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Complete Translation of Final Fantasy V! - World 1

Final Fantasy V is © 1992 Square. This translation is © 1996-97 Mark Rosa.

[Occasionally I, your humble narrator (Mark), will jump in with locations and explanatory comments. These are in brackets and parentheses. And if you've got a Mac, switch the font to Chicago and you can get the text to look just like in FF3 (but without those cool shadows)! Enjoy! ^_^]
- New version! - Updated 1 September 1997 -

Lenna: Father! Do you really have to go?
King of Tycoon: Lenna, you have to protect the castle. You mustn't follow me.
Lenna: But...
King: There's something strange about the wind... So I really must go.
Lenna: Yes, I understand, but all by yourself...?
King: Don't worry.

[Cut to Faris and the pirates]
Faris: The wind... it stopped...

[Galuf at the Meteor]
Galuf: The wind stopped! I've gotta hurry!

[Shot of Lenna in the castle, then her father at the Wind Shrine]
King: Huh?! [crystal shatters]

[Back to Butz again]
Butz: Boko, wait here.
Butz: ! (Fight with 2 goblins)

Butz: Are you OK?
Lenna: Yes, thank you. I'm Lenna. Who are you?
Butz: I'm...
(Choose your name)
Butz: I'm Butz. (or whatever name you picked)
I'm just wandering around with my chocobo...
Lenna: Butz...
Suddenly this thing fell from the sky, and I was sent flying, and I fainted, and...
Butz: Is it a meteor?
Lenna: A meteor...? I wonder if this has anything to do with the wind stopping...? Anyway, I really want to thank you. But I have to hurry...

Butz: Hey, wait...
Lenna: Did you hear something?
Butz: Huh?
Old man: Uhh...
Butz, Lenna: ?
Old man: ...Help...
Butz: He's over there!

Butz: Are you all right?
Old man: Where am I? Think I hit my head somewhere...
Old man: Hey, what's going on here? Can't seem to think straight... I can't remember a thing!
Butz: You hit your head? It couldn't be amnesia...?
Old man: Wait, I remember my name! It's Galuf!
Lenna: And besides that...?
Galuf: Nothing... All I can remember is my name!

Lenna: Anyway, I'm really sorry. I've got to go.
Butz: Where're you going?
Lenna: To the Wind Shrine...
Galuf: The Wind Shrine!? I've got a feeling that I should go there too!
Galuf: Hey, I'm coming along!!
Lenna: But...
Galuf: I absolutely must go there! Take me with you!
Lenna: Butz... what are you going to do?
Butz: I think I'll just keep travelling...
Lenna: Butz... thanks so much! Goodbye...
Galuf: Bye, then!

Butz: Let's go, Boko!
[after riding around]

Butz: Hey Boko, don't just stop short like that!!
Butz: What are you looking at me like that for!?
Boko: Kue! Kue, kue!! [yes, that's how a chocobo talks]
Butz: It's that old dude and that girl, right? And there are lots of goblins around here... got it, Boko.
Lenna & Galuf: Aaahhhh----!!!
Butz: Let's go, Boko!
Boko: Kue-!
Lenna: Urgh...
Butz: Hey!
Lenna: Butz!!
Lenna: Thank you so much!
Butz: Oh, stop that.
Butz: Since that meteor fell, there've been landslides and stuff around here, and now the road to Tule is blocked.
Lenna: But we've got to get to the Wind Shrine...
Galuf: Uhh...
Galuf: Gotta get to the Wind Shrine... uhhh....
Butz: So he's headed for the Wind Shrine also...
Butz: You know, I think I'll go too!
Lenna: Really!?
Butz: It was my father's last wish... that I travel around the world... and besides, the wind is calling us...
Galuf: Yeah, yeah, say whatever you want! Really you just want to be with her!!
Butz: Hey! Were you listening!?
Galuf: Of course!! [laughs]
Galuf: But you know, the road is blocked...
Butz: ...
Lenna: ...
Lenna: But we have to get there somehow!!
Galuf: Yeah, we do...
Butz: OK, let's go!

(At the Pirate Base)
Lenna: There's a cave here?
Butz: It must've been created by that earthquake...
Butz: Boko, it's dangerous in there, so you wait here!
Boko: Kue!

(inside cave)
Butz: That spring... (points to recovery spring)

(watches pirate open door with wall switch)
Butz: Ah ha!

(watching boat outside)
Butz: That boat...? How does it go even though there's no wind...?
Everyone: ???

(inside pirate base)
Butz: Since this is a pirate base, maybe that boat back there was a pirate ship...?
Lenna: Maybe we could get a ride from them...
Butz: But they're pirates!!
Galuf: Well maybe we could just sneak aboard!
Butz: Hey gramps, you've got more guts than I thought!
(board the pirate ship)
Pirate:(half asleep in bunk below deck) Mmnnh... I fixed the wheel, Captain... now Syldra can... ...
Butz: All right, anchors aweigh!!
(Boat doesn't move)
Galuf: Hey Butz, what happened?
Butz: It's no use... it won't move at all. What's going on here?
Faris: What are you doing!? You've got guts, thinking you can just steal my ship like that!
Lenna: I'm Lenna, the Princess of Tycoon. We're so sorry for taking your boat like that...
Butz & Galuf: Princess!?!
Lenna: Please lend us your boat! I have to get to the Wind Shrine! My father's in danger!!
Faris: Hmm... Princess of Tycoon... You must have a lot of money...
Butz: Stop that!
Lenna: Please!!
(pendant glows)
Faris: That pendant...
Faris (to the other pirates): Throw these people below deck! And tie 'em up!
Pirates: Yes, Captain!

Galuf: Now what do we do? Who said we should steal this boat, anyway?
Butz: I think it was YOU!
Galuf: Ohhh... my head hurts! I think I've got amnesia...
Butz: Pretty convenient time to get amnesia, huh!

Butz: And I'm surprised that Lenna turned out to be the princess of Tycoon!
Lenna: I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to hide it or anything...
Butz: But why were you going to the Wind Shrine all alone?
Lenna: My father went there when the wind stopped... and I was afraid that something terrible had happened to him! So I snuck out of the castle, and then this meteor came flying through the sky, and...

Faris: Why would that Princess of Tycoon have the same pendant as me? She says her father's at the Wind Shrine...

(Next day)

Faris (to pirates): Head for the Wind Shrine!
Pirates: What should we do with these guys?
Faris: Untie them!
Faris: Come on! Move it!!
Lenna: But why...?
Faris: Let's just say I'm lending you my power, OK? And that's that!
Faris: Let's go! To the Wind Shrine! (to pirates) Did you hear what I said? Answer me!
Pirates: Aye aye, sir!
Lenna: But the wind's stopped... how can the ship move?
Faris: You really want to know... Come on, Syldra, introduce yourself!
(Syldra roars)
Faris: Whaddaya think? Syldra and I grew up together. We're like brothers!
Faris: OK, we're off!

[Town of Tule]

Pirates: All right! Beer!
[Note from Mark: Actually, it's sake, but I think it would be beer in the US version ^_^)]
Faris: I'm going too.

Old guy: Shall I lead you to the Beginners' School?
OK, close your eyes!

In the Training School
Receptionist: Are you a beginner?

1: If your hair turns white, you've become "Old". Your stats will slowly decrease.
2: Put magic users and characters with weak defense in the back row! Push left on the menu screen, select a character and press A. That's how you switch between the front and back row.
3: Your selected character is the first one on the menu screen. To change them, ... (demonstrates)
4: You can damage undead monsters with healing items like Cure and Potion.
5: Make sure to save often. Then you can continue where you left off.
6: Want to hear about the ability system?
Boko: You folks are warriors chosen by the crystals! Using the power of the brave spirits inside the crystals, you can learn various jobs.
(Turns Faris to a black mage)
Manage these jobs well, and your four characters will gain the abilities that come with the jobs. These are called "abilities". Everything will be de-equipped when you change jobs, but it's OK since you can select "Optimum" to re-equip. Combine jobs skillfully, and you can have a black mage who can jump, a knight casting white magic, and all kinds of things!
For example, let's create a knight with white magic. First make a white mage (makes a white mage) Then gain ability points (ABP) until you get the ability "White Magic". Then change your job to "Knight", and select white magic as an ability! You've created a knight that uses white magic!
7: Check for hidden passages! For example, you can walk through the wall on my left! You can see it if you have a thief with the "Hidden Passage" ability.
8: Sometimes you'll find stuff in the treasure boxes and pots! Look around!
9: Here's a present from me!
(Fight with a goblin and get the treasure)
10: "Wait" mode: Use the "Config" menu to select "Wait". Then time'll stop during battle while you select items and things. So you can take your time picking magic and items!
11: If your HP (Hit Points) get low, heal up using Cure or a potion!
12: Those numbers you see in battle? White means damage; green means reviving.
13: Press L and R at the same time, and you can run away from battles!
14 (purple guy): Want to hear about the more complicated abilities?
"2-Hand" - Use your empty other hand to swing your weapon and double your attack power. That is, swing your sword with two hands.
"Dash" - Press B while walking in caves and towns, and you'll go faster. But at least one of you has to be a Thief.
"Blue Magic (Lore)" "Learning" - Learn the enemies' magic and attacks. But you have to have a blue mage or the "Learning" ability. Then you can use the Goblin's "Goblin Punch", the Steel Bat's "Blood Suck", or the Mold Wind's "Aero"!

