Honor Before Life
Michael "Macstorm" Cunningham  

Domie's past is a blur. He remembers very little of his life in Bastok, but does believe that he was born there. At the age of thirteen, Domie was found in West Ronfaure of San d'Oria unconscious near Knightwell Lake by two Mithra explorers, Elli and Araina. The two had been out fishing when they ran across the bleeding body of the Galka child. The two of them brought the heavy Galka all the way back to San d'Oria. Elli raised the Galka (whom she named Domie as no one knew his real name) as part of her family. She kept him hidden indoors during the day, because Galka were shunned by the Elvaan land of San d'Oria, and allowed him out at night to train in the ways of the Warrior.

Domie was always bound by a sense of honor that even he did not understand. His loyalty to Araina and Elli was stronger than most children have to their natural parents. His blurred memory of his younger years always troubled him though. The only memory that he had of Bastok was a brief flash of him standing over another Galka. The slain Galka had a sword run through his chest and Domie was standing over him trying to free the sword from his body. Domie had figured that this was one of his kin, but knew nothing for sure. At age nineteen, Domie decided to travel to Bastok to see what he could find out.

Upon arriving in Bastok, Domie didn't have to wait long before some of his questions were answered. Upon entering the city gate, a Galka fisherman named Mountain Hands spotted Domie from across a bridge and screamed in rage. A group of Hume soldiers stopped Mountain Hands as he drew his axe and began to charge Domie. The soldiers finally restrained Mountain Hands, but Domie had to know what had caused this outburst. He asked the soldiers to release the Galka to which they didn't seem extremely happy about, but they finally did. Domie and Mountain Hands starred deep into each other's eyes for what seemed like forever before Domie finally broke the silent; he proclaimed that he could remember nothing about own his past and need to know how Mountain Hands knew of him. The angry Galka calmed a little more, but still looked hatefully at Domie as he began to explain.

He told Domie that he had been an orphan in Bastok that that signed up to train as a Warrior. Six years ago, Domie had been out on a month-long training exercise to the North near Beaucedine Glacier with three other young Galka Warriors in training. That had just returned to North Gustaberg when their leader had helped them setup camp and then left them to return on their own the next morning. It was at that point in the conversation that Domie's memory came back to him in a flash and he grabbed his head in pain. He was remembering. Mountain Hands continued and said that Domie was the only one of the three young Galka that returned that next day. As young Domie had entered the gates, bloody and confused, the soldiers took him and hid him away while they investigated.

The soldiers that returned had been ordered to keep quite about their findings and after many interviews; they were convinced that Domie truly knew nothing of what had happened. Other residents of Bastok began hearing rumors of the murdered Galka children. These rumors had Domie at the center of it all. One night, about a week after the deaths, a group of masked men snuck into Domie's home and drug him out of town. Mountain Hands did not know what had happened after that, but had always assumed that Domie had been killed, so seeing him like this now had shocked him greatly. Domie thanked him thoughtlessly for the information, but Mountain Hands had walked away in distain, not listening to the Warrior's words.

Disturbed beyond measure by what he had just learned, Domie ran out of the Bastok gates to the spot in North Gustaburg near the top of Drachenfall where his supposed villainy had taken place. He stood starring down at the raging waterfall for hours, debating on jumping, but thoughts of his adopted family back in San d'oria kept coming back to his mind. Finally, Domie turn and walked away from Dracenfall, deciding to return to San d'Oria. He swore that he would find out the truth and that he would put the restoration of his honor before everything else from here on out, including his own life.

Upon returning to San d'Oria, he commissioned a smith to forge him a great axe with the words "Honor Before Life" chiseled into it in the Galka native language. One month after his return, he bid farewell to his family and headed north. Domie, with great axe in hand, entered once more into Ranguemont Pass, the path to Beaucedine Glacier, determined to find the truth.