Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion - Screen Shots
03.16.2005 Another Look
Let me cleanse your soul Parachute pants! Playing with the occult
"Holy weapon!!" Magic for everyone A cozy little cottage
Kids shouldn't be playing with bows Little purple riding hood Care to buy something?
So many pointy things to play with Level 3 spells and skills This guy hasn't heard of a dentist
A griffin beast Star-speckled bags are all the rage this season BRAAAAAAAAINS
That harpy needs to cover up more Bad breath indeed Choppy, choppy!
Sometimes its better to run I've fallen and I can't get up! Teamwork pays off in the end
A treasure box in the middle of the field? Get it before it runs away!
02.25.2005 Many More Screens Impress Game Watch
Lucy the Warrior Nice eye shadow This guy really scares me
You're missing a piece of your armor Cheerleader Warrior I have no clue
Encased in flame Blinding flash Berserk
Take that A stand off This is my lava hole, go away
Air mail Giant This is the only way to ride
Go squish Talk about wing span They're after me
Eat blob Summon Paladin Charge
Holy Shield I'm gonna chew your face Zap
You got owned Oh look, a castle I like buildings
Do you?
01.31.2005 Some New Screens Impress Game Watch
The king of the jungle The Sphere Grid makes a cameo Time to "chart" your course, ohohoho
Okay, so it's a map Shiny treasures are a nice award Walk softly, and carry a big mace
Red versus blue A giant, intimidating fortress ...and the door starts to disappear
A giant's rod or another form of architecture? Hark, I think I hear'eth a fair maiden locked away It seems Firemyst has a new home
The dragon flies in the sky You really don't want to open that door A wicked looking blue-flamed sabre
Now this "fort"ress isn't as well armed War wages on Anyone for chess?
Shopping around Matching accessories for the fashionable witch That wood has bark AND bite
Magic casting Kablowee! Obscured vision
Blue symbology Brace yourself! It's ninja-licious
Green lights of death Female assassin A ghost!
Robbing you blind Jump on it Another way to tend the garden
Cross slash Someone wont be seeing anytime soon "Take cover!"
12.25.2004 A Second Look Including Character Creation Impress Game Watch
A map Looking over a village Before a castle
Cane in hand Hunting at night A glowing sword
Talking through relationship issues? Sunset Nice flare effect
That is one massive blade She's got to be at least a little cold Blizzara
A party A menu Chilling out
A strange copper orb Several towers Battle axe ready
Looking at all those towers Think she can climb it? Another menu
Male 1 Male 2 Male 3
Male 4 Male 5 Female 1
Female 2 Female 3 Female 4
Female 5 The suave look The cool youth look
The crazy, unkempt look The average look The timid look
The librarian The school girl The...Sephiroth?
The female average look The teacher look Male warrior
Male berserker Male shadowalker Male hunter
Male sorcerer Male runeblade Female warrior
Female berserker Female shadowalker Female hunter
Female priest Female sorcerer Taking a swipe
Power up Boom Going shopping
Modeling the new duds Another outfit Lost the cap
An Amazon warrior She likes to show a lot of leg Now she doesn't even show her face
There we go
09.17.2004 First Look The Magicbox
Pretty redhead A scary looking zombie thing Girl with a candle
Peeking into a room Something or other Kind of hard to tell what's going on here...
A knight with an axe? Duck! Getting ready to spear something
Big freakin' hat A man in blue clothes A woman with a huge sword
That zombie thing again Girl in a short skirt fighting the zombie monster Girls with magical looking auras
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