Final Fantasy X - Movies
12.31.2002 FFX: Another Story  
High quality (DivX) 14:16 99.4 MB
Medium quality (QuickTime) 14:16 27 MB
02.01.2002 FFX International Commercial  
A surprisingly mundane Japanese commercial *with spoilers* 0:23 818 KB
01.2.2002 FFX International Movie  
Final Fantasy X International promotional movie 3:16 6.97MB
07.22.2001 Look, More Movies! IGN
Official trailer 2:42 18.7MB
Uh, little help? 0:34 4.85MB
Still on the edge 0:33 4.81MB
Where am I? 0:32 4.12MB
Character switching in battle 0:17 2.28MB
Bahamut enters the battle... 0:19 2.56MB
...and then decimates the enemies 0:32 4.41MB
Dancing Yuna 1 0:35 4.78MB
Dancing Yuna 2 0:33 4.49MB
Dancing Yuna 3 0:32 4.33MB
Dancing Yuna 4 0:25 3.33MB
07.03.2001 A Slew of Movies, Part 1  
Intro to Yuna, pt 2 0:57 34.4MB
A Day on the Beach 0:44 28.5MB
Celebration and Conversation 0:59 36.8MB
Summoning Ifrit, A Bird, and Shiva 0:49 32.1MB
Quiet Times Followed by Major Action 1:02 39.5MB
07.03.2001 A Slew of Movies, Part 2 Source: IGN
Summoning Shiva 0:31 3.8MB
Yuna Fixes her 'Do 0:07 0.78MB
Summoning Ifrit 0:28 0.65MB
No Fighting in the Pool! 1:15 9.1MB
A Complex Summon 0:25 3.0MB
Jaunt in the Jungle 0:23 2.7MB
06.12.2001 Realplayer Clip  
Newish Footage 2:54 4.6MB
04.19.2001 Mucho Video Source: Ruliweb and IGN
Japanese Commercial 0:51 20.7MB
Running around a forest, then getting into a battle 0:25 4.19MB
Running around a ruined castle 0:32 5.38MB
Battle scene 0:33 5.55MB
Walking on a path over water that isn't up to code 0:25 4.28MB
First you fall in, then the have the gall to attack you! 0:35 5.85MB
Ok, finished the fishies... now the big guy... 0:44 7.47MB
A narrow escape 1:07 11.3MB
Getting up and leaving after your narrow escape 1:01 10.2MB
Summoning Ifrit to help in a battle 1:29 14.8MB
12.01.2000 First footage Source: The GIA
Footage of a character running around, mostly to the tune of The Legendary Beast - 18,901 KB
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