On the Horizontal
Keith LaMothe


To the naked eye, or even to the most sensitive energy distribution analyzer, there would seem to be nothing altogether extraordinary about the particular planet in question. Indeed, even with all the knowledge in the universe brought together, one wouldn't be able to figure out why this rather unremarkable world would be so critical in the events that were to transpire.

All the knowledge in the universe.


Time is remarkably relative, one needs no unusually deep knowledge of temporal mechanics to know that. When one sleeps, for instance, it can often seem like no time has passed at all upon having to wake again.

Such it was with Him, who had not known any input to His senses since the very beginning of that concept we know as time.


"Time now approaches its first of four, fallen eye, and the two thus nears the horizontal."

"Very well. What would you have Me do about it?"

"You started this mess, against our wishes, against all reason that any of us have ever known. Now is the time to bring it all to a close."

"Why would you trust Me to do such a thing?"

"Why would we not?"


In such a starkly enormous scheme, one might suspect that even the stars might cease to burn simply from frustration with their inconsequentiality.

Know now, however, and always remember, that extremes lead to one another.

Nothing can transcend its smallest components, and thus All begins with them; such did the two with the one, and the return with the zero.


Thus did the fire cease to light the world. Thus did the wind stop. Thus did the sea become wild. Thus did the earth begin to rot.

Thus did the world begin it's slide into the depths of chaos.


As this world's essence did become His own, He began to finally become aware of this universe which existed solely due to His actions.

Odd though it may seem, judge He did not, as the existence contained within could know no comparison to that without.

Even as He began to take the first long inhalations of consciousness, however, a glimmer most unexpected did appear within the eternally voracious void that one might call His soul.

Thus, even as the orbs grew dark, did their bearers be infused with power darker still.


By the power given them, and, if truth be told, the determination that filled their souls...

By all their power as such, did the Light Warriors destroy the link through which He had been draining the world...

Thus did the glimmer fully awaken within their souls...

Thus did the four of them, now the chosen, finally meet the object of their destiny.

Thus did form the true bridge between the two and the zero.

Thus did form the path of the fallen eye.


"Soon, chosen, will existence rest upon the horizontal."

"Indeed, and so will the place of Your origin."

"Such is as it should be, for my kind cannot be true to itself."

"And what of us?"

"Go forth, chosen, and find the truth that eludes all greater or lesser than you."


One among the chosen did shed a tear as the final grain fell from the top, and everything came together with nothing.

The others, in truth, had ceased to care.

Interesting, though, would be the result as that tear became one with the All and the Not.

The ripples continue, even today.