Elsewhere in the town...
2 (Blue haired person): We're using machines to magnify the Wind Crystal's power and get our boats to go really fast! Soon we'll have boat service all the way to Worus!
3 (Green haired person): The pirates went into the pub.
4: A meteor landed near Tycoon? I heard that another one landed out west, near Karnak.
5: The wind's weakening...
6: Way, way back, they sealed a monster in the canal using the Wind Crystal's power. At least that's what my grandpa told me.
7: Those pirates have taken over the pub!
8: The monsters in the canal only attack women.
9: Head through the canal and you'll end up in a place called Worus. Thanks to the Water Crystal, they really prosper over there.
10: Everyone says they're pirates and thinks they're scary, but they've never attacked our boats or anything!

[At Zokk's house]
Lenna: I think Zokk's house is around here...
Butz: You know him?
Lenna: Yeah, he's the one who built the gate to the Torna Canal.

Lenna: I guess he's not home...
Butz: We'll come back later

[In the pub]
Pirate 1: The captain's on the second floor.
Pirate 2: I love our captain!!
Pirate 3: And Lenna's cute, too!
Pirate 4: You guys gotta drink too!
Pirate 5: We're only lettin' you use our boat 'cause the captain said so.
Old guy: If you're looking for the pirate captain, go upstairs.
Bartender: Sorry folks, no more beer! The pirates drank it all!
Dancers: Just sit right down over there and look this way!
Dancers: Special service!! (Screen goes pink ^^)
[On second floor outside Faris' room]
Butz: Wait, I'll go in there.
(Comes out with a little heart floating over him :)
Galuf: What's going on?
Butz: Uh, ... nothing... something wrong with my head, maybe...
Galuf: Out of the way!
Galuf: Man, Faris is beautiful! My heart's beating like a drum!
Lenna: What are you two talking about over there?
Faris: Unh... slept well today...
Faris: What are you guys DOING!? Come ON!!
Faris: Sorry, but I'd rather be alone... See you later!

[While leaving Tule]
Faris: Hey! Were you just gonna leave me there!?

[At the Wind Shrine]

Minister of Tycoon Princess Lenna!
Lenna: What's going on?
Minister:Suddenly the wind stopped, and monsters have invaded the shrine!
Lenna: What about Father?
Minister:He went up to the top floor, but he hasn't come down. Something must have happened to him!
Faris: That's where the crystal is! Let's go up there!
Scholar: The crystal upstairs is being controlled by a machine.
Scholar: Here, Lenna, take this! (Got 5 Potions!)
Scholar: Drink this water, and you'll get your energy back.
Minister: When the monsters came, we ended up fleeing to this room.
Scholar: The King went up to look at the crystal...

[Fight Wingraptor on 3F]
Lenna: The crystal!!
Butz: It's cracking?

Butz: What's that? (shot of the Fire crystal)
The spirit of fire... courage
(shot of the Water crystal)
The spirit of water... kindness
(shot of the Earth crystal)
The spirit of earth... hope...
The spirit of wind... search...

Butz: What are these?
Faris: What the...?
Galuf: They're... warm...
Lenna: The crystal's... spirit?
King's Voice:
Lenna: Father!?
Faris: !?
King Tycoon: Listen carefully. You are the four chosen warriors.
Lenna: Father, what are you talking about??
King: The Wind Crystal has shattered. And it seems that the other 3 crystals will as well. It is up to you to protect them. The evil spirit is about to return... a spirit which will plunge everything into darkness...
Lenna: Father!!
King: Go!! Protect the crystals!!

Lenna: Father--!!!
Lenna: What are these?
Butz: Crystal chips?

The ancient brave spirits embedded in the crystals...
Knight... Monk... Blue Mage... Thief... Black Mage... Red Mage...

Butz: The crystal chips... they're entrusting us with their power?
Galuf: Whatever, let's get out of here!
Faris: Lenna...
Lenna: I'm pretty sure there's a warp located behind that altar...

Boko Want to hear about jobs and abilities? (See the Beginners' class in Tule for this speech.)

(Back in Tule, at Zokk's house)

Zokk: Oh, Lenna!
Lenna: Zokk!
Zokk: It's nice to see you again.
Lenna: Zokk, we need you to help us. We've got to get through the Torna Canal, so we can reach Worus.
Zokk: But now that there's no more Wind Crystal, there are monsters in there! It's dangerous!!
Zokk: And... umm... I think I lost the key...
Zokk: Anyway, Lenna, please stay here tonight. Hurry this way.

Butz: The crystals... that reminds me of my father, back then...
(Butz's dream sequence)
Dorgan: If we don't protect the crystals...
(to Stella) If anything happens to me, don't say anything to Butz about the crystals. I don't want to burden him with anything...
Stella: Dear, don't say that!
... ... ...

(Lenna, half-asleep)
Lenna: Father... I'll do it, I'll protect the crystals...

Zokk: What's going on?
Butz: I was just thinking about my dead mother and father......
Zokk: ... Here, take this!
Butz: What is it?
Zokk: It's the Canal Key. You can use it to open the Torna Canal, and get to Worus.
Zokk: I've been hiding the fact that I'm worried about Lenna... please protect her!

(as you're leaving Tule)
Pirates: (to Faris): Captain! Wait!!
Faris: I'm going to have to leave you guys for a while...
Pirate 1: Captain!
Pirate 2: Why!?
Pirate 3: We'll go with you!!
Faris: Sorry, you can't.
Pirate: But Captain...
Faris: It looks like it's going to be a long trip... so you guys guard the base while I'm gone!
Pirate: Captain!
Faris: Do it for me, OK?
Pirate: Captain...
Pirate 2: OK, we understand!
Pirate 4: Be careful, Captain!

(Lenna's wandering around on the boat)
Butz: What's wrong?
Lenna: The Wind Crystal shattered... now the power of the wind is weakening... but soon, the wind'll stop entirely. And after a few years, the sky will become barren, and there won't be a place for the birds to fly.
Lenna: My father said to protect the other 3 crystals.
Butz: Three crystals?
Lenna: The Water, Fire, and Earth crystals.
Butz: What happens if they shatter?
Lenna: Well, at first nothing'll happen... but then the earth will gradually rot, the water will stop flowing, the power of fire will cease and everything'll freeze... it'll be an uninhabitable world.
Galuf: We'll protect the crystals!!
Butz: Hey, did you get your memory back?
Galuf: Nah... but I'll still protect the crystals anyway!
Faris: Me too!
Faris: And we've got to search for Lenna's father!
Butz: The King of Tycoon who was caught in that shadow and disappeared?
Faris: He's alive! There's no way he'd die!
Lena: Butz... will you come with us?
Butz: I was just travelling around... but when I look at this...
Lenna: The crystal chip?
Butz: It's lending us its power in order to protect the world... ... Let's go! We'll save the crystals!!
Galuf: Yeah, let's go!!

(At entrance to Torna Canal)

Galuf: Butz! Where'd you get that key??
Butz: Oh, nowhere... come on, let's keep going!

(riding through canal)
Butz: What's that!?
Lenna: It couldn't be the monster sealed up in the canal!?
Faris: I can't move the wheel!!
Galuf: We're being sucked in!!
Faris: Syldra!!
Butz: Something's coming!!

(Fight with Karlabos... then Syldra's sucked in the whirlpool)
Faris: Syldra!
Butz: Syldra's still alive! He'll travel with us!!
Faris: Syldra!! Let go!!!

Butz: Faris...
Galuf: Hmm... I think we should leave Faris alone for now...
Butz: Syldra was the one pulling this ship... [the ship's slowing to a stop as they talk]
Lenna: Faris, I'm sure Syldra's alive!

(Arrive at Grave of Ships)

Butz: Where are we?
Faris: The Grave of Ships...
Lenna: It's the place where drifting ships gather... and the home of undead monsters...
Galuf: Let's just get outta here!!!

(In one of the ships)
Faris: Should we keep going? We'll get all wet...
Butz: What are you talking about!? Let's go!!

(In the sleeping quarters of one of the ships)
Butz: Oh man, I'm all wet!
Lenna: This place looks safe. Let's rest for a while!
Lenna: I'm going to dry my clothes! Don't look!!
Butz: OK, let's dry our stuff too...
Faris: No thanks, I'm OK...
Galuf: What are you talking about? You'll catch a cold!!
(Butz and Galuf start to pull Faris' clothes)
Faris: Hey! I said stop!!!
Lenna (comes out of the other room): What's going on?
Butz: Lenna, she's a, a...
Galuf: A girl!!
Faris: What's wrong with that?
Lenna: But why did you...?
Faris: When I was little, the pirates found me and took me in. So I grew up with them...
Butz: That's when you decided to pretend to be a man?
Faris: People would make fun of me! A girl as head of the pirates!!
Galuf: Ah ha... I knew you were too pretty to be a guy!
Faris: But please don't make fun of me because I'm a girl!
Butz: Uh, OK...
Faris: Well then, let's go to sleep!

