Scheduled Disasters


1. The Cat Man Cometh
2. Magnus the Greymind
3. Prophiter
4. Xighden Lienx
5. The Comonna Tong
6. Slaves of the Ascadian Isles
7. Murder in St. Delyn
8. Conspiracy Theory
9. Impractical Magic
10. Fools Rush In (To Their Pockets)
11. Samurai Showdown
12. The Insider
13. Night Falls on Ebonheart
14. Odibaal
15. The Long Road Ahead
16. Dunmer History X
17. Killer Instinct
18. The Fifth Man
19. Tales and Tallows
20. Tel Vos
21. Manifest Destiny
22. Consequences
23. The Twin Lamps
24. The Beginning of the End
25. The Nature of Evil
26. The End of Innocence
27. Enter Sheogorath
28. A Beautiful Disaster
29. Closure

Chapter 12 The Insider

Last Seed 28

Three days had passed since my encounter with the Orcish warrior, Umbra. My wounds, as well as Xighden’s had fully healed. It had been an epic encounter, and I had been put to the limits of my physical ability. We had also made a bit of progress in our investigation. During our period of recuperation, I had met Snorri, the Nord that Xighden had aided during the battle with Umbra. He made us very aware that he would have perished if it had not been for us. And, after hearing of our victory over the Orc, he was very impressed by Xighden’s skill. He said that he would travel with us until he thought he had paid off his debt, and to find some excitement away from Suran.

The three of us then left for Vivec, where I had last seen Prophiter. After finding his name on those Imperial documents, we knew that he was involved in the plot which encircled us. After a bit of questioning, and some help from Gentleman Jim Stacey, we had tracked him to Balmora. We found him in the outskirts of the city, and informed him of what had been taking place. We then sat down in a room at the Eight Plates, and went over all of our information.

From what we knew, Xighden, Prophiter, and the Breton, Simon Belmont had all been brought to Morrowind with specific orders and released from jail. Along with them, a short list of names, which included my own, was mentioned to be necessary for an upcoming event of great magnitude. Xighden and Prophiter had both encountered Simon Belmont, and we knew that he was working for the Imperial government. From what Xighden had overheard, Belmont was looking for information on two groups called the Sixth House, and the Nerevarine Cult. He was taking orders from someone named Cauis Cosades, who presumably was nearby, and headed an organization called the Blades. Aside from that, we had little information that we could work with. We only knew that the planning had started at least six months ago, when Ocato had ordered me to Morrowind to study the Dwemer ruins. The thought of the head of the entire Mages Guild being involved in such a conspiracy was truly overwhelming. Seeing how we needed more details, we decided to locate Cauis Cosades, and retrieve what we could from him. With some information from Prophiter’s allies at the South Wall Cornerclub, we had found out where he lived.

And that brought me to where I was; knocking on the door of Cauis Cosades’ home. Only Snorri stood beside me. I thought that seeing Xighden or Prophiter might make the Imperial less receptive. The door soon opened and in its place stood an older, yet physically fit looking man. He had light grey hair and wore tattered clothes. “Yes?” he said to me.

“Hello. Cauis Cosades?” I asked him. He looked over at Snorri, and then back at me.

“Yes. What do you want?” I then said what I thought would best get Snorri and I in his house and able to speak with him privately.

“I’ve spoken with Simon Belmont. He told us to come to you about the Sixth House.” Cauis then gave us slightly questioning, awkward look, but told us to come in. We followed him into the small, single roomed house and shut the door behind us. We were then away from prying eyes and ears. He spoke first.

“So Belmont sent you here, eh? What information do you have for me?” he asked, as he threw a bag down onto his bed. I was a bit anxious at that moment, and braced myself before answering.

“None, actually. And I’ve never met Simon Belmont. We’re here to speak with you,” I boldly stated. Cauis turned around to face us. His eyes were squinted, and he quickly demanded we state our business. “My name is Magnus the Greymind. I am a member of the Mages Guild.”

“Snorri,” Snorri said to him, with his arms crossed.

“I apologize for the ruse…” I began, again. “...but we needed to speak with you privately. We have questions that I believe only you can answer.” Cauis seemed to accept the situation, and calmed himself.

“All right then, ask your questions,” he said to me. I thought for a brief moment about how I could properly word what I needed to say. I didn’t want to mention Xighden or Prophiter’s presence. I assumed the less people he knew had information about him, the better.

“I have recently come upon the knowledge that there is a plot going on. One being enacted by the Imperial government. I know that there are several people who are necessary for this plan and I know that I am one of them. I also know that you are in a position of control of this plan.” I then paused for a moment and looked him in the eyes. “I just need to know what’s going on, and what it has to do with me.” Cauis thought to himself for a moment, and exhaled slowly.

“All right. But first off, you answer my questions. How did you find out about this? And how do you know that I have anything to do with any of it?” I told him the truth, except placing myself in Xighden’s position.

“I overheard a conversation that mentioned your name and the rough workings of an Imperial plot. I then came upon certain Imperial documents that listed several names as required characters, being chosen by seers. I assure you that we’re in no way trying to hamper the progress of this plan and we want no trouble with the Imperial government. We just need to know what our involvement is, and whether or not we’re at any risk.” Cauis again, thought for a moment before responding.

“Well, seeing how you’ve managed to come upon this information, I suppose I can’t let you go without an understanding of the ramifications of our stratagem. Before I tell you anything, though, you must agree, at the least, not to interfere with any steps of this plan. Whether or not you decide to help is you own business.” Snorri and I both agreed to his terms.

