Dragon Quest VIII - Screen Shots
02.04.2005 Hidden Dungeon Screens
Fight the temptation to go in Any chance of getting some items out of that chest? Somewhere in the world, there's a group of Olympic athletes waiting for this guy
Hologhost Seeing triple Sure hope that cave painting isn't foreshadowing some horrid disaster
Nice, but could use some more color Oh, just go in already There he goes, just a little more
That gargoyle looks frighteningly life-like That can't be a good sign
01.07.2005 A Little Bit of Everything Impress Game Watch
Traveling away from the ship He likes long walks on the beach He likes making things feel pain
Multiple hits Lost Now where did I put that sword?
High beam He looks pretty happy to be a bat Only 2 damage for a giant hammer attack?
Brick man
12.25.2004 World Maps and Some More Running Around Impress Game Watch
The T-1000 about to solidify Maybe you should get out of his way Such a large hammer for such a little...thing
The World Map Watching the grass grow Running toward a cave
Now you've made him mad More sexy world map action Looks like someone's lawn needs to be re-seeded
She looks like she's up to no good Headed due south Playing hop-scotch
Chasing after a strange blue object Stay away from those Just can't get enough of that world map
Wandering aimlessly I think he passed this tree an hour ago What do you suppose he's up to?
Strolling along a peninsula I swear there's that tree again Sneak attack
Looks very tropical
12.16.2004 Attacks and More Impress Game Watch
Giga-Break Lots of damage Giga-Slash
Down for the count Giga-Throw Impressive results
You want some of this, punk? Witness the power of the Beast Slash Devil Crash
Impact Big Bang Big boom
O-chan Yobi Can ya spare some tuna? These guys want some, too
Jessica invokes the Hussle Dance Jessica dances... ...and dances...
...and all are healed Needle Rush The Berserker flips out
Grand Cross invoked Grand Cross in action Another look at the Giga-Break
One who lives in the source of the moonlight Looking around Waterfalls
When someone with blue hair speaks, you'd better listen Mirror, mirror...
11.29.2004 Dungeons and Monsters Impress Game Watch
Hey! No running with fire! Stop and smell the mold Looooong way down
I thought I told you to stop that! You're going to burn someone's eye out with that thing... Dead end
...I give up. Set yourself on fire, for all I care. Found a map! You are here
Enemies Skipper does what it does best That gardener is so fired
Going for a leisurely stroll Down the steps Now which way?
Ah. More enemies Low blow gets 9 points
*sigh* Decisions... Step carefully Tough choices...step on the plate, or walk around?
"Please come visit us in our new location" Still more enemies Love them SFX
Walking through a cave Ice bridge, 10 o'clock Hey, what happens if you sli--
Me and my big mouth. A fourth group of enemies This is why you always take your shades when you go on an adventure
Come into the lights... The obligatory huge dead monster/bridge Metappi
Dars Wolfen Thorn Dragon Two-Faced Frog
Wan-derful Witch Lady
11.20.2004 Ready for a New Batch? Impress Game Watch
Outta my way Admiring the architecture Let's rumble
The Slime Pack Hey! Sumo slime
This guy means business Draw your own conclusions Chatting it up with the ladies
Checking out the sites Going for a jog Looks like Cloud put on a few pounds
Opera Attack? Looking for trouble Two blades are better than one
Ew, excuse yourself Fire! Do you smell smoke?
Want to be my friend? Where's the bathroom? Time for a picnic
Ooh, mountainous High-five! Ghosts?
If only I could fly Now where did I put that sword? Follow the trail
Barren Don't lose the purse A lot of green
Not sure I want to know That guy's older than dirt Yes or No?
How about a game of chess? Better get milking Snowing!
How to get over this fence An odd bunch Fence: 1, Hero: 0
Good, he's still got the purse Open, sesame Sand dunes galore
A church atop a hill See if you can move it Almost there
Heel Nice helmet Time to do some shopping
Plenty of jogging A grand castle A port-o-potty
Running west Blizzard A! I could so climb that
Super Slime! A rough day for that guy Darn! I left the spare bridge in my other pants
Don't make any sudden movements One last jog, for old time's sake
11.12.2004 By Land, Sea and Sky Source: Impress Game Watch
It's the newest model! Stop and smell the grass Running down the path
Karachi hooks you up Leaps... ...and bounds
Fork in the road Let's go this way. Um...are you sure this is the right way?
Dusk settles on the land That's what I get for asking a Killer Panther for directions. Are you sure I can't trade him in for a horse?
Boarding Are you ready for a sea trip? Row, row, row your boat...
Coasting along Through the strait I see a waterfall
The sea at sunset The sea at night I can see my house from here!
Seamaider Pugfish Killer Anchor
11.08.2004 Casino, Weapon Skills, and Monsters Source: Impress Game Watch
Spin the Slime! Come on in! What're you lookin' at, punk?
Falling for the one-armed bandit Fruity fun Three slimes, you win!
Somehow, this doesn't look lucky Bah, the sun is in the wrong place Care for some roulette?
Place your bets When you lose, does the slime laugh at you? Come on, red!
18! Is Bingo your game? Colored balls
4! My lucky number? Pick a good one Aww, I don't have an 11
I need a 13 He looks mad Yeah, he must have lost at bingo
The heroes in a dungeon Whirling symbols Ack! Everything is going blue!
