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Hello! This time 'round it's I, Nora, who's tightening up the whole FAQ and adding some more info. Enjoy!

Part One: The Manual

Part Two: More Info

Part Three: The Walkthroughs

Part One: The Manual

by Nora Stevens (

Introduction to Jobs

Obtaining Jobs from Crystals
A number of crystals exist somewhere in the world of FFV. The heroes and heroines can be granted great powers from these crystals. These powers are "Jobs". The following is an introduction to each job's characteristics and accompanying items.

  • Knight
    • Special Command: "Protection"
      Completely defend oneself from the enemy's direct attacks (by sword, axe, etc.; magic attacks excluded); damage received is zero.
    • Inherent Ability: "Protect"
      When a friends' HP are very low, the Knight occasionally intercepts an enemy's attack by shielding the weakened character. The Knight's defense is high; he or she is also well-protected. Because only the Knight can use powerful Knight Swords, this job's offensive/defensive power is balanced, making it a very dependable job.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, swords
  • Monk (Black Belt/Karate)
    • Special Command: "Kick"
      The Monk will jump into the enemy's midst, delivering a powerful kick to each one.
    • Inherent Abilities: "Counter"; "Fight"
      Fighting with his or her bare hands is the monk's strong point. Since the Monk cannot equip any weapons, he or she is preeminent in hand-to-hand combat strength. After receiving an enemy's direct attack, the Monk will occasionally lash back with a counterattack doing a set amount of damage. The Monk is strong; HP are high.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Unable to equip weapons.
  • [Monk]
  • Thief
    • Special Command: "Steal"
      Steal items from monsters during battle. You can miss, though, and not all enemies have items.
    • Inherent Abilities: "Hidden Passages"; "Caution"; "Dash"
      The thief has great agility. In dungeons and castles, the Thief can see hidden passageways; in battle, they will never receive surprise attacks. By pressing the B button and moving in any direction, the Thief can move twice as fast as usual in towns and dungeons.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers
  • Dragoon
    • Special Command: "Jump"
      The Dragoon will jump high into the air and attack enemies with a dive. With this command, the hit rate is 100%; and if wielding a spear, the damage is doubled.
    • Inherent Ability: No special abilites.
      Agility is not that high, but the Jump attack is powerful. Their defense is high, as they may wear protective equipment. The job is unique in that Dragoons can equip spears. Even if in the back row, their Jump command deals damage without changing their attack power.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, spears
  • [Dragoon]
  • Ninja
    • Special Command: "Throw"
      Throw shurikens and ninja scrolls (Katon Scroll, etc.). The Ninja can also throw swords and other weapons.
    • Inherent Abilities: "Wield Two Weapons"; "First Attack"
      The Ninja can wield weapons in both hands, making him or her an agile fighter. They up the chances of receiving "First Attack" when entering a battle. The "Katon Scroll" (fire roasts enemies), "Raijin Scroll" (lightning attack), and "Suiton Scroll" (water attack to all enemies) are powerful ninja scrolls.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers
  • Samurai
    • Special Command: "Coin Toss"
      One's money (GP) is thrown in this attack. The higher the character's level, the more the money thrown.
    • Inherent Ability: "Blade Catching"
