Scheduled Disasters


1. The Cat Man Cometh
2. Magnus the Greymind
3. Prophiter
4. Xighden Lienx
5. The Comonna Tong
6. Slaves of the Ascadian Isles
7. Murder in St. Delyn
8. Conspiracy Theory
9. Impractical Magic
10. Fools Rush In (To Their Pockets)
11. Samurai Showdown
12. The Insider
13. Night Falls on Ebonheart
14. Odibaal
15. The Long Road Ahead
16. Dunmer History X
17. Killer Instinct
18. The Fifth Man
19. Tales and Tallows
20. Tel Vos
21. Manifest Destiny
22. Consequences
23. The Twin Lamps
24. The Beginning of the End
25. The Nature of Evil
26. The End of Innocence
27. Enter Sheogorath
28. A Beautiful Disaster
29. Closure

In the waning years of the third era of Tamriel, a prisoner born on a certain day to uncertain parents is being sent, under guard, without explanation, to Morrowind, ignorant of the role he is to play in that nation’s history. An Imperial prison ship sails across the Inner Sea, headed towards a small village, Seyda Neen. A storm shakes the boat, but the prisoner inside is rocked about only by his dreams. The Breton man is being taken to the country of the Dunmer, the Dark Elves. He sleeps and hears the voice of a woman.

They have taken you from the Imperial City’s prison, first by carriage, now by boat. To the east, to Morrowind. I am Azura, Queen of the Night Sky and Mother of the Rose. I am your protector. Fear not, for I am watchful. You have been chosen.

The prison ship makes a shaky arrival at Seyda Neen’s port. The sleeping prisoner is awakened from his mystifying dreams and is taken into town. Here he begins his destiny.


Chapter 1
The Cat Man Cometh
Last Seed 17

“Here it comes,” Socucius Ergalla, chief agent of Vvardenfell’s Census and Excise, pronounced. I looked out the window to see a Khajiit stepping off the Imperial boat and onto the small pier.

“How many more are coming?” I asked Socucius, still keeping my gaze upon the Khajiit.

“Well, after the Breton last week, and this one today, there will just be one more in a few days from now.” he replied. I crossed my arms, which was hard to do while wearing heavy, Imperial armor, and gave Socucius a look of significant dissatisfaction. “Don’t worry, Ganciele.” the agent said with a smirk, “It’ll be over soon enough.”

Not soon enough for me, I presumed. I had been working on the mainland of Morrowind for a few months, helping out with expanding the forts. Then, about two months ago, I was sent to Seyda Neen, much to my dismay. I wasn’t told why, or even given any specific orders. I was simply to stay in this depressing, little squat of a town and await some prisoners to be shipped in. There was some plan, directly from Cyrodiil City, that was of much importance. No one bothered to tell me about it, of course, but yet here there I was, playing out my meager part in it. I didn’t much care for these boring, guard positions.

The door then opened, and the Khajiit stepped in. He was about as tall as a Nord and almost as broad in the shoulders. He wore the tattered clothes of a prisoner, brown pants and a common white shirt. His fur was orange. Or at least orange-ish with patterns of yellow, brown and black that streaked through it. His face looked like the wild cats back in southern Cyrodiil. His ears pointed up with small black tufts of fur on the end of each.

He gave Socucius and I and slow, suspicious stare. I reached down and placed my hand on the hilt of my broadsword. Everyone knows that Khajiit can’t be expected to be civil. He soon closed the door behind him, however, and there was no need for my enforcement. I don’t like to be in the presence of prisoners. And I do not like Khajiit. I also didn’t like that criminals were being set free for no reason. I myself, could have very well put that cat man behind bars years ago. And then there he was, being released for some secretive reason. I didn’t care for secrets. One thing I was thankful for, however, was that I didn’t have Socucius’ job. He was the one that had to chatter with the convicts. And thusly, the small interrogation began.

“So, Khajiit, do you know why you’re being released?” The Khajiit shook his head, and said nothing. “Well, you’ve been given the opportunity to clear yourself of the charges laid against you. You will simply have to follow your orders, and you may remain free. You’d like that, correct?” He again said nothing, but this time sneered at Socucius. Socucius looked equally displeased. “Yes, well, let’s just skip the small talk. When were you born?”

“Frostfall, the 16th,” he finally responded

“And your trade? If you have one that is.”

“Bounty hunter.”

“How… pleasant. And you name?”

“Xighden Lienx.”

“Hmm, interesting. I’ve never met a Khajiit with two names before. I mean…how did you get that name?”

There was a moment of silence, as Socucius and I leaned in slightly, showing some interest in the beast-man. He kept his disposition, however, and gave a simple response. “Now that would be small talk, would it not?” he snidely asked.

Socucius seemed to quickly regain his distaste for the Khajiit, and then handed him his papers. “Go now, and give these to Sellus Gravius.” Xighden snatched the papers from Socucius’s hand and began to leave the tension filled room. I unlocked the door and allowed his exit. The agent looked annoyed from the encounter.

“Don’t worry Socucius…” I said with a delightful smirk. “’ll be over soon.” His expression then changed to a smile and we both had a good chuckle.

“Oh yes, and before I forget Ganciele, that letter that you had asked about came.” He reached into a small chest on the table, and pulled out a letter, handing it to me.


To the recognized and esteemed Socucius Ergalla, Head Agent of the Imperial Census and Excise of Seyda Neen,

Greetings and salutations. I know that before you left for Morrowind I mentioned that special duty you would have to perform. Well, forgive me for not informing you about it previously, but, here it is. Three Imperial prisoners will be arriving by boat over the few weeks. They simply need to be recorded, and released upon arrival. Their names are not of importance, but their timing will be. Although this may seem like a routine and trivial task, I assure you it is not. Under no circumstance can they be detained for any period of time after their arrival. You will simply have to record and release them. Captain Sellus Gravius will be sent further instructions about their individual purposes. Thank-you in advance for your co-operation.


And, on a personal note, I’ve spoken with Degan Oberlin about getting you pulled back to Cyrodiil and out of that wretched place. I’ve never been to Vvardenfell, but I hear the weather is simply awful.


Glabrio Belienus, Head Secretary to Emperor Uriel Septim the 7th


“Hmm,” I uttered. It seemed somewhat bizarre. I planned on asking Captain Gravius about the situation. I returned the note to Socucius and left the room, having completed my job for the day. The next prisoner wouldn’t come in for a few more days. I entered the adjoining room to sit down with a glass of flin, but was shocked upon entry. Not only was my bottle of flin gone, but gone with it was all the silverware, two bottles of mazte, and Socucius’ hardcover copy of “The Firmament”. I was about to follow the cat man, but then remembered my locked chest. I quickly rushed to it, but it had already been picked clean and robbed of its contents. My face grew red with anger, and I felt the urge to chase after the Khajiit and pull him back into jail. To my terrible realization however, having just read the note from Glabrio Belienus, I knew I could do nothing about it. I do not like Khajiit.