Final Fantasy III - Screen Shots
The title screen
The status screen
The character classes
The status screen with the character classes
A town with shops and villagers
The party approaches the crystal
In this cave, the sages will teach you the spell of oToad
Only toads can enter the Tower of Ooen
Medusa waits on the top floor of the Tower of Ooen
The battle with Medusa
The battle with the Magician of Hain
The Dark Crystal
A den of dragons
The battle with the last boss
The battle with the second form of the last boss
The epilogue
The epilogue continued
The world, viewed from afar
The princess Alis
The mechanic Cid
The ninja Desu
The wizard Doga
The Maiden of the Water, Elia
Four Old Men
The dragoon Sala
The detective Uni
The End
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