      An exotic warrior, the Samurai is the only character who can wield the fantastically sharp katana. A Samurai will randomly catch direct attacks (by sword, axe, and other weapons, magic attacks excluded), rendering them harmless.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, katana
  • [Samurai]
  • Berserker
    • Special Command: None
    • Inherent Ability: "Berserk"
      The enemy will suffer a crashing defeat at the hands of this earnestly fighting soldier who attacks continuously and automatically in battle. The strength of a Berserker is the highest out of all the jobs; he or she has a heavy destructive power with the capability to equip axes.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, axes
  • Archer
    • Special Command: "Aim"
      It takes a little longer to attack, but Aim raises your hit rate to a definite 100 percent, assuming the target has not duplicated itself.
    • Inherent Ability: No special abilities.
      With his or her lightness, a bow and arrow makes the Archer an excellent archer. The bow and arrow may be used in either front or back row with no change in power, which is convenient. As job levels rise, the Archer will learn "Animals", and be able to call upon various small animals of the forest to lend a helping hand.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, bows and arrows
  • [Archer]
    [Magic Swordsman]
  • Magic Swordsman
    • Special Command: "Sword Magic"
      Can use all Sword Magic. Once Sword Magic is selected, it is in effect until the end of the battle, barring ineffectiveness in battle [i.e., death, petrification, Mute, etc.] or a new choice of Sword Magic.
    • Inherent Ability: "Magic Barrier"
      The Swordsman's magic is in the sword attack "Magic Sword". Magic is certain to strike the enemy with this attack. When the Swordsman's HP is low, he or she will automatically put up a magic barrier (Shell).
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, swords
  • White Mage
    • Special Command: "White Magic"
      Can use all White Magic. However, if you don't have enough MP for a spell, it may not be cast.
    • Inherent Ability: No special abilities.
      A magician whose "White Magic" is used primarily for recovery and defense. The White Mage is weak, and his or her ability to wear defensive equipment is limited, but for retaliation and defense, one White Mage is necessary. Especially when entering deep dungeons and when fighting against bosses, the White Mage's recovery ability is essential.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Staffs
  • [White Mage]
    [Black Mage]
  • Black Mage
    • Special Command: "Black Magic"
      Can use all Black Magic. However, if you don't have enough MP for a spell, it may not be cast.
    • Inherent Ability: No special abilities.
      This magician produces fire, lightning, and the like as the main result of "Black Magic". The Black Mage can't use strong equipment, so he or she is weak in physical attacks. However, the Black Mage's skill with powerful magic helps his or her friends. He or she can dish out some real power, especially against a large group of enemies.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, rods
  • Time Mage
    • Special Command: "Time/Space Magic"
      Can use all Time/Space Magic. However, if you don't have enough MP for a spell, it may not be cast.
    • Inherent Ability: No special abilities.
      A magician who can freely manipulate time and space by casting "Time/Space Magic". With this magic, a Time Mage can stop enemy's movements, turn back time to their advantage, and hasten battles with formidable enemies--and especially show their power against bosses.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, staffs
  • [Time