“Nearly a year ago, the “seers” that you mentioned, who are employed by the Emperor, began getting visions of a prophecy - a prophecy that had implications upon Cyrodiil. The Emperor, of course, saw it in the best interest of Tamriel to fulfill this prophecy. All the names on the list you mentioned were seen in the seers’ visions. They will all be necessary to complete this task, in some way or another. Whether it be a great or small amount in the overall scheme of things, everyone will have played some part by the end of it all.” I interrupted him, to clarify the topic.

But what is the prophecy? What needs to be done, and when will “the end” come?” He did not appreciate my disruption.

“Slow down, I’m getting to it. The prophecy is unclear as to the specific details. Or at least our information of the prophecy is unclear. Our seers have communed with the Daedra Lord Azura. We do know, however, that one person born on a certain day to uncertain parents will fulfill the prophecy and become the Nerevarine. The Nerevarine will be the reincarnated spirit of Indoril Nerevar, an ancient Dunmer hero. The Nerevarine will defeat Dagoth Ur and reclaim the Dunmer land from Imperial grasp.” Pieces of information began to connect in my mind. I had been hearing rumors of Dagoth Ur from townspeople. They said that he brought the Blight, as well as soul sickness.

“All right. This is beginning to shed some light. I’ve heard of Dagoth Ur. He resides in Red Mountain. You’re saying that the Nerevarine will defeat him…and drive the Imperials out? Why would you want that?” Cauis then sat down before he responded.

“It’s the greater picture you need to look at. But…that has nothing to do with you. You should just concern yourselves with Vvardenfell. Look, I never received any information on you two, I only received a list of names. So I can’t say exactly what it is that you should be watching out for, just that whatever does happen, will be happening soon.” I looked over at Snorri, who seemed quite interested with Cauis’ warning.

“Let me understand this…you can’t tell us what we need to do, just that we need to do something to help fulfill this prophecy. Correct?”

“Yes. Look, I know this may be difficult to comprehend, but there are forces at work that go beyond orders from me or the Emperor. I don’t know how these things work. That’s not my area of expertise. Maybe you have already played your part, or maybe you were never meant to find out in the first place and the whole thing has been ruined. I don’t know. All I really know about matters like this is that it’s best to just go with your gut, and then see what happens.” Go with your gut and see what happens? I didn’t care for his advice, although he seemed genuine in his lack of specifics.

“All right then. Tell us about Simon Belmont,” I said to Cauis. Again he paused before answering.

“Simon Belmont…came here almost two weeks ago. He is the one that will become the Nerevarine. At least, that’s what I believe. Apparently, there have been false incarnates in the past. Those who failed to prove themselves to the Ashlanders. The Ashlander tribes test possible reincarnates by following age old scriptures. I recently sent Simon to one of the tribes to be tested. He came back days later, having passed with flying colours. Whatever questions they asked him; it would seem that he gave the right answers, because they said he was close to being named Nerevarine. He is the one that will stop Dagoth Ur. To what extent you two will play in that, I assure you I don’t know.

If you want my advice, I would look for anyone else on that list you have and ask for their help. Since everyone on the list is guaranteed as a necessary character, you can assume that if you do have any part yet to be played in this, then one of them will tell you something, or lead you somewhere. Also, the one who is named the Nerevarine is destined to destroy Dagoth Ur, but if someone were to kill him before he is named Nerevarine, then that would undermine the prophecy. There is only so much time before Simon Belmont will play the catalyst in the series of final events, and I suppose you just need to be in the right place when that happens.”

I reeled from the information he had just given to me. Confusion. I could look for Simon Belmont, or any of the other people on the list, and that may enact the prophecy to complete its self. Or perhaps by coming in contact with them, it would disturb what had already been set in motion. So instead I could stay away, and that would either leave me as a neutral in the predestination, or fail to complete the necessary stages of the prophecy. Unfortunately, I came to the same conclusion that Cauis had. Go with your instincts and just see what happens.

Cauis then pulled his bag up from the bed and slung it over his shoulder. “Well gentlemen, if this if about over, I have pressing matters to attend to at the home country. If you’re looking for Simon Belmont, I’ve sent him to Fort Buckmoth, outside Ald’ruhn.” Snorri looked over at me, with question in his eyes.

“Cauis, wait,” I started. “Tell me. What will happen if Belmont fails? What will Dagoth Ur do then?” Cauis slowly exhaled.

“Dagoth Ur, I believe, plans to wipe out those who do not support him. Native Dunmer, foreigners, it doesn’t matter. And after that, I can only assume his hatred of outlanders would carry on, and neighboring provinces would be under assault next.” There was then a pause in our conversation, as Snorri and I both comprehended the concept of a war stretching across Tamriel.

“Look, I’ve got to go. Imperial duty calls in Cyrodiil. Just try to gather what information that you can. And make sure that Simon doesn’t fall into the hands of Dagoth Ur’s forces. He is the one that needs to fulfill the prophecy. He is the one who is necessary for victory.”

The three of us exited Cauis’ home, as the Imperial made his leave. Snorri and I had little to say as Cauis walked away and down the steps of Balmora towards the silt strider.

“Cauis, wait!” Snorri shouted out to him. The aged Imperial turned to face us, with his pack slung over one shoulder. “Where are you going now?” Snorri asked.

“Cyrodiil City…” he shouted back to us. “…by way of Ebonheart, to speak to the Emperor. Just keep Belmont alive, as well as yourselves.” He then turned back around and kept walking. Snorri and I looked at each other, neither one sure of ourselves. Cauis had helped us out, though. We had a new insight on what was going on, and we at least had a name to associate with what we were fighting against: Dagoth Ur. The two of us headed back to the South Wall Cornerclub, where Xighden and Prophiter waited.