Faris (sees Galuf still sleeping): What are you doing? Let's get going!! Move it!
Galuf: I think maybe she is still a man...!
Butz: Either one is fine. Faris is Faris!!
Lenna: Yeah!

(arriving at the shore)
Butz: I've got a bad feeling...
Stella: Butz... come here...
Butz: Mom...

King: of Tycoon: Come here...
Lenna: Father!
Faris: Lenna! ... urgh... (she's pulled along with Lenna)
Girl: Come, Grandpa!
Galuf: Who are you? I can't think straight!

Siren: Now I'll steal your souls, and you'll join me!!
Galuf: Who are you!?
Siren: So, you're not affected by my tricks? Well, I'm Siren, and I've acquired these three people's souls! Stay out of my way, and I'll let you go.
Galuf: Forget it!!
Siren: Why are you protecting these three?
Galuf: Because they're my... friends!
Galuf: (to Butz, Lenna, and Faris): Don't let her get you! Wake up!!
Butz: Galuf!
Butz: She's coming!!!

(Fight with Siren)

Butz: Galuf! You saved us!
Galuf: Huh...?
Butz: Don't be embarrassed!
Galuf: I'm NOT embarrassed!

(In Karwen... Talk to the green-haired lady who isn't moving; she's to the right of a bunch of barrels)
1: You guys came from the Grave of Ships!? You're not ghosts, are you?
2: There's a poisonous purple flower growing up on the Northern Mountain.
3: The Hiryuu were used in a war 50 years ago and most of them died... in fact, the one in Tycoon is the only one left alive.
4: Those hibernating lizard things? They're afraid of the cold!
5: No more boats heading for Worus... the sea's like this because of the wind weakening and all.
6: This town's harbor is the best in the world! Too bad boats can't even sail here...
7: Without boats nobody can get to Worus. So there'll be no more sea voyages!
8: Can't send any boats out without wind!
(in the Pub)
9: Did you get the World Map yet? You can see thw entire world just by pressing the Y button!
10: Knights can carry two weapons! Hic!
11 (Bartender): So a meteor fell near Tycoon, huh?
12: I heard that there's a 'Hiryuusou' up on the Northern Mountain. But it's blocked by poisonous plants!
(Near some barrels...)
Green-haired woman: There's a place called Worus, beyond the water south of this town. Supposedly they're using the Water Crystal's power...
Lenna: We've got to stop them! But how can we get to Worus...?
Woman: We used to have boats that went there, but not anymore, since the wind is weakening...
Galuf: And we don't have Syldra anymore...
Galuf: ... Sorry, Faris...
Lenna: Butz, isn't there some way we could get there?
Butz: If there's no wind, then we can't go by sea...
Butz: If we can't go by sea...

Woman outside Pub: My husband says he saw a dragon flying around up there on the Northern Mountain... But since nobody believes him, he's sitting all by himself up there on the second floor.
Man in Pub (2F): I saw a dragon flying around, up on the Northern Mountain! Really!
Lenna: What kind of dragon?
Man: It looks almost like it's wearing... armor.
Lenna: My father's Hiryuu is on the Northern Mountain...?
Faris: What's going on?
Lenna: There's a weed called "Hiryuusou", and it grows on the mountain. It's the only thing that can cure the Hiryuu's wound.
Lenna: If the Hiryuu's injured...
Galuf: If we can't go by sea...
Butz: We'll go by air!
Lenna: With the Hiryuu, we can get to Worus!
Galuf: Then it's off to the Northern Mountain!!

(On the Northern Mountain)

Lenna: My father's helmet!

(Suddenly, Lenna's shot by a poison dart!)
Butz: Lenna!

Magisa: So, you came here to find the Hiryuu... [Hiryuu means "flying dragon".]
Butz: The Hiryuu?
Magisa: A Hiryuu's horn fetches a pretty good price! Ha ha ha...
Magisa: Look, the Princess of Tycoon! You'll make a good souvenir to bring back to Forza!! Hee, hee, hee!!

Faris: Stop!! (jumps across gap; gets pushed down)
Butz: Faris!
Magisa: Hee, hee, she fell down!!
(Faris climbs back up)
Magisa: Huh!?
Butz: Lenna! Get up!!
Magisa: Well if that's how it is, I'll just dispose of all four of you!!

(Fight with Magisa & Forza)

Lenna: Thanks, Faris!

(At the top of the mountain)

Lenna: Hiryuu!
Faris: He's hurt badly...
Lenna: Hiryuu, I'll heal you up!
(Hiryuu screeches; Lenna walks over the poisonous flowers to get the "Hiryuusou")
Faris: Lenna, what are you doing!?
Lenna: I'm OK; I've got to get the Hiryuusou!

Lenna: Quick, give it to the Hiryuu...
(Faris feeds the weed to the Hiryuu)
Lenna: Get better... ... (falls)
Galuf (seeing Lenna's poison): Uh oh, you might've gone too far...

(The Hiryuu makes Lenna's poison disappear)

Lenna: Hiryuu! Thank you!!
Galuf: You're OK!! Well, let's get going!
Butz: Well, uhh... I've got this phobia about heights...
(The other three laugh at him)
Butz: What's so funny!?
Galuf: Come on, hop aboard!

(Interlude: Visiting Tycoon Castle)
Minister: Princess Lenna!
Lenna: Sorry to make you worry...
Minister: Lenna, please return to the castle!
Minister: There are so few soldiers left from the battles with the monsters... without you here, the castle'll never regain its splendor...
Lenna: But I have to go!
Minister: Then what'll happen to the nation of Tycoon?
Lenna: But it's not just Tycoon! It affects the entire world!
Lenna: ... and... Father is alive!
Minister: All right then, we'll guard Tycoon ourselves!
Lenna: I'll return with Father. Until then, everyone hang in there!
Minister: Anyway, stay here for tonight.
Lenna: Okay...

(That night...)
Lenna: Faris?
Faris: Huh? Oh, it's you, Lenna.
Lenna: You're my sister...
Faris: !?
Lenna: You are, aren't you?
Faris: What are you talking about! I'm... ...that's ridiculous!!
Lenna: But...
Faris: I'm a pirate! How could I possibly be a princess?? You've gotta be joking!
(Faris leaves)
Lenna: But, your pendant...

(Next morning)
Lenna: Butz! Butz!!
Butz (half asleep): ... nnh... (trips getting out of bed and waves his arms)
Everyone Man, he's weird! What the heck are you doing!?

(Other people in the castle)
1: I don't know all the details about what it is you're doing, but hang in there anyway, OK?
2: Come back soon!
3: I'm the guard!
4: If you see anything useful, please feel free to take it.
5: Since Lenna's leaving and all, the Minister just can't seem to calm down.
6:Of course, if it's at all possible, we'd really like for Lenna to stay here.
[1F, west wing]
7: A thousand years ago, the sky above Tycoon split apart... or so the legend says.
8: Oh, the King's Hiryuu is still alive? Great!
[2F, east wing]
Jenica: I've been serving at this castle for quite a long time indeed... I've been taking care of Lenna and Sarisa.
Butz: Sarisa?
Jenica: Lenna's older sister. When she was little, the king and Sarisa went out on a boat and it ran into a storm... and Sarisa fell into the water...

[In the room you come to after sleeping]
Person: There's something that the minister wanted to give you, but he's away right now.

[In the store room]
Minister: Lenna, this is a staff that we've been keeping here in Tycoon for many years. Take it; it may come in handy.
Lenna: Thank you! [Got the Heal Staff!

[At the Pirates' Base... if you go back there]
Butz: Boko's footprints... did he go into the cave after us?
[Inside the base]
Pirate 1: Captain, here, take this! (Got 8 potions!) Be careful!
Pirate 2: There was this wounded bird who'd cry, "Kue--!"... we're letting him rest in bed to heal his wounds.
Pirate 3: We found a bird in the cave.
Pirate 4: Don't worry; we'll protect the base!
[Inside the rooms]
Butz: Boko!
Boko: Kue--...
Lenna: He's hurt!
Old guy: We found him unconscious in the cave so we took him here. Don't worry; I'm watchin' over him!
Butz: Thanks so much!
Old guy: Leave it to me!
Boko: (to Butz) Kue...
Butz: Boko, get better, OK?
Old guy: Let me take care of him, and he'll be all better real soon! Don't worry about a thing!
Pirate 5: We're so selfish... that's the pirate business for ya!
Pirate 6: 'Cause of the earthquake, this base ended up being connected to that cave...
Pirate 7: Don't worry, Captain. We'll be OK while you're gone!
Another drunk pirate: Captain--! I love you so much! Hic--!

(In Worus Tower)
Soldier 1: You can't come in here without the king's permission!
Soldier 2: Who are you people? Get out of here!!