  • Caller
    • Special Command: "Call"
      Can use all Call Magic. However, if you don't have enough MP for a spell, it may not be cast.
    • Inherent Ability: No special abilities.
      A magician who may call upon the phantom world's beasts with "Call Magic". Sweep away normal monsters with weak Call Magic or call something more powerful; a Caller has the highest maximum MP. Some call beasts may be purchased, but the strongest ones lay in wait to be defeated.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, rods
  • Blue Mage
    • Special Command: "Blue Magic"
      Learn each monster's special attacks and use them as blue magic. However, if you don't have enough MP for a spell, it may not be cast.
    • Inherent Ability: "Learning"
      A Blue Mage can learn monsters' special attacks (BloodSuck, Goblin Punch, etc.) and use them from the next battle onward with the command "Blue Magic". He or she can equip weapons and armor of standard strength.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, swords, rods
  • [Blue Mage]
    [Red Mage]
  • Red Mage
    • Special Command: "White/Black Magic"
      Can use up to Level 3 white and black magic. However, if you don't have enough MP for a spell, it may not be cast.
    • Inherent Ability: No special abilities.
      With standard-strength weapons and armor, the balanced Red Mage can cast both restorative white magic and damaging black magic. However, even with the use of heavy equipment, the Red Mage is limited to magic up to level 3.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, swords, rods, staffs
  • Monster Trainer
    • Special Command: "Catch (Release)"
      Catch a monster once it is weakened. You can then release the monster in battle (only once) using the command "Release".
    • Inherent Ability: No special abilities.
      The Monster Trainer leads enemies by the nose; weakened monsters may be captured. The Trainer's weapon is the whip, which paralyzes enemies. As job levels rise, the Trainer will learn "Control", allowing him or her to manipulate the enemy.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, whips
  • [Monster Trainer]
  • Chemist
    • Special Command: "Drink"
      "Giant's Medicine" and other exclusive items may be drunk only during battle, thus raising one's power.
    • Inherent Ability: "Knowledge of Medicine"
      The Chemist is a specialist in Potions, Eyedrops, and other recovery items. When a Chemist uses these items, their effectiveness doubles. As job levels rise, the Chemist will learn "Mixing", whereby two medicines may be combined to form a new third medicine (see "Mixing Items" for more information).
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers
  • Elemental Mage
    • Special Command: "Elemental Attack"
      "Wind Gust", "Whirlpool", "Leaf Dance", etc., are natural attacks used in battle for various effects.
    • Inherent Abilities: "Damage Floor"; "Evade Hidden Holes"
      By utilizing the power of Nature, several different attacks are unleashed by this super-capable person. Although the Elemental Mage cannot use swords, he or she may equip bells, producing sound waves that deal out damage to the enemy. Also, "Damage Floor" reduces the damage normally received from walking on certain floors to zero, and hidden holes will become visible.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, bells
  • [Elemental Mage]
  • Bard
    • Special Command: "Sing"
      Sing songs learned around the world for all sorts of effects. (See "Songs" for more information.)
    • Inherent Ability: No special abilities.
      Bards sing songs with strange powers. They play harps whose tunes have different effects on the enemy. Some powerful songs are learned from fellow Bards throughout the world, so be sure to seek out these masters.
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers, harps
  • Dancer
    • Special Command: "Dance"
      Dance strange dances to put the enemy into disorder.
    • Inherent Ability: No special abilities.
      Equipment is limited, but the special attack method "Dance" makes up for it. However, the Dancer has the best defense against magic attacks: the Ribbon, which only the Dancer and the Suppin can wear. A Dancers in your party would make your trip really tough, but adventurous and fun...right?
    • Possible Weapon(s): Daggers
  • [Dancer]
  • Suppin [roughly, "no mask"]
    • Special Command: None
    • Inherent Ability: No special abilities.
      The Suppin can use all weapons and armor, but their job levels do not go up. They can select two abilities for use (see "Abilities and Their Selection" for more information).
    • Possible Weapon(s): Every weapon may be used.

