Dark Calling

by Andrew Vant

Dark Calling is meant to follow after my previous story, "Shadows of Hatred." It can stand on its own for the most part, but I refer back to Shadows several times, and events and such like from Shadows affect things here...so if you're going to read this, you might want to read that first. It's not really necessary but some might want to. Note that Shadows isn't nearly as good as this is, by the way. Don't get too turned off by it.

The concept for this story was a joint effort by myself and Tyson Seuret. Although the text itself is my own work, he contributed as much to the plot and characters behind it as I did -- and also kept me on track when I was slacking off. <grin> This story wouldn't even exist without him. Many thanks to him, and those of you who like this should tell him about it too. And those of you who don't can yell at him, too. In fact, above mentioned flames can be directed to him if you want. Hah! ;-)

As a side note, this version is a re-HTMLization of the original. This came about because Microsoft Word's HTML autoconverter was constructed using horse manure and discarded brain cells from George W. Bush's childhood cerebral amputation.

Okay, now that I'm done carping, here's the story itself. Enjoy!


Prologue: Premonitions
Chapter 1: One Night's Unveiling
Chapter 2: A Fiery Dawn
Chapter 3: Black Magic
Chapter 4: The Responsibilities of Age
Chapter 5: Moon-Forged Blade
Chapter 6: Found
Chapter 7: Second Strike
Chapter 8: Return to Evil
Chapter 9: Blind Fury
Chapter 10: Bindings Broken
Chapter 11: Final Doubts
Epilogue: There Is No Fault