[In the Town of Worus]

1: Isn't our king the greatest? Using the Water Crystal's power to benefit us all!
2: That's the Worus Tower to the north. The water in this town is drawn from the tower.
3: The crystal is up in the Worus Tower.
4: The water here is so lovely... and it's all thanks to the Water Crystal! There's no way monsters could threaten us here!
5: It's the water that protects our town from the monsters.
6: Is it really true that Tycoon's crystal shattered?
Girl in SW corner: This is Galura. He lives near the Worus Tower. He's so sweet and nice... you better not be mean to him!

[In Worus Castle]

1 & 2: [soldiers in the front] Welcome to Worus Castle!
3: Worus has no enemies, thanks to the power of the Water Crystal!
4: Supposedly there's some kind of treasure underneath this castle...
5: The water that's purified by the crystal flows from that tower up north.
6: If you run into a monster named Garkimasera, then it's all over for you, pal!
7: [in storage room] There's a legend that says that the ice god Shiva was sealed up in this very castle long ago...
8: Argh! How am I supposed to continue my crystal research using only these books!?
9: According to this book here... the god Shiva is sealed up in the pure water...
10: Maybe I could make some progress with this research if I could look through the books in the Ancient Library in the west...
11: Down in the basement is where we keep all the no-goodniks. Don't listen to them, whatever you do!
12: Hey! Let me out! ... Please?
[Yes...] Yay! Lucky me! [runs around and hits her head on the wall ^^]
Butz: What a nutcase! Better leave her alone!
[No...] Meanie!
13 (Lone Wolf): Hey there! I'm the Lone Wolf? Let me outta here, OK? [Let him out or not? I'll leave it up to you...]
14: Heh. That king's so nice... but he sure isn't too forgiving!

King Worus: So, Princess Lenna!
Lenna: King Worus! It's been a while...
Lenna: Please! Stop the people who are using the Water Crystal!
King: Ha ha... I'm surprised you'd say that... There's simply no way I can do it. It's because of the crystal that we're able to prosper.
Lenna: But if you don't do something, the crystal will shatter!
King: Hmmm... I heard about what happened with the Wind Crystal... But, we don't know if the same thing will happen with our Water Crystal. And besides, the people will be against it.
Butz: You know, we might not even have the time to be talking about--

(Another meteor falls from the sky!)

Soldier: Another meteor's fallen near the tower!
King: What? Quickly, gather the troops and head for the tower!
Soldier: Yes sir!
King: Sorry, but this is urgent. Princess Lenna, I'll talk with you later!
King: (to soldiers): Let's go!

(Inside the tower)

Soldier on left: Suddenly Galura ran amok and entered the tower! Then the King went after him, and there was this strange warrior too...
Soldier on right: Galura's never attacked anybody or anything before...

King Worus: Galura... he's upstairs... please... protect the...

Soldier (to Galura): Somebody's controlling you! I won't let you break this crystal!! (Galura attacks the soldier)
Butz: Now he's coming for us!
(Fight with Galura)

Lenna: The crystal!! (Crystal shatters...)
Lenna: We're too late!
Soldier: Urgh... Sir Galuf!!
Galuf: You know me!?
Soldier: Sir Galuf... We couldn't protect the crystal... I'm sorry...
Galuf: Tell me! Who am I??
Soldier: The Fire Crystal...
Faris: The crystal chips are.. glowing?
Butz: Are they going to lend us their power?

The brave spirits embedded in the crystals...
Berserker... Red Mage... Caller... Magic Swordsman... Time Mage...
(Note that there's one crystal chip that you can't reach...)

(Tower shakes)
Butz: What's going on!?
Faris: The tower's sinking!
Butz: Uwaaa---!!!
Faris: Syldra!

(Syldra rescues them from the sinking tower)
Faris: Syldra, you're alive!
Faris: Syldra!!
Lenna: You used the last of your power to save us...
Faris: Syldra--! Don't die!!!
Lenna: Syldra... thank you...
Faris: Syl...dra.......

[Is Syldra dead...?]

(Back at the Castle of Worus... people other than these say the same things as before.)
King's Hall guard: The king was attacked by Galura... he's resting in his room.
Guard (left): An injured soldier from Karnak showed up here... he's resting in the soldiers' room.
Guard (right): He came out of a hole in the meteor up north. Said something about a warp...
Karnak soldier: I went to check out this meteor near Karnak and I was suddenly warped to the meteor here... Hey, where am I? Where the heck's my castle!?

[In the King's room]
Green-haired girl 1: Lenna, you should try going back to Tycoon now that you've got the Hiryuu. Surely they're all worried about you. [If you haven't done this already, do it now before you get separated from the Hiryuu...]
2: Please listen to the king...
King: So, what you were saying is true... cough...
Lenna: King Worus! Are you all right?
King: Hurry to Karnak! They're using machines to magnify the crystal's power. And it looks like a meteor's fallen there as well... hurry before it's too late!! ...cough, cough...
[In the tower]
Shiva: I am the god Shiva... are you worthy of becoming my master...? Let me test you!

[At the meteor]
Lenna: Butz!
Galuf: Did he fall into the warp?
Lenna: Better go after him!
[Lenna and Faris jump on to the warp]
Galuf: Somehow this seems familiar... and that soldier back in the tower... he remembered me...? Who am I...?

[In Karnak Castle]
Soldiers: Hey! Nobody's allowed in the castle! Get outta here, now!
[At the Fire-Power Ship]
Soldiers: No one's allowed in the Fire-Power Ship.
[In the town of Karnak]
1: Nobody can go in the castle, 'cause some monsters that came out of the meteor are after the Fire Crystal.
2: We can make weapons so easily thanks to the Fire Crystal! That's why they're so cheap around here!
3: This is Karnak. It's because of the Fire Crystal that our city prospers.
4: There's an ancient library south of here. That's where Dr. Cid's from.
5: Cid's the one who made the machines that amplify the crystal's power! Isn't he fantastic?!
6: The people down at the Ancient Library kept saying that we shouldn't use the crystals' power. They were pretty persistent, so the Queen got mad and built a wall so that nobody can get to the Library anymore.
7: Those monsters who came out of the meteor don't attack us here in the town.
8 (in back building): You know that monster, "Crew Dust"? If he ends up alone, he'll 'Flash' ya!
[In the pub]
9: I wonder if those werewolves that came out of the meteor are really evil...
10: I'm an adventurer from Jacole. But I can't get home sonce the road leading south of the Ancient Library is all blocked up!
11: Those weapons and gear that they sell down in Jacole... man, they're strong!
12: I saw a weird old guy get captured by some soldiers.
13: I love fire! Fire, fire... heh, heh...
14 (bartender): Hey, you know what? I heard a rumor that they stuck Cid in the jail under Karnak Castle!

[In the weapon shop, while buying something]
Soldiers:(while you're purchasing) You there! Don't move!!
Soldier: It's them!!
Butz: ???
Soldier: They're monsters!! I saw them come out of the meteor!!

[in the Karnak jail]
(Cid blows up part of the wall)
Cid: I use my explosives and get through here, and I'm still in jail!? Dagnabbit!
Cid (in next room): What are you laughing at!? Oh well, it's OK. I'm Cid.
Lenna: Cid!? The same Cid who built the machines that amplify the crystals' power?
Cid: ......
Lenna: ...sorry...
Cid: No, it's all my fault...
According to a book I saw in the Ancient Library... in the past, the crystals had power that was incomparably greater than what they have now... so I researched the crystals in Tycoon, Worus, and Karnak, and created devices that would magnify their power...
But, I had made a mistake... If you try to magnify the power of the crystals, they shatter... It's all my fault...

Butz: But why are you trapped here?
Cid: Since it was too late to save the crystals in Tycoon and Karnak, I figured that I had to stop Karnak's crystal from shattering. But when I went to stop the machine, they caught me...
Butz: But you had the same objective as they did...
Cid: Are you trying to protect the crystals too?
Butz: We've been entrusted by these...
Cid: What!? By the crystal chips?? Who ARE you people???
(Karnak Minister comes running in)
Minister of Karnak: Dr. Cid!! It's terrible!!!
Cid: What happened?
Minister of Karnak: It's just as you said! There's a crack in the Fire Crystal!!
Cid: What?!
Minister of Karnak: Well at first we tried to stop the engine, but since we amplified the crystal...
Cid: In the Fire Power Ship?
Minister of Karnak: Huh?
Cid: Maybe the Fire Power Ship is sucking the energy out of the Fire Crystal...
Minister of Karnak: Cid, please lend us your power!
Cid: How about we let these people here help us?
Minister of Karnak: But they came out of the meteor! They're friends with the werewolves!!
Cid: Well then, without them I guess I won't be helping you!
Minister of Karnak: I... I understand.
Cid (to our heroes): Will you help us?

Cid: I'm headed for the Fire Power Ship. It's a dangerous place, so be prepared before you come. I'll be waiting!

