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If you'd like to be able to see the Japanese characters in this section, you have a couple of options.


by Tat Nakao

Dance Effect
Sword Dance 4x damage to single enemy. Must be equipped with sword-type weapon.
Mystery Waltz Sucks MP from an enemy.
Jitterbug Duet Sucks HP from an enemy.
Temptation Tango Confuses a single enemy.

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by Nora Stevens (

Name Equivalent To Effect
* Level 1 *
Chocobo Chocobo "Chocobo Kick": A kick attack.
Sylph Sylph "Whisper Wind": Steal an enemy's HP and give it to the party.
Remora Mage "Latch On": Drain some HP and immobilize an enemy.
* Level 2 *
Shiva Shiva "Diamond Dust": Ice attack.
Ramuh Indra/Ramuh "Judgment Bolt": Lightning attack.
Ifrit Jinn/Ifrit "Hellfire": Fire attack.
* Level 3 *
Titan Titan/Terrato "Earth Rage": Causes an earthquake.
Golem Golem "Earth Wall": Protects from physical attacks.
Catoblepas Shoat "Demon Eye": Casts oBreak on all enemies.
* Level 4 *
Carbunkle Carbunkl "Ruby Light": Casts oReflec on all enemies.
Syldra "Thunderstorm": Water/lightning attack.
Odin Odin "True Edge": Sword attack.
"Gungnir": Spear attack.
* Level 5 *
Leviathan Levia "Clean Sweep": Water attack.
Bahamut Bahamut "Megaflare": Flare attack.
Phoenix Phoenix "Angel Fire": Life.

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by Zachary Piper (, edited by Nora Stevens

I thought that maybe people would like to have a translation of the blue magic in FFV, so here it is. It's not complete, but it will have to do until I have some more free time. Then again, the only things that I want to add are which monsters you can get each spell from, and more on what the effects of each spell are, as my Japanese is not all that great, and I didn't fully test all of them. Anyway, here is my list of the blue magic from FFVj (ver. 1).

[If the names are given in katakana, there is no romanization given; the reading of the spell is then in the Translation column.]

Name Romanized Translation Equivalent To Effect
???? ???? ???? Basic non-elemental attack spell. The damage goes up as the caster's current HP goes down
アクアブレス Aqua Breath Aqua Rake A water attack on all enemies
アエロ Aero Aero Wind elemental attack
アエロラ AeroRa Stronger wind attack
アエロガ AeroGa Strongest of the Aeros
ガードオファー Guard Off-er Quasar? Target's guard is lowered
かえるのうた Kaeru no Uta Frog Song Enemies are turned into frogs
かえんほうしゃ Kaen Housha Fiery Emission A stream of fire hits one enemy
きゅうけつ Kyuuketsu BloodSuck Drain Caster steals random amount of HP from target
くろのしょうげき Kuro no Shougeki Black Shock Dischord Target's level is halved
ゴブリンパンチ Goblin Punch Hits target (seems useless, but it costs no MPs to use, and it can hit enemies with high evade percent)
しのせんこく Shi no Senkoku Countdown to Death Condemned Target enemy gets a thirty count until they die
しのルーレット Shi no Roulette Roulette of Death Roulette The pointer goes from friends to foes, and where it stops, nobody knows (ugh! sorry.. ;)
じばく Jibaku Self-Explosion Exploder Does damage to target equal to caster's current HP; caster dies
タイムスリップ Time Slip Rapidly ages target and puts it to sleep
ちいさなメロディー Chiisa na Melody Tiny Melody Casts Minimum on enemies
つきのふえ Tsuki no Fue Moon Whistle Everybody in your party goes berserk
デスクロー Death Claw Reduces target's HP to single digit and sometimes paralyzes them
はりせんぼん Harisenbon 1000 Needles Blowfish 1000 pts. of damage
フラッシュ Flash Blinds enemies
ホワイトウィンド White Wind Pearl Wind Everybody's HP goes up an amount equal to the caster's current amount of HPs
マイティガード Mighty Guard Big Guard Casts Safe, Shell, and Levitate on all members of the party
マインドブラスト Mind Blast Casts Slip to one target.
マジックハンマー Magic Hammer Target loses 1/2 current MP
ミサイル Missile Halves remaining HP's of target
レベル2オールド Lv. 2 Old Enemies with levels that are multiples of 2 (2, 4, 6...) have Old cast upon them
レベル3フレア Lv. 3 Flare ‾Level 4 Flare Enemies with levels that are multiples of 3 (3, 6, 9...) have Flare cast upon them
レベル4グラビガ Lv. 4 GraviGa know...have GraviGa cast upon them--their HPs reduce to 3/4 their current amount
レベル5デス Lv. 5 Death Level 5 Doom Enemies...have Death cast upon them
ゆうごう Yuugou Fusion Pep Up Revives a friend, but caster dies

