Final Fantasy X - Screen Shots
12.11.2001 Screens from the final English version  
Another giant tentacle monster! Overdrive to a boss Underwater fighting
Hinting at weaknesses The slime doesn't care about weapons, you fool! Posing outside of Besaid
The Scriptures of Yevon, eh? Within the Temple of Summoners Humble pie
Sure 'twould The accents transcend the voices Woo, new sword!
Stairs Bubbling vats of water Even more stairs
Play by play Goal! Biggs and Wedge make their customary appearance
Suicidal chocobos Even the chocobos enjoy Blitzball The Cloister of Trials
Iftrit deftly dodges a blow Reasons to live Back to basics
Ancient hallway Go through the bubble Lots of detail
Lulu gets disturbing Inkblot map Tidus, Wakka, Kimahri all stand around
Giant birdlike building Rickety bridge Auron the philosopher
Wakka talks to his lackeys Aren't we impatient? Everyone in the group
Impending battle (Over)Killing a snow wolf A tank fires a nuke at the group
After battle AP earned After battle items earned Learning abilities
Teaching aeon abilities That chocobo's gonna die Crouching down
As most paths are Creepy elephant Running across the mushroom rocks
You have a face on your...belly Below a doorway Impressive monster
A well-armed squad Wanna see overkill? Transparent map
I thought this was the English version The desert, duh Tidus admires the desert landscape
Desert plants The birds come extra large in the desert So do the worms
Sphere grid tutorial Yeah, something like that What is this, Halloween?
She still seems kinda mad Animal cruelty On the Thunder Plains
Strange creatures on the plains Oh, get up Retreat!
Using a grenade on a squid Haste Tidal wave coming
Attacking a machine The Tidus fan club  
12.04.2001 Demo screens  
Behold the weapons Clustered around a campfire A comforting gesture
Separation Tidus closeup Nice looking logo
Choose your destiny Gah, my butt's wet Warming up the arena
Fight the cloud Basking in adulation Aerial view
Guardrails needed Incoming! Water shouldn't be there...
Preparing to kick After the tide Joining up
A long road Oddly, the little kid is the one speaking The rest of the world called it water
Hot tentacle action Winged monsters Thanks
Battle screen Truly unnecessary taunts It sure is
BOOM Save sphere Uh oh
A helping hand The End Part 2 begins
Probably a bad thing to be seeing ROAR Fighting Kimahri
A special move is impending We were all wondering the same thing After battle update
Wandering down the path Battle transition It's pretty much anyone's department
Switching tutorial The actual switch screen Moogle!
Summon tutorial Valefor and Yuna Valefor in battle
More enemies Approaching the docks A hidden chest
Swimming Wave goodbye Bye bye!
09.28.2001 Speaking of Overkill...  
Various enemy types A nice, soothing spell Get in my belly!
Purple dog rat thingy It's like watching grass grow Vast horizon
Let the overdrive begin Even odds This seems easy enough
Light from the ground The fire spreads What else would you expect?
The storm brews I hate you, and never want to see you again! Crud, untied again.
What's that smell? Can't get much closer What's wrong with his eye?
Tidus's world shatters around him That can't be safe I want that rock
Cactuar prepares to kick butt Chocobos near the edge What a view
Chocobo minigame Yay! Run through the city corner
Street above the water Must...not make...Star Wars joke... Clash of the titans
A small gathering One again, the land of Termina is in danger Ifrit has a little fun
Missed me! Liquid fire Bombs away
Overhead bomb shot Kimahri turns into a flashlight Kimahri close up
That's a big spear Kimahri and Yuna by the sea A sparkly pool of water
Poke it in the eye! Silent onlookers Green and orange monsters
Another overkill fireball A micro black hole Enclosed in a sphere
Hexagonal shield Nicely dressed Nicely guarded, too
Moogle vs. lizard Oh! I dropped a contact lens! Someone needs a shirt
Eat that! Standing by the sail A megaphone?
Cooool Healing comrades Ring of light
Ifrit in an ice cave Isn't that sweet? Wanna go on a picnic?
