Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki - Screen Shots
03.10.2005 First English Look Jeux-France
Dragonfire ownage Life's greatest question: to change or cancel? Eirika
Ooh, right where it counts Ephriam Wyvern rider vs. smoking rocks
A mythical (semi)horse battle Fado and his kingdom Battle on a plain
A riveting conversation You MUST press it! The stones command you! What happens when the undead abuse illegal substances
11.05.2004 Second Look
You never said our date whould involve fighting monsters So which one is more mythical? Stab to the neck
I see you got a haircut Wolverine My castle is soooo much bigger than your castle. Long way from home
What a small castle for such giant people Captain Jack strikes again?
06.19.2004 First Look The Magicbox
Status screen Status screen part deux The world map
Having a conversation in the great outdoors Talking about stuff Boy, these people sure do like to talk
Showing off his big ole axe A battle Looks like that's gonna hurt
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