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by Tat Nakao

    Location key

  • B = Building
  • D = Dungeon
  • F = Field
  • M = Mountain
  • N = Marsh
  • O = Ocean
  • P = Pyramid
  • S = Desert
  • S = Seashore
  • T = Forest
  • W = Waterfall
Name Location Description
Gale FBM Damage to single enemy.
Earthquake FM Damage to all enemies on ground.
AirBlade FDB Damage to all enemies.
Tornado FBM Decrease HP of single enemy to 1 digit.
Branch Arrow T Damage to single enemy.
Leaf Storm T Damage to all enemies.
Branch Spear T Damage to single enemies.
VineHell T Casts SlowGa; slows all enemies.
Sand Storm S Damage + Darkness to all enemies.
Quicksand S Like Degeon; kills one enemy.
Desert Storm S Damage to all enemies.
HeatSand S Damage to all enemies.
FaenPhantom OS Damage or kill single enemy.
Whirlpool OSW Decrease HP of single enemy to 1 digit.
Tsunami OS Damage to all enemies.
LargeTsunami OS Damage to all enemies.
Elf Fire DMP Damage to single enemy.
BottomlessMarsh M Same as Quicksand.
PoisonMist MP Damage + Poison to all enemies.
Waterfall O Damage to single enemy.
Stalactite D Damage to single enemy.
Cave In DMP 4 random attacks.
SonicBoom B HP is reduced to 1/4 (GraviGa).

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by Tat Nakao

"Level" is the level at which you can start using that animal.

Name Level Effect
Squirrel 1+ Damage to single enemy on the ground.
Mysidian Rabbit 1+ Nothing.
Bee Swarm 6+ Damage to all enemies + random stats of "Poison".
Nightingale 11+ Heals everyone's HP.
Flying Squirrel 16+ Paralyzes all enemies for a time.
Falcon 21+ Reduces an enemy's HP to 1/4.
Skunk 31+ Poisons all enemies.
Wild Boar 41+ Damage to single enemy on the ground.
Unicorn 51+ Heals everyone's HP and MP.

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by Tat Nakao

  1. Legendary item called "Efu efu".
  2. Casting single target magic (Like Protesu) to everyone.
  1. How to get "efu efu".
    Okay, first of all, "efu efu" is a bug item. It's not supposed to exist, but it does. Anyway, you need two things to get this.

    • You need Jikuu Mahou [Time/Space Magic] "Quick".
    • You need Jikuu Mahou [Time/Space Magic] "Meteo".

    You also need one person who can cast both of these. "Renzokuma" [Continuous Magic] would be nice ability to have.
    When you have all of above, encounter enemy. Then kill every one else except the person casting "Quick" and "Meteo". If you killed other three members, cast "Quick" then cast "Meteo" to yourself. You must kill yourself with this "Meteo". Then, after the battle, someone will have an item called "efu efu" equipped. (On their right hand...I think) It doesn't always happen so if you didn't get one, try again. "Efu efu" makes all physical damages to zero. But you can't equip any shield nor weapon. Once you remove this, this item will be gone.

    [Note from Nora: I've never gotten this to work. Meteo is a full-party spell, and I either can't get it to point at me or it kills everyone in my party, and there's me, "sentou funou". Has anyone had any luck getting "efu efu"?]

  2. This also has requirements.

    • You need one person who can do "Chougou" [Mixing].
    • You need one person who can do "Renzokuma" [Continuous Magic].

    Okay, then you encounter enemy. Then do any "chougou" [Mixing] to anyone. Now, you're all set. Choose single target magic as first magic for "Renzokuma" [Continuous Magic]. (I'll use Raise as example) So, let's say Lenna chose Raise as her first choice of "Renzokuma" [Continuous Magic] and chose Butz as target. Then choose some magic that can be casted to multiple target. Okay, so Lenna chooses Kearu and casts it to everyone in the party. When it's Lenna's turn to use"Renzokuma" [Continuous Magic] you get Raise to every one in your party!! This is especially useful during boss battles, because you can cast "Shell" to everyone in single turn!! One note: Don't cast Flare and Holy to multiple enemies. The game screen will go wild. (and freezes) This also works with "Mahouken" [Magic Sword], I think. I'm not sure. I think you can choose "Mahouken" [Magic Sword] during "Renzokuma" [Continous Magic].

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by Nora Stevens (

Coming very soon!

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by Nora Stevens (

That depends--do you want the Super Famicom version or the new Playstation version?

If you'd like to try the original Japanese-language cartridge (and don't forget you'll need an adaptor or some minor console surgery to be able to play it on a US machine), you may have to jump through some real hoops for it. I've heard you can purchase it from Game Land. I personally have bought a couple of copies (dirt cheap) in the past from used game stores in Japan. However, there's a rumor that used games are no longer allowed to be sold in Japan, and if that's true, it's tragic! Alternatively, there's always eBay.

The Playstation version--an English translation that is included on the Final Fantasy Anthology collection--should be readily available in any game store in the States (at least). It and every other Playstation game are compatible with Sony's Playstation 2.

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