[Karnak Castle B3F]
1: You can't even reach the Crystal! The fire's in the way!
2: A crack developed in the crystal, and flames started spurting out.
3: The crystal is safely tucked away under the castle.
4: The Fire Crystal powers the engine!
5: The Fire Power Ship can move even without wind!
6: We stopped the machines before the crack even came about, but...
7: Uh, I heard a rumor that the crystals in Tycoon and Worus shattered also...
8: So now there's a crack in the crystal? And werewolves are invading? What the heck's going on!?
9: Commander! Please get better soon!
10: (the commander) Urgh... black shadows...
11: I bet the wolves are after our crystal!
12: You know, the werewolves haven't attacked the town or anything... isn't that weird?
13: It looks like the werewolves that came out of the meteor are after the crystal.
14: Karnak's always prospered thanks to the Fire Crystal... is it all over now?
[Queen's Hall]
15: I wonder if we relied on the Fire Crystal a bit too much...
16: No one knows where the Queen is.
Minister: Cid's waiting for you in the Fire Power Ship... but where's the Queen at an important time like this!?
(As you're about to leave the castle)
Soldier: Aaaahhh! A werewolf!!
Soldier: (to the wolf) You can't come in here!
Soldier: Cid's explosives'll get rid of him... but he'll be back!
We won't let monsters take one single step into this castle!

(In Fire Power Ship)
Cid: I've been waiting! As we suspected, the ship's engine has been absorbing the Fire Crystal's power.
Butz: The engine?
Cid: Right. So if we don't hurry up and stop the engine, the Fire Crystal will shatter. Will you go?
Cid: You can enter here... but be careful!! The inside is full of monsters! But please do it!
Soldier on ship: Hurry up, or the crystal will shatter!
Soldier 2: Monsters in the ship...?
Soldier 3: There are elevators inside the ship... move them using the red levers.
Soldier 4: Please stop the engine!
(Wander through the Fire Power Ship and solve some puzzles... they don't involve Japanese knowledge, so I'll let you figure them out yourself. ^^)

(Engine Room, where they meet Queen Karnak)
Lenna: Queen Karnak!
Butz: Huh!?
Queen Karnak: You people are standing in the way of my revitalization! I think I'll do away with you!!

(Fight with Liquid Flame)

Lenna: Queen Karnak!
Queen: I wasn under someone else's control... an evil spirit who's after the darkness...
Butz: Queen Karnak!
Queen: It's not just the engine that's causing the crystal to shatter... there's an evil spirit who's using the crystal in order to revive... Please protect the Fire Crystal!! You can get to the crystal room through that pipe...
Queen: I'll be fine... please... protect the crystal...

(In Crystal Room)
Lenna: The Fire Crystal!
Wolf: Oh, it's still safe! ... Galuf!? Is that you?? [The wolf's name is something like 'Tsouss', but you won't discover this for a long while...]
Butz: It's a werewolf!
Wolf: Stop! I'm not your enemy!
Butz: Huh?
Wolf: Galuf! What happened to you?
Galuf: You know me!? Unhh... I can't remember a thing! I can't remember who I am or anything....

Wolf: What are you doing!? If you do that, the crystal will shatter!
Soldier: That's three... one more, and the seal will be broken!! Fwa, ha, ha!!
Butz: The lever's broken! There's nothing we can do!
Wolf: Galuf! While I'm holding this, you guys escape!! Protect the Earth Crystal! It's the last one!!
Wolf: Go!! If this crystal shatters, the room'll be engulfed in flames! Hurry, get out of the castle!! And protect the Earth Crystal!!
Butz: But, Werewolf...
Lenna: Let's help him!
Wolf: Galuf... please...

Faris: The flames are disappearing...
Butz: Has the Fire Crystal lost its power?
Lenna: The crystal... it's shattered...
Galuf: What about the werewolf?
Butz: Maybe he got trapped in the flames...
Lenna: We'd better hurry! The Fire Crystal is what supports this castle...
Butz: ...and if it shatters, the castle'll explode!
Lenna: There's not much time!

(You've got 10 minutes to escape from Karnak!) [Good luck! "Tonzura"might come in handy...^^]
[While exiting the castle...]
Butz: Hey!
Lenna: He's no ordinary guard!
Faris: Let's see who you really are!
Guard: Muhuhahaha.... I'm Iron Claw, and I've got a bounty to collect! [shows his true form, which is Iron Claw]

[After defeating him]
Butz: The crystal chips...
Lenna: They're lending us ther power?
The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... Beast Master... Elemental... Ninja...
[Back in Karnak]
1: The castle's gone...
2: Now that we can't use the power of the crystal, the prices of our weapons and stuff has gone up.
3: Since the crystal's shattered... a dark shadow hovering over the world... isn't it scary?
4: The wall that blocked the path to the library was destroyed along with the castle.
5: Did Cid's machines make the crystal shatter!?
6: Man, is that a shock or what? The castle blowin' sky-high and everything!
7: The Queen fell unconscious in the Fire Power Ship... they carried her up to the second floor of the inn.
8: (scholar in back building) In the western desert, there's a terrible monster named Dorm Kimaira...
[In the pub]
9: Cid's grandson Mid is down there in the Ancient Library. He loves exaggerating about all that stuff that Cid invents.
12: So the Fire Crystal's shattered, huh? Guess you can't use the Fire-Power Ship then.
13: The fire's gettin' weaker!
14: Lookin' for Cid? He went off to the Fire Power Ship.
[At the inn]
15: (Minister) The Queen is upstairs... but she's gravely wounded... and the castle's gone...
[Soldiers watching over the Queen in the inn]
16: The queen keeps having nightmares...
17: Somehow we managed to get out of the castle...
18: We rescued the Queen from the Fire-Power Ship... but she's seriously hurt...
Queen: Darkness... no... please don't...

[On board the Fire Power Ship]
Cid: If only I hadn't created those infernal machines! I'm so horrible!! If it weren't for me... (runs off)
Butz: Cid!
Lenna: Cid!
Faris: ......
Galuf: Must be tough for him...

[Back in Karnak again, in the pub]
Bartender: Cid's upstairs. He's feeling all depressed...
Butz: Cid!
Cid: No, don't come near me! It's all my fault for making those machines...
Lenna: But Cid, it's not your fault at all...
Cid: Leave me alone!

[Arriving at the Ancient Library]
1: The basement is full of monsters!!
2: Mid? He's Cid's grandson!
3: Mid's missing!!
4: He said he was off searching for some book... and then he disappeared!
5: This is the Ancient Library, where books from the dim and distant past are kept...
6: Some of the books down below have been possessed by monsters.
7: It seems that in the past, the crystals had much more power than they have now. Cid discovered this when he was here, and that's what enabled him to create the crystal-amplifying machines.
8: What's with this shelf...?
9: Far to the south of here is a town called Jacole. And in the ruins down there, they dug up some very rare items!
10: I think something really important is written in this book...
11: This is the oldest book in the whole library. But we can only read half of it.
12: There's a monster sealed up in here who appeared near the Wind Shrine thirty years ago. His name is Byblos...
13: Ooh, I want to burn those books! ... The ones that have been possessed by monsters, that is. But I have no idea which ones they are! Oh, crumbs...
14: Long ago, Ifrit burned one of the books that was possessed by a monster.
(Left book) Book written by a blue mage: Finally I've learned them! "Aero"... "Level 5 Death"...
(Middle book) Traveller's Diary: I think I'll give this strange staff to the people in Tycoon... (Right book leads to a fight!)

[In the basement]
Ifrit: I am Ifrit... I've been sealed up in this book for so long... and only those who can withstand my flames shall have the right to call upon me!
[Upon defeating him...]
Ifrit: Defeated! Well, I'll entrust you with my power...
Bookshelf: Won't let you pass! ... I... Ifrit! Oh no! (lets you get by)

Butz: Who's that?
Lenna: Mid?
Galuf: Be careful! I've got a bad feeling about this!

[Fight with Byblos]
Byblos: You've got me... but my master's seal is high up in the sky!

[In the Ancient Library; after defeating Byblos]
Mid: Hey! Don't bother me when I'm reading!
Butz: You haven't been reading the whole time, have you!?
Mid: What? Was it you guys who were making noise back there?
Butz: !?
Mid: ...!
Butz, Lenna, Faris, Galuf: Unbelievable... He seems a little weird...
Mid: Well, shall we be off? You guys coming along? I know a secret trap door!

(go through trap door)
Scholar 1: Mid!
Scholar 2: Mid!! You're OK!!
Scholar 3: Thanks for saving Mid!
Scholar 4: All right!!
Mid: Huh? You guys came to save me?
Mid: Thanks so much, everybody! Sorry for not thanking you sooner!

Mid: Look at this great book I found! Maybe if we use this method here, we can get the Fire Power Ship to work!
Mid: We'd better hurry up and tell Cid!
Butz: Cid!?
Mid: You know Cid? He's my grandpa!
Mid: My grandpa is amazing! He never gives up, no matter how tough his research is!
Faris: But now, Cid's...
Mid: Huh?
Faris: I think he's... about to give up...
Mid: No way! He'd never do that!
Lenna: Mid!