I wanna be an astronaut when I grow up Nicely backlit He thinks he's so witty
08.29.2001 Mucho Mucho Media  
Forest battle More evil plants Kickin' it into over drive
Arctic battle Acrobatics And now you go squish
Overkill! Back to the canyon Discussing what to do next
On open ground Close-up of Rikku Rikku and Tidus
Interesting architecture Another close-up of Rikku We haven't seen enough of Rikku
Not so fast boy! Having a party? Rikku has everybody's attention
Always the center of attention Here, let me help Just a hop, skip, and a jump
Rikku in battle A one on one battle Rikku battling in the desert
Not the best time to be swimming Sploosh! The fish people
Seamless battle transition Bye bye fish person Enter the boss
Close-up of Seymour Seymour and Wakka Shiva kicking booty
Sphere board menu Little battle Yuna's sphere board
Tidus' sphere board Alan's sphere board Lulu's sphere board
War chocobo Looking up at an airship Tidus looking up
Tidus talking to Wakka Tidus talking to Yuna Tidus sure likes talking to Yuna
Stick 'em up Standing behind Accepting with open arms
Blitzball arena Dare to defy gravity During a game
Go for the goal Field battle Nasty enemy
Some menu options A cool new sword On his high Chocobo
Chocobo rush The new Cid Cid in a hallway
Casting Esuna Esuna affecting a friend Lulu, in a deep conversation
Electric death Lulu's dress threatens to fall off Lulu and Tidus
A Lulu closeup Standing in a group Cold shoulder
Battle Mog How can he see? Seymour smiles benevolently
Dressed for the occasion Anticipation Not exactly the closest couple
Panoramic view ZAP People run to action
Giant ice shard Overdrive meter Flames from the sky
Kimahri in battle High jump Welcome, bombs
What goes up must come down Valfor appears He takes a deep breath...
...and lets it out A large horned beast  
07.22.2001 Some More Screens IGN
Bahamut roars Because everyone needs a giant sword Somewhat outnumbered
Considering the odds Hmm...nobody to attack A shadow among the clouds
Who dares summon the mighty Bahamut? A chocobo travels through the cliffs Brrr
A blast wave What's that spinning thing? Breathe in
Flying rocks of fire A street full of enemies Shiva looks on in battle
Guarding against a huge odd Big machines Like hitting an imp with meteo
That energy beam can't feel good Fighting in the desert Fighting in the streets
Ahh...potion The running man Save screen
If she doesn't wear more than that, she'll catch a cold Battle commands Beginning blizzara
Multifaceted Shiva Nice shot Tempting Ramuh
Pretty orange swirls Meeting on a rooftop Hurry, faster!
Everyone's favorite desert plant Swimming through an arena Bombs away
Cheering fans Will you sign my ball? Moogle!
Preparing to swing That's a giant monster Chatting
Within the city skyline    
06.18.2001 Happy Screens  
Three times our HP? No problem! You'll never guess what I caught! Don't go into the light!
It's a big'un Fish things! This doesn't look good
Man eating plant Tonberry! Uh oh
Surrounded! Ready! Swing!
Talking in a canyon Interesting angle A dock
At a banquet Nice hat Talking in town
Back in the canyon Extreme close-up My, you're big
Kill, smash, destroy! Battle close-up Go Yuna!
One on one Ouch! Shiva's back
Shiva isn't happy Dramatic pose Breaking out
I think she's happy now    
05.27.01 4 Screens Source: Famitsu
Seymour lookin' evil Seymour again, looking less evil this time A radiant Yuna
A big kiss    
04.19.2001 31 Screens  
Battling a blue blob Close-up of Kimari Another close-up of Kimari
Kimari and Tidus See why the in-game and FMV is hard to tell apart? Tidus and Yuna
On the docks of a lagoon after a hurricane Yuna giggling Yuna fixing her hair
Much better Now she's ready to greet you Yuna and the beast
Walking on water Dancing Nice sunset
Need a lift? She has something in mind... Yuna and Tidus talking
Talking with the town folk Talking in the grass Yuna with a concerned look
Why!? Big spell There she goes giggling again
Now she's sulking Big guys battling it out Yuna and Ifrit
Yuna casting a spell Ifrit ready to attack I'm glad he's on our side
Yuna and Kimari    
03.31.2001 TGS screens Source: GIA
Over Yuna's shoulder Nifty winged creature in battle Bird's-eye of battle
Ifrit's flaming buttocks Why you don't mess with Ifrit Shiva's entrance
Shiva vs. blue... thing Close-up of Shiva Shiva about to hurt something
Large, furry blue shoulder Large, furry blue catguy Red-eyed wyrm
Strange... thing Kimari, ready to pounce Tidus
Trio meets a wizard Wakka and Tidus Tidus and Yuna
Yuna and summoned creature Yuna and Lulu (yes, Lulu) Prelude to battle
01.11.2001 Magazine scans Source: IGN PS2
Palm tree archways Woman looking vaguely like Squall Seeking advice?
An eerie scene Tidus  
12.01.2000 Third and a half look Source:
It's Coldfront! Blue blobby stuff  
01.31.2000 Third Look
Entering the establishment... Could it be our hero? An interesting menu...
Running towards...something.    
01.31.2000 Second Look Source: Gamespot
Running to... the blur    
01.29.2000 First Look Source: Core Magazine
Indescriminate blurs FFX logo A Square representative
The menu In a canyon  
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