Final Fantasy V - Screen Shots
Super Famicom
The title screen
The party talks with the wizened Ghido
Gilgamesh and his Ultimate Gilgamesh Metamorph!
The battle with Shinryuu
The opening scene, with an adjacent translation
King Tycoon mounts his hiryuu
Lenna runs to bid her father farewell as he flies off
King Tycoon approaches the wind crystal
Butz and Boco relax around a campfire
Butz and Lenna approach an unconcious Galuf
Butz explores the Pirates' Cave
Scholars confer in the Wind Shrine
Butz leaves the Wind Shrine for his ship
Butz, Galuf, and Lenna are taken prisoner by Faris
Pirates, dancers, music, and lots of sake: all found in your local pub
The graveyard of ships is filled with danger.
Our party confronts the illusionary Siren
The Liquid Flame attacks
The town ofTule is a welcome respite from battling and adventuring
Butz gazes off the top of a mountain
Butz, Lenna, Garaf, and Faris battle two Gokimaira
Butz, Lenna, Kukuru, and Faris battle a Hedgehog and a Shadow
The Cleft of Dimension
Gilgamesh is the coolest ever
ExDeath is immensely powerful
ExDeath attacks with arboreal destruction
ExDeath's final form is a mass of writhing, mutated flesh
Butz and Boko, his Chocobo
The Town of Worus and Castle of Worus from the overworld screen
The saved game screen
The Town of Istory
A wooden bridge on the Northern Mountain
Tycoon Castle
The roof of Tycoon Castle
Lenna calls the hyryuu
Flying in the airship
The seige of the Lonka Ruins
Butz stands on a cliff
Butz stands at the gates of Worus
The party battles some dragons
The Hiryuu
A rendered Faris
A rendered Butz
The Playstation Opening FMV - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
More... - 12 - 13
Krile rides atop Hiryuu
Lenna, princess of Tycoon
Butz, the Hero
Hiryuu the dragon
The Lonka ruins come forth from the ground
The one without a heart...
...and it's dark follower...
ExDeath stands within the mu
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