Scholar: I'm so glad Mid's OK!
Scholar: Mid left and said he was heading off to meet Cid.
Scholar: Mid just hustled on out of here!
Scholar: Said something about Cid...

[On the 2d floor of the pub in Karnak...]
Butz: Cid!
Cid: ......
Lenna: Mid isn't here?
Faris: Come on, Cid! Chin up!!
Cid: I'm no good anymore... just forget about me...
Mid:(runs in) Grandpa!!
Cid: Mid!
(Mid hugs Cid rather forcefully)
Cid: Ouch!! Will you stop that!?
Mid: Grandpa, you fool! You never give up, no matter what!!
Cid: Mid...
Mid: Don't you always say, "Don't be afraid to fail!" ... "If at first you don't succeed, try again!!"
Cid: Mid... so I should try again ...
... I've got it!!
Cid: There's still the Earth Crystal...
Butz: But where is it?
Cid: Even I don't know. But we have to find and protect it! And for that we need...
Mid: The Fire Power Ship!
Cid: We've got to get the Fire Power Ship going... but the Fire Crystal is gone...
Mid: Look at this, Grandpa!
Cid: Oh, what's this book? Hmmm..... ah ha, if we do this, and then... OK, let's go!
Mid: Yeah!!
[If you talk to the bartender again...]
Bartender: Hey, Cid's back to normal! What'd you do?

[Back at the Fire Power Ship...]
Mid: You guys are in the way!
Cid: Mid's just a little too... oh, sorry. Anyway, go and rest until we finish the Fire Power Ship!

(Inside Fire Power Ship)
Butz: Galuf, what happened?
Faris: I thought something was weird... what's going on?
Lenna: Galuf, are you OK?
Galuf: My head... I think I can remember something!

Mid: Grandpa!
Cid: Mid!

Kururu: Grandpa!
Galuf: Kururu!

Cid: Ouch! Will you stop that!!!
Mid: Grandpa, you fool! You never give up, no matter what!!

Galuf: Ow!! Stop that!!!
Kururu: Grandpa, you fool!

(Galuf remembers Kururu)

Butz: Galuf! What happened?
Lenna: Did you remember something?
Galuf: I'm not of this world!!

Galuf: I came here on a meteor from another world. Thirty years ago, we had to seal off this world so that the evil wouldn't return...
Butz: "Evil" returning?
Galuf: Yes. The Dark Mage Exdeath!

Braves of Dawn: It's true!
Here, the power of the 4 crystals has come together!
Galuf: OK, let's use the crystals' power to seal Exdeath here!
[Camera zooms to where Exdeath's sealed...]

Galuf: Thirty years ago, I got on a meteor and came to this world...
Lenna: If all 4 crystals shatter, will the seal on Exdeath break?
Galuf: Right... ugh!
Butz: Galuf!
Galuf: I really can't think clearly yet... unh... we can't allow Exdeath to be revived...
Butz: Galuf!
Galuf: I'm... fine...

Cid & Mid Zzzzzz....
Mid: All done!
Cid: The ship can move even without wind!
Butz: Now we can search for the Earth Crystal with this ship!
Cid: Well, we're counting on you. We'll be going to the Ancient Library.
Mid: You never know, something might come up.
Cid: If anything happens, just come to the Ancient Library!
Mid: Be careful!

Butz: Let's go!

[At the island town of Crescent]
Man: It's an earthquake!!!
Butz: ?
Butz: What!? Our boat!!
Man: Hhhheeelllpppp---!!!
Woman: Aaahh! I'm scared!
Butz: Our boat's sinking!!

Old man: There are lots of earthquakes on this island. And whirlpools pop up from time to time as well. Did your boat sink? Heh, heh, aren't you unlucky!
2: Know what my uncle told me? He said that stone enemiees are weak against the Golden Needle.
3: I saw a black chocobo in the forest! But he was too quick and I couldn't get a handle on him...
4: See this water? Even though it rarely rains, this comes up from underground.
5: Sometimes weird sounds come up from under the ground... I hate that.
6: This island sure is strange. Things grow without us doing anything, and the water never dries up despite the lack of rain.
7: Gonna have a good harvest this year too! All thanks to the blessings of this island.
[At the Inn]
8: This old guy's got the best stories! Hey, tell us the one about the ruins!
Storyteller: They say there's ruins of the ancient Lonka civilization over on the western continent. And the things they excavate over there are found here on this island too! Isn't that weird?
9: Hey, Pops, tell these folks the one about the chocobos!
Storyteller: Black chocobos are born and raised in the forest. And when flying, they can only land in the forest. Too bad they're extinct...
Bard: You must be tired from your journeying... so I'll give you this song. Use it in battle, and you'll have more strength. [Got the Song of Strength!]
Bard: Why not try playing something on the piano? Maybe I'll think of a song to give to you.

(In Chocobo Forest)
Galuf: What's that?
Lenna: A chocobo?
Faris: Not exactly...
Butz: I'll catch it!!

Chocobo: Kue--!!
Butz: He's a Black Chocobo!!
Lenna: So they're not extinct after all!
Butz: OK, try flying! Go!
[No luck... ^_^]
Chocobo: Kue---!
Galuf: It's no use...
Faris: Huh? What's this?
Lenna: Crystal chips!?
Faris: They must have been blown over here after Karnak exploded...
Butz: So he couldn't fly since he had these chips inside him!!

The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... Bard... Hunter...
(All aboard!!)
Butz: Man, this thing is dirty!!
Galuf: Surely it'll fly this time...

Interlude: Butz's hometown of Lix...
Kate: Hey!! It's Butz!! You're back!!
Ben: Butz? You've been travelling for so long! This is your home town. Why not stay for a while?
Kenshin: So your father got sick and... oh... Butz! Try to be strong!
May: Butz, is it really you? You've grown up!
Andrew: Your father took such good care of us... you know what? I'll give ya a discount! (50% off!)
Nora: Butz!! You've returned at last! I've been waiting for so long... I've got something to tell you when you're trip is over, OK?
Mark: Butz! It's me! Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go back to the old days again...?


Mark: Ready?
Butz: (climbs up onto the roof) I'm ready!

... sun goes down ... His friend doesn't come... Butz starts
to get worried.

Butz: (slips) Hey! Somebody!! Heeeelp...

~flashback ends~

Mark: That's how you became afraid of heights, right? We were such kids back then... now I'm planning to become a scholar.

Adam: A bard lives in your house now...
Tat:(the bard in Butz's old house) Are you the one who used to live here? Go ahead and look around; there must be a lot of stuff that brings back memories for you.
(At Butz's house -- flashback scene)

Butz is in bed. His mother (Stella) is next to him. When she thinks he's fallen asleep, she walks over to Dorgan.

Dorgan: Is he asleep?
Stella: ... Dear ... Are you going away again?
Dorgan: No... I'm not going...
Stella: My spasms have calmed down somewhat... but I really would like us to live together as a family...
Dorgan: I know... Let's go to sleep. It's not good for you to be staying up like this.
Stella: Yes... as soon as I finish this.

[Stella walks away; Dorgan runs up to Butz.]

Butz: You're going, aren't you?
Dorgan: Ah ha! So you were awake...
Butz: Are you going to guard against those bad guys again?
Dorgan: Yes... That's my job.
Butz: Can you take me too?
Dorgan: No, you've got to stay here with mom. Don't tell her I'm going away this time, okay?
Butz: Okay.

Dorgan: Let's go to bed. Stella! You rest too. Stella......?
(Stella lies on the floor.)
Dorgan: Stella!

Tat: What a sweet melody. I just thought of a nice song... and I'll dedicate it to your memories!
Got the "Song of Weakness"!

Bob: Hey, Butz! Go ahead and rest; it's on the house!
(Our heroes sleep at the inn, and Butz sneaks out in the middle of the night to visit his mother's grave.)

Faris: Butz, what's wrong?
Butz: Oh, it's you, Faris...

(Faris reads the grave inscription)
"Stella rests here"

Butz: My mother.
Faris: Huh?
Butz: I was born in this village. My mom died when I was little. After she died, my dad and I went around and travelled for a while... Then three years ago, he got sick and died as well.

(Butz writes on the grave)
Butz: There...

and his beloved wife
Stella, rests here."

Butz: Dad asked me to bury him next to mom... He was a strong man...
Faris: A father... I wonder what it's like to have a father..
Butz: Faris, you mean...?
Faris: Let's go back in! We don't want everybody worrying about us!