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    by Nora Stevens (
    Intro by Chris Kohler (ChrisK2018@aol.COM)

    In Part 2, you read about the different jobs that a character can use. They gain different abilities as their Job Level goes up. This is a list of abilities for different jobs and at what Job Level they earn these abilities.

    Each magic and ability with a "!" in front of its name will appear on the command menu for use in battle.

  • Kuromadoushi (Black Mage)
    1. Kuromahou Lv1 (Lv1 Black Magic)
      Cast up to Level 1 Black Magic (see magic table).
    2. Kuromahou Lv2
      Cast up to Level 2 Black Magic (see magic table).
    3. Kuromahou Lv3
      Cast up to Level 3 Black Magic (see magic table).
    4. Kuromahou Lv4
      Cast up to Level 4 Black Magic (see magic table).
    5. Kuromahou Lv5
      Cast up to Level 5 Black Magic (see magic table).
    6. Kuromahou Lv6
      Cast up to Level 6 Black Magic (see magic table).
    7. MP 30% Up
      Maximum MP is raised by 30 percent.
    8. Tokimadoushi (Time Mage)
      1. Jikuu Lv1 (Lv1 Time/Space)
        Cast up to Level 1 Time/Space Magic (see magic table).
      2. Jikuu Lv2
        Cast up to Level 2 Time/Space Magic (see magic table).
      3. Jikuu Lv3
        Cast up to Level 3 Time/Space Magic (see magic table).
      4. Jikuu Lv4
        Cast up to Level 4 Time/Space Magic (see magic table).
      5. Jikuu Lv5
        Cast up to Level 5 Time/Space Magic (see magic table).
      6. Jikuu Lv6
        Cast up to Level 6 Time/Space Magic (see magic table).
      7. Rod Soubi (Rod Wielding)
        Wield rods.
      8. Shoukanshi (Caller)
        1. Shoukan Lv1 (Lv1 Call)
          Cast up to Level 1 Call Magic (see magic table).
        2. Shoukan Lv2
          Cast up to Level 2 Call Magic (see magic table).
        3. Shoukan Lv3
          Cast up to Level 3 Call Magic (see magic table).
        4. Shoukan Lv4
          Cast up to Level 4 Call Magic.
        5. Shoukan Lv5
          Cast up to Level 5 Call Magic.
        6. !Yobidasu (Call)
          Call a random Call Beast [Esper] without using MP.
        7. Aomadoushi (Blue Mage)
          1. !Shiraberu (Examine)
            See a monster's maximum HP, MP, and weaknesses.
          2. Learning
            Learn a monster's special attacks for use in Blue Magic.
          3. !Aomahou (Blue Magic)
            Cast Blue Magic (see magic table).
          4. !Miyaburu (See Through)
            In addition to the traits seen in "Examine", see also the current status [of the monster].
          5. Akamadoushi (Red Mage)
            1. Shirokuro Lv1 (Lv1 Black/White [Magic])
              Cast up to Level 1 Black and White Magic (see magic table).
            2. Shirokuro Lv2
              Cast up to Level 2 Black and White Magic (see magic table).
            3. Shirokuro Lv3
              Cast up to Level 3 Black and White Magic (see magic table).
            4. !Renzokuma (Continuous Magic) [Gem Box]
              Cast two consecutive spells.
            5. Majuutsukai ([Magic] Monster Trainer)
              1. !Nadameru (Calm)
                Make a monster docile. [something else...?]
              2. !Ayatsuru (Control/Manipulate) [Control]
                Control a monster; use their "commands".
              3. Muchisoubi (Whip Wielding)
                Wield a whip with the strength and speed of a Monster Trainer.
              4. !Toraeru (Catch)
                After sufficiently weakening a monster, capture it.
              5. Kusurishi (Chemist)
                1. Kusuri no Chimaki (Knowledge of Medicine)
                  Potions and Ethers [etc.] are twice as effective.
                2. !Chougou (Mix)
                  In battle, mix two medicines to make a new one.
                3. !Nomu (Drink)
                  Drink items exclusive to the Chemist.
                4. !Chiyu (Recover)
                  Recover the entire party's status.
                5. !Sosei (Revive)
                  Completely revive all fallen party members in battle.
                6. Fuusuishi (Elemental Mage)
                  1. !Chikei (Elemental Attack)
                    Use elemental attacks.
                  2. Damage Yuka (Damage Floor)
                    Damage Floors do no damage.
                  3. Otoshi Ana Kaihi (Evade Hidden Holes)
                    See hidden holes.
                  4. Ginyuushijin (Bard)
                    1. !Kakureru (Hide)
                      Hide. By hiding, one is not a target for attack.
                    2. Tategotosoubi (Harp Wielding)
                      Wield a harp with the speed and magic powers of a Bard.
                    3. !Utau (Sing)
                      Sing songs for various effects (see song list).
                    4. Odoriko (Dancer)
                      1. !Irome (Flirt)
                        Succeed and the monsters will be flustered [lit. 'hearts will beat quickly'].
                      2. !Odoru (Dance)
                        Strange dances can confuse monsters or turn them into frogs.
                      3. Ribbon Soubi (Ribbon Wearing)
                        Wear a Ribbon.
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                        By Nora Stevens (

                        White Magic
                        This holy magic can recover wounded friends and up one's defense. It can bring you out of deep dungeon exploration--and out of battles with powerful enemy monsters--alive. White magic is essential in your adventure. With practice, the ability to use white magic can be a great addition to a job.

