Final Fantasy II - Screen Shots
04.30.2001 29 Screenshots  
Battling 4 Chimeras A blocked path Battling a big hydra
Battling a giant I would choose item Land Ho!
Is it a little chilly? Chocobo! Swimming
A dragon and an agg The emperor and bodyguards In a palace
The airship Another flying thing Talking in an ice cave
Another blocked path A beam of light Is he dead?
Almost dead Big ouch! I would still choose item
Talking in town Ooo... Fire... The menu system
Nice background Lots of people Take that!
Boom! Character status menu  
4/05/01 TGS Screen Shots Source: IGN Pocket
Treasure hunting Speaking with royalty City walls
Nine hits! Walking through town Cave of ice
Green dragon Scenic waterfall Bedside manner
Bar full of soldiers    
2/27/01 screen Shots
Fighting a White Dragon Frioniel's status screen The menu screen
Keywords in conversation Talking in town At the weapon shop
Colorful dungeon Get the treasure! Final Fantasy II Logo
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