A Ponderance on the Allure of the Tail
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"Ya know, I've been meaning to ask you something."

Said one male Hume to the other as they casually ambled along, boots thudding on one of Port Windurst's many piers. The former, a rather well-dressed fellow, hair blonde and spikey, curiousity written in his furrowed brow; the latter, slightly more nondescript in appearance, plain tunic and unkempt brown hair, his face the embodiment of nonchalance.

"Shoot," replied Brown-hair.

"Ever since the incident with the fountain," Blondie began.

Brown-hair cut him off. "Incidents," he corrected, "plural."

"Right, right, the incidents." Blondie nodded. "Anyway, I'm curious... why the fixation? Especially since they keep throwing you in them?"

"Mm," grunted Brown-hair. "Interesting question."

"I mean, I suspected it was because either you had no luck with other Humes..."

"Well, no luck is kind of..."

"...or struck out with every Elvaan short enough to not intimidate you..."

"I thought we agreed we weren't going to repeat that in public."

"...or maybe you just like cats, I don't know."

Brown-hair frowned. "You gonna let me answer, or not?"

"Sorry, sorry."

"Anyway," said Brown-hair, "for the record only one's responsible for the incidents. And the Elvaan thing is only half true. But to answer your question..."

"Hey there!"

Without warning, a red-clad feline torpedo practically flew into Brown-hair from behind, gleefully throwing her arms around him in a tight, squeezing hug. She practically pinned him in place, his arms trapped under hers, her tail twitching happily.

The Hume seemed just a notch shy of surprised; eyes wide, body still, cheeks suddenly flushed. He heard his assailant trill a soft purr, and he let out a contented sigh in response, relaxing for just a moment.

Just as suddenly, the Mithra released him and sped past, allowing the two men a generous view from behind. She waved to them as she sprinted around a corner and vanished, the bright crimson of her dress and hair burned into their minds.

After a minute of silence, Blondie asked, "That was her?"

"Huh?" Brown-hair mumbled.

"Was that her?"

"Oh. Oh, yeah, yeah, that was her."

Blondie smirked. "I see. Anyway, you were saying?"

"Wha... what was I saying?"

"About the Mithra, you were going to explain the..."

"Oh yeah, yeah. Uhh..." Brown-hair's expression went blank. "I, uh... I forgot what I was gonna say."

Blondie crooked an eyebrow upward. "You don't say."