[At the town of Istory]
1: Here, we raise sheep and live quietly.
2:Did you get a look at those falls over to the east? Whoa, bubba! They're huge! And they're called the Istory Falls.
3: That earthquake we just had blocked the path to the falls.
4: I looked through the flowers and found some good stuff!
5: Out in that eastern forest, there's this monster that looks like an old man. He comes at you with his lightning... boom!
6: (girl with the sheep) Don't talk to those sheep over there! They kick people!
Sheep: Baa... baa...
[Bother one of the sheep and get kicked over the fence...]
7: Are you the ones on the journey to save the crystals?
[Yes...] Ah, then I'll give you this song! It's a love song... it'll capture the hearts of the monsters... [Got the Song of Love!]
[No...] Oh, I had you mistaken...
8: (old guy in the back of town) Something's hidden behind the falls! Well, maybe... I just heard this from some old grandma.
9: There're still frogs sleeping down there even though it's this warm?
10: (old guy in the inn) I'll teach you about how the rings work...
The Flame Ring absorbs flames, defends against ice, and is weak against water.
The Coral Ring absorbs water, defends against flame, and is wek against lightning. The Angel's Ring defends against Zombie and Aging.

[In the forest near Istory, upon defeating Ramuh]
Ramuh: I.. Ifrit! Who are you people...!?
Ifrit: Ramuh!
Ramuh: Your skill has certainly improved!
Ifrit: If it's possible to...
Ramuh: Don't say that, Ifrit! Are we not allies?

[back at the Ancient Library]
Cid: Oh, you're back!
Butz: Cid... we were on Crescent Island, and the Fire Power Ship... well, it sunk.
Cid: Oh really...
Mid: No big deal! We'll make another Fire Power Ship!!
Cid: Anyway, I spotted the King of Tycoon!!
Lenna: Really!?
Cid: Seems that he showed up in Karnak. Then it looks like he went into the desert...
Faris: The quicksand desert?
Mid: It's a desert that spreads out west of here. The sand is... flowing.
Cid: And nobody can get in there! Supposedly there's a ruined city beyond the desert...
Butz: But how did the King...?
Cid: Beats me.
Mid: The people here who saw him say he was floating...
Butz: Floating?
Lenna: Father...
Faris: Let's head for the desert!
Galuf: But we can't get in!
Faris: Something'll happen!
Butz: Let's go then!!
[If you talk to other scholars...]
1: The Quicksand Desert... the sand flows around and nobody can get in there!
2: Hey! That black bird... it's a black chocobo! I thought they were extinct!
3: Really! The King went off to the desert!
4: I wonder if it was really King Tycoon...
Mid: There's a ruined city on the other side of the desert. It's the ruins of an ancient civilization from long ago.
Cid: That Quicksand Desert... how the heck are we gonna get in there!?
[The scholars on the other floors say the same stuff as before]

(In the desert)
Galuf: Guess we can't get in...
Cid: Wait!
Mid: It's too early to give up!
Cid: We'll make a bridge!
Mid: Even though it's a little dangerous!
Cid: Use this bell, and you can call the Sand Worm who lives in the desert!
Mid: You guys'll take care of him!
Cid: And that'll complete the bridge!
Galuf: Isn't that a bit reckless!?
Cid: Reckless? Look who's talking!! Ha ha ha!!
Cid: Let's call the Sand Worm! All ready?

(Answer no, and...)
Cid: Well, take your time and get everything ready!

(Answer yes, and...)
Mid: If you use magic on the Sand Worm, things'll get tough! Be careful!
Cid: Let's go!!
(Fight with Sand Worm)
Mid: We did it!
Cid: Now we can get in!!

Butz: Cid, Mid. While we're gone, can you take care of this black chocobo?
Mid & Cid: Sure. Be careful!

(At the ruins)
Butz: Where's this?
Faris: Maybe it's the ruins that Cid was talking about...
(they spot the King of Tycoon)
Lenna: Hey, was that...?
Faris: King Tycoon!?

Lenna: Father!
Faris: ......Dad!!

[Falling into the ruin...]
Lenna: Faris!
Faris: ......
Lenna: I knew you were my sister!
Faris: Sorry... I just couldn't bring myself to say it...
Lenna: My big sister!
Faris: Lenna!
Butz: Where are we?
Lenna: Someplace weird...
Faris: Hey, where's Galuf?
Butz: Yeah, now that you mention it...
Lenna: Maybe... falling all that way... he...
Butz: He's a tough old bugger; we'll meet up with him later for sure! Let's get going!
Galuf: (after climbing under the wall) Hey! Going on without me, are we?
Butz: S... sorry!
[After walking onward and hearing a cool buzzing sound...]
Butz: What's this?
[Warped to a spot near Crescent Island...]
Butz: Uh oh, this is dangerous!
[All hurry out]
Cid: (after Black Chocobo flies to the forest) We'd better leave him here in the forest.
Mid: Just like we promised Butz!
[Back in the ruins...]
Butz: Man, was that scary or what?
Galuf: Looked like some kind of warping device...
Faris: And it was broken because nobody's used it for so long.
[In another section of the ruins]
[After trying to push a switch]
Butz: Ah, it's no use! Hey, wait! There's some writing on the wall! "Search the flowerbed in the middle room."
[Do this...] Butz: Hey. a memo! "The note in the room on the right..."
Note in the room on the right: "Hey, look! An idiot's reading this book!"
Butz: (getting angry) Grrr...
Lenna: Calm down, Butz...
Faris: There's a second page! "Search the pots."
[Do this, and a frog jumps out, knocking a book over...]
Book: "Go 8 steps down and 4 to the right, and pull!"
[Yes, you could have pulled the switch to begin with... but wasn't this more fun? ^_^;]
[Exiting the ruin]
Butz: Hey! The Fire Power Ship! I thought it sank... but... what's that other ship, then? [Walk to the other ship]
Butz: A boat with propellers!? Man, this is too weird!
[Cid and Mid drop in!]
Butz: Cid! Mid!
Cid: Ouch!
Mid: Where are we now? ... Hey! Butz! Lenna, Faris, Galuf!
Butz: How'd you guys get in here?
Mid: Well, we brought the Black Chocobo back to Crescent Island, and suddenly we fell down this hole...
Butz: So we're under Crescent Island now? [Mid nods.]
Butz: So that's why the Fire Power Ship is here...
Mid: This stuff looks like equipment that the ancient people created.
Butz: What's this boat with a propeller?
Mid: Grandpa should know... Hey! Where is he?
All: ? [Head for the inside of the ship]
Cid: Wow!
Butz: Hey, Cid!
Cid: We'll talk later!
Cid: So If I move this thing... and adjust this doohickey... and... there! All done!
Butz: What's all done?
Cid: Ready to go!
[The ship flies up!]
Mid: Wow! Look at this thing fly!
Butz: Cid, what is this thing?
Cid: I think it's the airship! I read about it in an ancient book, but didn't believe that it really existed...!
Butz: What's that!? [roaring sound]
Cid: Something's pulling on us from below!
Butz: A monster's hanging on the bottom of the ship!
[Fight with, and defeat, Clay Claw]
Cid: You did it!
Butz: All right!
Cid: The damage was no big deal. We had the parts from the Fire Power Ship.
Butz: Cid...
Cid: You've thanked me enough!
Mid: We're going to stay here and look into where the Earth Crystal is hidden.
Cid: The sky is yours! Get up there and fly!
Faris: The evil Dark Mage Exdeath...
Lenna:But in order to stop him from reviving...
Galuf: There's still the Earth Crystal!
Butz: All right! Let's be off!

[In the town of Jacole]
1: (old guy) This is the town of Jacole. The people here have the blood of the ancient knigdom of Lonka.
2: (kid) In the stores, they sell all kinds of stuff that they dug up in the cave up north!
3: (old guy) Something's hiding away under Crescent Island. That's what my grandpa told me.
4: (little kid) My dad's a real adventurer!
5: (little girl) Ever hear of Istory Falls? It's a huge waterfall! I want to go see it sometime!
6: (kid) You folks know about Crescent Island, far to the east? As the name implies, it's got a weird shape.
7: (green-haired girl) Our ancestors had a glorious civilization here, 500 years ago.
8: (gray-haired oldster) Those ancient ruins... nobody's supposed to go in there, but you young whippersnappers never listen...
9: (behind inn) Sometimes weird sounds come from under Crescent Island...
[In the pub]
Bartender: This is where all the adventurers looking to strike it rich up in that cave gather.
11: That cave up north is full of the ancient people's booby-traps!
12: There's this line of skull switches... wait a while, and you'll see which is the real one.
13: If you climb the wall deep inside the cave, you'll end up outside.
14 Most of the treasure chests are already open. No point in searching them... probably just some sort of ancient trick!
15: I'm warning you, don't do anything dangerous!
Dancer: Say, line up next to me, OK?
Dancer: (while dancing) OK, you too!
(green-haired guy joins in) Now you in front of the TV! You too!!
Dancer: One more time!

[Flying over the ruins]
Butz: What's going on!?
Galuf: The town!
[Back at the Catapult]
Butz: Cid, Mid... you won't believe it...
Cid: We know, we know.
Mid: We saw the flying ruins through our telescope!
Mid: The Earth Crystal is inside those ruins! [Galuf jumps]
Mid: It was the crystal's power that made the ruins float. We've got to stop them before the crystal shatters!
Cid: You've gotta hurry! Somebody's operating machines up there!
Lenna: It couldn't be my father... could it?
Faris: No way!
Butz: (to Cid) How can we get up there?
Cid: (opens book) Well, if we get this stuff...
Mid: Adamantite! With that we can modify the airship so that it can fly higher!
Galuf: Hey, I know where we can get that!
Galuf: The meteor I came here on! I remember it!
Galuf: You don't believe me?
Butz: So you've gotten all our memory back?
Galuf: Well, I can remember the Adamantite, at least!
Faris: Let's go find it!
Cid: We'll stay here and get ready!
Mid: Hurry up and get the Adamantite!
[In their "office" underground]
Cid: Wow, what a discovery!
Mid: Look at all these books we found!

