In my waking moments... far beyond the first glimmers of time, I saw the void.

The cold stirred in me. The Emptiness surrounded me.

The opposite of this cold death, however, was life. But life was dependent upon the element. The basic building blocks of what makes this this and that that. Eight elements were decided to be the balance and foundation needed to begin the process of filling the void.

Many hands make the work light, and thus the elements themselves gave birth to their avatars. Each had their own task.

To Titan was given the task of Firmament, as balance to Ramuh who brought forth the storm. Leviathan, who bent to the will of Ramuh and augmented his storms, the task of also cooling the fury of Ifrit. Ifrit, whose warmth had the power to destroy and sustain held sway over Shiva, the embodiment of the coldness which had been present since before my birth. The embodiment of the void's chill held the air and wind of Garuda close to Titan, whose power would still crumble from the wind element's whim.

To oppose the void now embodied by the midnight wolf Fenrir, the shining ruby of Carbuncle brought daylight to the fledgling world of Vana'Diel.

One element was left unopposed. The element of life. The element of harmony and of nurturing care which had brought all the elements into being and set them into perfect motion.

I looked across my creation, my beloved Vana'Diel.... and saw the Twilight God staring back. The embodiment of evil... of destruction and decay. The realisation of this utter hatred caused a sadness in my heart. As I wept, my tears fell upon the infant creation, and borne the five races. Galka, Hume, Elvaan, Mithra and Tarutaru. They grew and flourished, and returned happiness to my eye. They were truly my children.

The need for balance, however, would not favor only me. The Twilight God struck out against the small world below, and where his hand scarred Titan's crafted landscape, the hordes of Beastmen rose up. The Orcs, Yagudo, Goblins, Quadav and all manner of vicious beasts. The harmony of my children for a moment seemed too strong for the individual tribes of beastmen, and my nemesis struck out once more, sending them into eternal Conflict.

I can only observe now. The balance is set. My children make me weep with their misfortunes, cheer for their victories and laugh with their pleasures. Try as he may, the God of the Void will never upset the balance which has been in place since before either of us came into being.

And in my most earnest of dreams, Vana'Diel will live forever as the balance to the Void.