhhh!

Exdeath: Out of my way!
Butz: Exdeath! We won't let you get away with this!
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha! Do you even know what it is that I'm doing?
Butz: What!?
Exdeath: I'm returning the world to its original state!
Butz: You mean a world of evil!
Exdeath: Not, that's not it... you don't understand, do you?
... No matter! I won't let you stand in my way!

[Battle with Exdeath...]

To be concluded... in Final Fantasy V Script Part III!

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