[At the Tycoon Meteor]
Galuf: I'm sure it was around here somewhere...
Galuf: Inside here! (inside the meteor...) Here it is!
Galuf: Have I got a great memory or what?
Butz: This from a guy with amnesia!?
Galuf: Ha ha ha!
[Got the Adamantite!}
Butz: Hey, something's coming! Look out!

[Back at the Catapult again]
Cid: Hey! You got the Adamantite!
Mid: Let's hurry up and get to work! You guys head for the bedroom and rest!
[Cid and Mid work rapidly]
Butz: (waking up) Nnh... I dreamed that the airship was ready...
[Cid and Mid come into the room]
Cid: It's ready!
Butz: Man, you guys are quick!
Mid: Fly up, press the A button, and fly even higher!
Lenna: So now we can reach the flying city?
Cid: Well, it's not exactly as simple as that... look at this... (pulls out a book; library theme starts)
Cid: You won't be able to get into the flying city unless you destroy all the cannons.
Mid: And according to this book, they're pretty strong!
Lenna: But we've got to get in there somehow!
Faris: Yeah!
Galuf: Oh, we'll handle them with no trouble!
Butz: Thanks, Cid, Mid... Now we've got to hurry to the flying ruins before the Earth Crystal shatters!
Butz: Here we go!

[At the Flying Lonka Ruins, after defeating the four cannons]
Butz: There! We destroyed 'em all!
Lenna: Wait! What's that!?
Galuf: Man, it's huge!
Faris: This looks dangerous...
[After defeating the Sol Cannon]
Butz: Can we get in through that hole?
Galuf: Looks like it...
Faris: Then let's go!
[In Lonka Ruins]
Lenna: Father!
King Tycoon: Grr... this monster's in the way!
Faris: Dad!
King: Shut up!
King: This monster is the guardian of these ruins. It changes its weak point... quickly, destroy it!
[Battle with Archaeo Eibis]
King: You did it! Whew! [runs into another room]
Lenna: Father!
Faris: Dad!
Butz: Is that where the Earth Crystal is?
[Head for the other room...]
Lenna: Father!
Faris: Dad!
Galuf: It's no use! He's being controlled by something!
[Butz makes a motion as if to fight]
Lenna: Butz! Stop!
Butz: Out of the way!
King: I'll make it easy for you four!!!
[A meteor falls!]
Kururu:(shoots the King with lightning) Grandpa! You're all right!
All: ?!?!

Galuf: Kururu... is that you?
(Galuf's memory came back!)
Kururu: Grandpa! I couldn't wait to see you again...
Lenna: Father!
Faris: Dad!

Kururu: He's OK. It was only a weak thunder magic!

King: Urgh... it's... Lenna! Sarisa...? Sarisa, is it really you?
It IS you, Sarisa! You're still alive!!
Faris: Da... Dad!!
Butz:(looks at the crystal) Oh, rats!
(The crystal shatters!)
Galuf: Exdeath!
Exdeath: Galuf... I have returned! Fwa, ha, ha!! Crystals!! Use my magic and become my power!! Make these people... disappear!!
Butz: Drat!! Urgh...
Lenna: Butz! Are you OK?
Exdeath: The crystals have shattered! Now, Galuf! Your world!!
Lenna: Father!
Faris: Dad!
King: Sarisa... Lenna... and you, Butz! Warriors from another world!
There's something you must do! The world mustn't fall into the "mu"!!
Light of the Earth... come to me... bring your spirit back!!
Lenna: Father!
Faris: Dad!
[The King is bombarded by energy]
King: Don't come any closer!
Lenna: Be strong!
Faris: Don't die!!
King: Sarisa... I failed you...
Lenna... Sarisa... both of you... gather your power...
Butz... protect the two of them... please...
Lenna: Father----!!
Faris: Don't die!!!!

[The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... Samurai... Dragoon... Dancer... Chemist]

Butz: Huh!?
Galuf: The ruins are falling!?
Butz: Let's get out of here! Hurry, to the airship!!
Faris: Lenna! Let's go!!
(All head back to the airship)
Faris: Everything's shaking! Hold on tight!

[Aboard the airship]
Faris: Lenna...
Lenna: Our father... he's... gone...
Butz: What is it, Galuf?
Galuf: We've got to leave!
Butz: Huh!?
Galuf: My memory's returned. At last I can recall everything... Exdeath was an evil mage from our world. Thirty years ago, he came here to destroy the crystals. But I and three other warriors, the Four Braves of Dawn, used the power of the crystals to seal him away. Then 30 years passed uneventfully... But something happened inside the crystals. We were concerned about that and so we boarded the meteors and returned to this world.
Galuf: But we were too late... he had already returned to our world.
Butz: Was it because we used too much of the crystals' power?
Galuf: (shakes his head) It was we who sealed Exdeath in this world...
Galuf: At that time, it looked like it would be as he said, and we would be taken back to our own world.

(At the meteor site)
Butz: You're returning to your world?
Galuf: It's essential that we seal Exdeath up. Fortunately we can still use the meteor that Kururu came here on.
Galuf: It looks like it can only be used once... Butz, Lenna, Faris... thanks for everything.
Butz: Wait! We'll come too!
Galuf: Sorry, the meteor that brought Kururu here is the last one. And once we get back to our world, there's no way to return here!
Galuf: Farewell!
Kururu: Bye!!
Butz: Galuf! Kururu!

Lenna: Butz...
Butz: What?
Faris: The two of us were talking, and...
Lenna: Galuf and Kururu are fighting Exdeath on the other world...
Faris: We've got to avenge our father!
Lenna: Yeah, and...
Faris: Galuf's...
Butz: ...our friend.
Lenna: Butz!
Faris: Well then!
Butz: Let's go! To the other world!!
Lenna: But how can we get there?
Faris: There isn't enough energy left in the meteor to create a warp...
Butz: Maybe Cid can think of something!!

[Back at the Catapult, looking for Cid]
Butz: Cid's handwriting!
"The Adamantite left over from the airship improvements is dangerous... we've got to return it..."
Lenna: I wonder if something's happened to Cid and Mid!
Butz: "Return it..."?

(At the Tycoon meteor site)
Black Chocobo: Kue!
Butz: The Black Chocobo? Did Cic and Mod come here?
Butz: Cid! Mid! What are...
Cid: Butz, wait! It's dangerous!!
Mid: The Adamant's begun to radiate energy...
Cid: I think we should leave it where it came from... wait here.
Cid: What the!? The ground's sucking the energy from the Adamant!
Lenna: Hey... Maybe if we revive the power from these meteors, we could get to Galuf's world...
Butz: Yeah!
Cid: What are you talking about?
Cid: I see. So that's how things are...
Mid: Since the piece of Adamant is small, it'll be impossible to get all the power. But if we acquire the power from the three remaining meteors...
Butz: We can get to Galuf's world!!
Cid: Well, we're off to the next meteor!
Mid: Let's go!!

(At the Lonka Meteor)
Cid: Wait here!
Mid: We'll be right back!
Lenna: They're taking a while...
Faris: Let's check it out!
Cid: Help!!
Mid: Uwaa---! Heeellpp!!!
(Fight with Kimaira Brain)
Lenna: Are you guys OK?
Mid: Uh-huh!
Cid: Man, that was scary!

(Worus meteor)
Cid: Wait here!
Mid: Leave it to us!
Cid (after a while): All done!
Mid: Well then, let's be off!
(A monster's lurking above them...)
Butz: Cid, Mid! Look out!
(Fight with Pyuroboros)
Cid: Are you all right?
Mid: Wow, you're strong!

(Karnak meteor)
Cid: Let's go, Mid!
Mid: OK!
Mid: It's scary in there!
Cid: There are monsters in there!!
(Fight with Titan)
Cid: Well! Just leave the rest to us!

Cid: We've got all four meteors lined up! Look at this map!!
Mid: Hurry to the place where the energy of the four meteors is gathering! That's the warp point!!
Cid: Be careful!
Butz: Thanks, Cid & Mid!!!

[Warp to Galuf's World]
Lenna: The light is weakening...
Butz: There isn't enough energy left in the meteor.
Faris: We can only go once...
Butz: It's a one-way ticket... We might not be able to get home...

Lenna & Faris: That's OK, let's do it!
Butz: All right then, let's go!!

Lenna: So we're leaving this world... Goodbye...
Faris: Hang in there, guys! (talking to her pirates)
Butz: I'll be back soon, Boko!

[Jump into warp...]

To be continued!!

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