                        [Note: The spells in the second column are the equivalent spells in FF2 and/or FF3.]

                        White MagicEquivalent ToEffect
                        KearuCure1/CureRecovers HP. Undead attack.
                        RaiburaPeep/ScanSee an enemy's status info.
                        PoisonaAntidoteRemove toxins from one's body.
                        SilenceMutePrevent one from casting spells
                        ProtesuSafeRaises defense.
                        MinimumSizeRestores size.
                        KearuRaCure2Recovers HP. Stronger version of Kearu.
                        RaiseLifeRecovers those fallen in battle, plus a little HP.
                        ConfuConfuseMental functions are confused.
                        BlinkBlinkCreates a second image of oneself (defensive)
                        ShellShellRaises magic defense.
                        EsnaHealCures petrification and paralysis, among other status changes.
                        KearuGaCure3Recovers HP. The highest Cure magic.
                        ReflecWallPuts up a barrier to reflect magic.
                        BerserkBerserkBerserks someone.
                        AraiseLife2Recovers those fallen in battle, plus full HP.
                        HolyWhite/PearlA sacred attack.
                        DispelDispelRemoves the effects of a spell.

                        Black Magic
                        This powerful attack magic can exploit the enemy's attack. As levels rise, one will gradually obtain the ability to cast black magic of immeasurable power. If white magic is positive, black magic is negative.

                        [Note: The spells in the second column are the equivalent spells in FF2 and/or FF3.]

                        Black MagicEquivalent ToEffect
                        FireFireFlame attack (damage: small).
                        BlizzardIceFreeze attack (damage: small).
                        ThunderLit/BoltLightning attack (damage: small).
                        PoisonVenom/PoisonPoisonous power gradually snatches away HP.
                        SleepSleepImmediately fall asleep.
                        ToadToadTurn into a frog, or turn back.
                        FireRaFire2Flame attack (damage: medium).
                        BlizzardRaIce2Freeze attack (damage: medium).
                        ThunderRaLit2/Bolt2Lightning attack (damage: medium).
                        DrainDrainSteal HP and add it to one's own.
                        BreakStone/BreakEnemy's body petrifies and is defeated in one blow.
                        BioPoison/BioBacteria power gradually snatches away HP.
                        FireGaFire3The strongest Fire; huge fireballs explode.
                        BlizzardGaIce3The strongest Blizzard; icicles impale the enemy.
                        ThunderGaLit3/Bolt3The strongest Thunder; a super-high voltage attack.
                        FlareFlareAn attack of terrific light and heat.
                        DeathFatal/DoomEnemy dies in one blow.
                        AspilDispelAbsorb enemy's MP.

                        Time/Space Magic
                        This magic works with time and space to damage enemies. Free to manipulate time and space, it is possible to freeze enemies' attacks with Stop or send them into a world of a different dimension. Moreover, as time and space is twisted, natural disasters may be called upon to occur.

                        [Note: The spells in the second column are the equivalent spells in FF2 and/or FF3.]

                        Time/Space MagicEquivalent ToEffect
                        SpeedSpeedSlows down the battle speed.
                        SlowSlowEnemies are slowed by the passage of time.
                        RegeneRegenA certain amount of HP is gradually recovered.
                        MuteMuteNeither spells nor songs may be cast/sung.
                        HasteHasteSpeeds up one friend.
                        LevitetoFloatDefend oneself from damage on the ground.
                        GraviteDemiHP is reduced to 1/2 via the power of gravity.
                        StopStopEnemies stop moving.
                        TelepoExitEscape from dungeons and battles.
                        CometCometA group of meteorites rains down.
                        SlowGaSlow2A more powerful Slow (on everyone).
                        ReturnGo back to the start of a battle.
                        GraviGaQuarterA stronger Gravite (HP [is reduced to] 1/4).
                        HasteGaHaste2A more powerful Haste (on everyone).
                        OldEnemies age and lose their abilities.
                        MeteoMeteoA swarm of meteorites rains down upon everyone.
                        QuickQuickTime stops around you.
                        DegeonX-ZoneDistorts the dimensional fabric; enemies disappear.

