Final Fantasy X - Square Art
08.29.2001 Yuna  
07.07.2001 Various artwork Source: Yuna
Al Bhed tribe More of the Al Bhed tribe Yuna's tribe
Some more of Yuna's tribe Guado tribe Ebon tribe and Kimahri's family
Resting peacefully Working the ropes Ready for battle
Auron's weapons Wakka's weapons Kimahri's weapons
Lulu's weapons Rikku's weapons Tidus's weapons
Yuna's weapons Bahamut Ifrit
Ixion Shiva The world map
Auron stands tall Watch your back On the cliffs
Well, hello Chocobos A Ciparf
Blitzball logos Auron stares into your soul Kimahri looks pleased
Lulu in the firelight Rikku looks strangely familiar Tidus gets a little too close to the camera
01.11.2001 Protagonists Source: IGN PS2
Tidus Yuna Tidus in the sea
Coke Figurines, Anyone?
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