By: Rydia

About: This is a short poem I wrote set at the end of FF4, just before the wedding, or maybe the party afterwords, either works. It's from the point of view of Rydia.

It feels like so long ago
Although twas just a year
Our home rebuilt
Though empty still
Ever sense that day
The fire burned away
You're gone, I know
Though here to stay
I never will forget

We save the world
They say we're heroes
But it doesn't feel that great
All this war and unhappyness
Spawned from one man's hate
The treat me like some kind of god
But I'm just a little girl
I can't enjoy such great rewards
That come at such a price

I have to go now
The party's start
And you your place with God
I'll hide my tears
And dry my face
And not let anyone see
That inside I am crying
For you're not here with me.
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