                        Blue Magic
                        Blue magic can neither be bought from a store nor found in a treasure chest. It is learned from a monster's attack. For example, from a Steel Bat's attack "BloodSuck", the blue magic "BloodSuck" may be memorized, and used beginning from the next battle. However, one cannot learn blue magic unless one is a Blue Mage or has the Blue Mage's Learning ability (see "Customizing Abilities"). Also, blue magic spells consume MP just like the other types of magic, so if you don't have enough MP, you can't cast them. Below is a list of some blue magic spells; there are still many other spells, so go fight a bunch of different monsters and see what you can learn (but monsters do have some attacks that can't be taught).

                        [Note: The spells in the second column are the equivalent spells in FF2 and/or FF3.]

                        Blue MagicEquivalent ToEffect
                        Lv. 5 DeathLevel 5 DoomCasts "Death" on level 5, 10, 15...enemies.
                        Kaeru no Uta
                        (Frog Song)
                        Enemies become frogs.
                        FlashFlashA powerful light snatches away sight.
                        Pep UpA friend recovers via one's self-sacrifice.
                        Absorb an enemy's HP.
                        ExploderDamage enemies via one's self-sacrifice.
                        AeroAeroWind damage to weak enemies.
                        Goblin PunchA powerful, invisible punch attack.
                        White WindRestores everyone's HP.
                        Shi no Sankoku
                        (Countdown to Death)
                        CondemnedA 30-count leading to death.

                        Call Magic
                        Call Magic is used to summon the phantom world's Espers to fight with your party. Low-level Espers may be purchased at magic shops. Here's an introductory list of Espers--you'll find others on your own.

                        [Note: The spells in the second column are the equivalent spells in FF2 and/or FF3.]

                        Call MagicEquivalent ToEffect
                        ChocoboChocoboChocobos dish out kicks.
                        SylphSylphA wind attack, plus everyone recovers some HP.
                        RemoraMageSucks an enemy's HP, then stops their movement.
                        ShivaShivaA blizzard freezes enemies solid.
                        RamuhIndra/RamuhMighty lightning bolts strike enemies.
                        IfritJinn/IfritThe flames of Hell roast enemies.
                        TitanTitanEarthquake attack affects all enemies.

                        Literally, songs are sung to give damage to enemies and strength and speed to comrades. While one's companions continue to attack and re-attack, with this ability, the effects are continuous. However, only one tune may be sung at a time.

                        Chikara no UtaSong of PowerAll friends' attack power up.
                        Subayasa no UtaSpeed SongAll friends' speed up.
                        Tairyoku no UtaSong of StrengthAll friends' strength up.
                        Maryoku no UtaMagic Power SongAll friends' magic power up.
                        Eiyuu no UtaHero's BalladAll friends' levels up.
                        RequiemDeals damage to the undead.
                        Ai no UtaLove SongAll enemies stop moving.
                        Yuuwaku no UtaSong of TemptationAll enemies are confused.

                        Chougou (Mixing Items)
                        There are items that can be mixed using the Chemist's ability !Chougou. Mixing two items together produces a new third item. You can make items that recover allies or damage enemies with poison, etc. You do use up the new third items in battle, but since you can always make more--and the products of Chougou can't be bought in stores--give Chougou a try and see.

                          ** How to Mix **
                        1. In battle, select "Chougou" with the A button.
                        2. When your item list comes up, select an item you'd like to use.
                        3. Using the A button, select the second item.
                        4. Choose the friend you'd like to use it on (if the new item does damage to an enemy instead, use the cursor to select the enemy on which you want to use the mix).

