Falling Stars
by Chris Reaves

Author's Notes:

There isn't nearly enough FF5 work out there, and what there is mostly just talks about Faris (not that that's necessarily a bad thing), so I decided to write this one on a spur of the moment. Not as good as my last fanfic, but I still kinda like it. And sorry if I jump between traditional and official names; it's hard to know which to go with in this situation. Hopefully you can still figure out who is who.

Mostly I wrote this as an explanation of why those particular four soldiers were sent. (Why send a king, and an old one at that, on such a dangerous mission?) I also thought I'd try out a slightly different writing style for this one... Enjoy.



I'll understand if you complain, but I plan to be the one aboard the meteor when it launches. It should be a Warrior of Dawn that fixes that mistake we made thirty years ago. I had a discussion with Zeza and Kelgar, and we all agreed that, as the youngest and strongest, I should be the one to go. Besides, I haven't seen Dorgan in three decades. I'll enjoy fighting by his side again.

If I understood our scholars correctly, we have less than a week before the Wind Crystal drains completely. The meteor will take six days to get to the Far Planet, so I may be too late already. I plan to land as close to the Wind Shrine as possible and head for it immediately. If I fail, I'll have maybe a month before we lose the Fire and Water Crystals too. We'll both try to figure out what the cause of the drain is in the meantime.

The engineers have briefed me on the controls already. I'm still a little shaky with the steering, but I'll be holding the same trajectory for most of the trip, so I'll have a week to figure out the details before I need to break course and find a landing spot. Since energy is minimal, I don't plan to use communications until I land. Expect me to contact you then.

Tell Cara that I love her, that I'm sorry I lied to her and said I would send someone else, and that I WILL see her again. That's my promise.

Wish me luck,

Sir Corlan,

What you are about to read is known by only a select few on this planet. As you are probably aware, thirty years ago four warriors, including myself, chased Exdeath from this world and eventually defeated him on the world we call the Far Planet. What you do not know is that we never succeeded in actually killing him. Instead, we sealed him with the power of the Far Planet's crystals. We thought that would be enough to hold him forever.

The crystals are powerful and can be felt even on this planet by the magically inclined. Three months ago we realized that the Wind Crystal was losing its strength. A month later, through more careful observation, we also detected a drain on the Water and Fire Crystals. We have not yet discovered the source of the drain, but we must assume that Exdeath is involved somehow. And regardless of the cause, if all four crystals fail, Exdeath will be released whether it was his doing or not.

Twelve days ago Galuf, King of Bal, left for the Far Planet to stop Exdeath's revival. He should have landed and contacted us six days ago. We have received no signal, and all traces of the Wind Crystal's power have vanished. I fear the worst.

I have chosen you because you are my best knight and because you have a good understanding of the crystals of both worlds. Although I would like to go myself, I made a promise to Galuf that I would not, so I send you in my stead. Two new crafts were finally completed yesterday. You will take one to the Water Crystal; another will head for the Fire Crystal. By the time you land you will both have less than a week, possibly as little as a day, to save the crystals. Whether you succeed or fail, immediately head to the Earth Crystal. It has not yet been drained, but that may change before you have even landed. Regroup with the other soldier there.

If you locate Galuf, alive or dead, let me know when you return.

King of Surgate

Most trusted Tooth,

Our old nemesis, Exdeath, may be returning. Already his castle, abandoned for decades, teems with life again. You know as well as I do that Quelb is not ready for war. Though Bal and Surgate will fight to defend us, we must do our part as well.

Exdeath is still imprisoned on the Far Planet, but the seal on him is weakening due to a mysterious drain on the crystals. Our comrade, Galuf Baldesian, may have already fallen attempting to stop the destruction of the Wind Crystal. I gave him my word of honor that I would not follow him, but the remaining three crystals must be protected. Therefore I send you instead.

Head for Bal immediately. Two crafts are waiting there, with engineers to train you in their use. You and a Surgate soldier will take them to the Far Planet. The crafts can detect the crystals; land as close to the Fire Crystal as possible and protect it, no matter the cost. When you are sure it is safe from further harm, continue to the Earth Crystal and meet with the Surgatian there.

Stay out of contact with the locals if possible. The crafts have been designed to look like meteors to avoid attracting attention during landing, but as the Far Planet has none of our species, you will have extra difficulties blending in well after you have left it behind. If at all possible, you must keep this mission a secret; we have no idea who or what might be responsible for weakening the seal and we do not want to tip our hand to them too early.

If Galuf still lives, he will continue to protect the crystals himself, and I have no doubt you will cross paths. You will have no better ally. Serve him as you would serve me.

Your lord and friend,


You may think I don't know what's going on, but I hear things.

It's now been nearly two months since the first meteor launched, and five weeks since the second and third. Nothing's been heard from any of them since the last one signaled its touch-down near the Water Crystal. No one has been able to so much as detect three of the four crystals for the past 18 days, and now even the Earth Crystal is weakening. Exdeath's seal could shatter any time now. You say you're saving that last meteor for emergencies. I'd say this counts.

But even if I knew all four crystals were safe beyond a doubt and the two soldiers were back home, I'd still go. Because Grandpa's still on the Far Planet somewhere, alive. I can tell. And I'm not giving up on him like you have.

Don't worry about me; I've already studied up on the controls far more than the others did. I'll be back with Grandpa before you know it. Just take care of my moogle and Grandpa's hiryuu while I'm gone.

Wish me luck,

PS: Sorry in advance for having to knock out the guy guarding the meteor. I'll try not to hurt him badly.