                          The Complete Chougou List
                          from Tat Nakao (Tatsushi.Nakao@ucsub.Colorado.EDU )

                          How to use this list:
                          Search for the effect you want from the list below. Then go to the chart to search for the combo that will make that effect.
                          NOTE: The order in which you select the items for Chougou doesn't matter.

                          ABCDEFG HIJKL
                          A: PotionA23D4FA C5678
                          B: HiPotion2B9D4FB 105678
                          C: Ether39CD1112C 313141516
                          D: ElixerDDDD1112D 1DD1718
                          E: Phoenix no O441111E1920 2122232425
                          F: Otome no KissFF121219F26 2728293031
                          G: SeisuiABCD2026G 3233343536
                          H: Kame no KouraC1031212732 373839140
                          I: Dokukeshi5513D2228 3338I414243
                          J: Megusuri6614D2329 343941J4445
                          K: Ryuu no Kiba771517243035 142444647
                          L: Dark Matter8816182531 364043454748

                          [Phoenix no O: Phoenix Tail; Otome no Kiss: Maiden's Kiss; Seisui: Holy Water; Kame no Koura: Turtle Shell; Dokukeshi: Antidote; Megusuri: Eyedrops; Ryuu no Kiba: Dragon Fang]

                          1ShippaisakuSlip + Confu
                          2Seimei no MizuRegene
                          5NeutralizeHeal HP and poison
                          6Cure BlindHeal HP and darkness
                          7Dragon PowerRaise level by 20
                          8Dark PotionDamage of 666 points
                          9Half ElixerHeal HP to max
                          10EtherDreiHeal 3x as much as Ether
                          11ReincarnationAraise + Half Elixer
                          12Lilith's KissAspil
                          13Resist PoisonMake poison-resistant barrier
                          14Resist FireMake fire-resistant barrier
                          15Dragon ShieldMake shield that nullifies Fire, Ice, and Thunder
                          16Dark EtherDecrease MP to 1/4
                          17Kyojin no KusuriRaise max HP to 2x
                          18Dark ElixerDecrease HP to 1 digit
                          19Inochi no KissRaise +1/2 HP + full MP
                          20Life ShieldMake death-resistant barrier
                          21BannouyakuSame as Esna
                          22Resist IceMake ice-resistant barrier
                          23Resist ThunderMake thunder-resistant barrier
                          24Dragon ArmorIncrease defense and magic defense
                          25Death PotionSame as Death
                          26Shukufuku no KissBerserk + Haste + Blink
                          27Drain KissSame as Drain
                          28LevitetoSame as Leviteto
                          29Lamia no KissSame as Confu
                          30Dragon no KissChange body type to that of a dragon
                          31Kaeru no KissSame as Toad
                          32Bakkasu no SakeSame as Berserk
                          33Samson PowerRaise level by 10
                          34Elemental PowerIncrease magic damage by 50%
                          35Holy BreathInflict damage via Holy Breath
                          36ShippaisakuSame as Poison
                          37Mamori no KusuriSame as Protesu
                          38Kame no KourawariDecrease defense by 1/2
                          39Haste DrinkSame as Haste
                          40BakuyakuSame as Jibaku of Aomahou
                          41Kitsuke GusuriCure status that will hold only during battle
                          42Poison BreathSame as Poison
                          43DokuyakuSame as Poison
                          44Ankoku no ToikiDarkness + Confu
                          45Ankoku no GasDarkness
                          46Dragon BreathFire + Ice + Thunder breath damage
                          47Dark BreathInflict damage via Dark Fire
                          48Shadow FlareCast Ankoku no Flare

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                          SECTION FOUR: PARTIAL ITEM LIST
                          by Nora Stevens (

                          ItemEquivalent ToEffect
                          PotionCure1/TonicRecovers HP (effect: small).
                          HiPotionCure2/PotionRecovers HP (effect: big).
                          EtelEtherRecovers MP.
                          ElixerElixerCompletely recovers HP and MP.
                          Phoenix no O
                          (Phoenix Tail)
                          Life/Fenix DownRevives fallen allies.
                          Otome no Kiss
                          (Maiden's Kiss)
                          Cures Toaded state.
                          (Holy Water)
                          RevivifyCures Zombied state.
                          Kame no Koura
                          (Turtle Shell)
                          Exclusively for Chougou.
                          Ryuu no Kiba
                          (Dragon Fang)
                          Exclusively for Chougou.
                          Dark MatterExclusively for Chougou.

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                          SECTION FIVE: TYPES OF WEAPONS AND ARMOR
                          by Nora Stevens (

                          Types of Weapons
                          This is a list of weapon types. Some jobs can use only certain kinds of equipment, while others use different types altogether. [On the item list] Rods, for example, are listed by type from weakest to strongest.

                          • Daggers
                            The Knife, Dagger, etc. are classified as daggers. (There are also knives exclusively for the Ninja.)
                          • Swords
                            The Broad Sword and Defender, etc., are long swords. (There are also swords excusively for the Knight.)
                          • Spears
                            The Mithril Spear, Heavy Lance, etc., are classified as spears. These are weapons for the Dragoon.
                          • Axes
                            The War Hammer, Battle Axe, etc., are axes. These are weapons for the Berserker.
                          • Katana
                            The Kotetsu, Kiku Ichimonji, etc., are single-edged blades imported from exotic lands. These are weapons for the Samurai.
                          • Rods
                            The Ice Rod, Fire Rod, etc., are rods. Rods have different effects when used.
                          • Staffs
                            The Flail, Heal Staff, etc., are imbued with magic. They are staffs used by magicians.
                          • Bows and Arrows
                            The Fire Bow, etc., are bows and arrows. Used exclusively by the Hunter, they may be used to attack from the back row as well.
                          • Harps
                            The Silver Harp, Dream Harp, etc., are weapons for the Bard.
                          • Whips
                            The Chain Whip, Shock Whip, etc., have a paralyzing effect and are weapons for the Monster Trainer.
                          • Bells
                            The Giyaman Bell, Earth Bell, etc., are bells. These are weapons for the Elemental Mage.
                          Types of Armor
                          There are also many kinds of armor. Most jobs can wear some armor (except for shields), but each job can wear a certain kind of armor.

                          • Shields
                            Shields defend from an enemy's attack. Bronze Shield, Aegis Shield, etc.
                          • Helmets
                            Helmets protect the head from an enemy's attack. Bronze Helm, Three-Sided Cap, Ribbon, etc.
                          • Armor
                            Armor protects the body from an enemy's attack. Bronze Armor, Kendo Suit, etc.
                          • Accessories
                            Worn on the body, accessories have various effects. Iron Shoes, Rings, etc.

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                          SECTION SIX: STATUS CHANGES
                          by Nora Stevens (

                          In a battle, your characters may be poisoned, turned into frogs, made to age rapidly, plus other various status changes. Understand that some changes in status may be automatically healed after the battle is over, and that some remain even after you're done fighting.
                          Status Changes that Do Not Heal after Battle Status Changes that Heal after Battle

                          • Fallen in Battle: HP reach zero, and the character can do nothing.
                          • Petrify: The body hardens into stone, and the character can do nothing.
                          • Frog: Offensive and Defensive power goes down, and oToad is the only spell that may be cast.
                          • Dwarf: Offensive and Defensive power goes down, but magic may still be used.
                          • Poison: Poison courses throughout the body, making HP steadily decrease.
                          • Darkness: It becomes quite dark in front of one's eyes, and one's hit rate goes down.
                          • Zombie: Turn into a Zombie and attack one's friends. Can be cured by drinking Holy Water.
                          • Aging: As the years quickly add on, one's levels go down.
                          • Silence: A sealing spell that prohibits the casting of any magic.
                          • Sleep: Enter a peaceful sleep in which one can do nothing.
                          • Paralysis: One is unable to move and can do nothing.
                          • Confusion: One becomes panicked and attacks other party members.

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