The heroes outdoors Ugh, better heal up Yangus looks happy
Sexy Beam Smitten A thrilling
Eh, a showoff Ouch? Lightning...
...Strike! Devil Scythe...before ...and after
Yangus readies Fire Punch The enemies feel the burn Jessica's Lightning Death, phase one
Lightning Death, phase two Multiple hits Miracle Moon
Follow the brown brick road? A unexpected A queen and...wait, no king?
"I need you to collect little medals." "Oh, a fetch quest? No problem." Torode excitedly offers his help
Ha ha, you have less money now Wow, you blew your Gs at the casino Item menu for checking out the loot
No pithy Working Designs description here! Scary bestiary menu Lots of question marks
A dragon with an axe Evil knight Demented imp
A possible drug reference Something with a shoe fetish Uh, the camera is the other way
Shishkabob Twins Kelp King dominates Karaoke Night Shining
11.02.2004 Monster Battle Road and others Source: Impress Game Watch
A beating, monster style You'll stop laughing once this attack hits The waiting room
This bar has NOTHING to drink! Let's get rrready to rrrumble! Choose your friends wisely
All those special effects for 6 damage? The one on the right is "special" They're mighty excited
Talking to hotties at the arena Chatting it up "To the Batcave!"
I'm calling you out! "Shining Arrow," yes? Blue snail beam part 2
"There's that glowing again" Ride 'em cowboy
10.27.2004 Spells and Skills Source: The Magicbox
King Slimes love electricity Group damage Baton practice
Menu selection Pick the rock up.. Throw the rock..
Whip it! Glowing seprent Trunks casts a spell!
Pssh.. too many 1's Weeeee!!! Glowing puppy attack!
Mmmm Glowing rain River Dance A-hoy! Wave em` like you don't care!
Blue pig things Bad pig thing! I wanna ride a slime!
Slice, Slice! Help! Skeleton Riders! Blurry
Wolverine, eat your heart out Roar! This doesn't look good..
I want YOU! To explode! Charging power..
I'm a lumberjack and thats okay! More energy charging and even more charging..
Dance with me Mr. Skeleton I have the power!! Twap!
Glowing claw of doom!
10.06.2004 Skills, Scouting, Enemies
Hurling the boomerang Extreme morning star closeup Jessica attacks
Kukuru takes aim A measly 6 damage killed that thing 2 damage to the fighting panther
Dropkick! Kukuru goes aerial Learn the spell...
...then cast it 5 skill points obtained Use them wisely.
And the skeleton goes down The Hero attacks Skill points applied
Special talent learned Do not adjust your screen Youngus does skill points
Jessica, too An enemy in the distance The chase...
...the confrontation... ...the battle... ...and the scouting
Go, my minions! The orc falls Um...he followed me home
Play me a tune Yes, I'm a part-time sentai actor Jogging along the road
Evening falls Dungeon exploration Torode, the Hero, and a wagon
09.08.2004 The Tension is so high Source: The Magicbox
Closeup of Hero's Tension Evil trees and a giant bee Smoking!
Take THAT, evil trees Is it a little hot out here today? Kukuru looking a little tense
Hero with a nice glow The evil trees still aren't down and out yet Mmmmm, Super High Tension?
Adding a little fire Tension attack does 3 damage? Wow, now that's bright!
Shouldn't have eaten that last lamp Preparing Tension attack Angrily close to attacking
Jessica goes Super Saiyan Jessica....... angry Get that whip ready
A white aura Kukuru preparing for a possible attack Yep, most definitely attacking
Yes, nice dress 3, 4, 5.... 5 damage. ah, ah, ah. Jessica feeling under the weather?
Owwww, oooo.... A little to the right next time Aquamarine is a nice color Jessica, smoking is bad
Lord of the Rings? Flaming monsters and their attacking Now Youngus gets in on the smoking
Then he does a whopping 2 damage Mmmmm, battle screen Battle lineup
Closeup of lineup from opposite direction Enemy using Tension Enemy's tension unleashed
This is gonna hurt Ooooo, look at me, i'm the scary devil Yeah, this is honey.... What of it?
Man, this horn is heavy
08.21.2004 New Cast Members Source: The Magicbox
"Lynard Skynard is soooo better than Molly Hatchet." Luinero Luinero telling a fortune
"The mystics have told me that Hatchet is indeed better than Skynard" Luinero again Talking to an old man
Gerda the thief Fancy digs Talking about something
Gerda looking angry Still talking. About what, I have no idea. Gerda in the clink
Nice widow's peak Marcello and Kukuru That's one angry looking mug
Standing outside of a gate I've fallen and I can't get up Kukuru defending the Hero
Bork and Mark The Hero and Bork Jessica and Bork
07.31.2004 Assorted Screens Source: The Magicbox
That's not water! It's a GIANT SLIME! Nice view Gazing at a big ol' tower
Nice hat A Viera? Square Enix is going nuts with cross-overs Gaarr matey!
Talking to a girlie Pilgrim lookin' people Having a conversation
At an inn Entering a mansion Feel lucky?
I don't suppose you like the color green, do you? A hanging picture of some windmills A woman giving you "the look"
"Hey, aren't you Richard Simmons?" Women talking amongst themselves I want that hat
Hmm I could've sworn I've seen you somewhere before..." Reaching in a pot Walking through a small village
Climbing in a...well? Take that, foo! Burninating the countrysiiiide
07.03.2004 New Screens Source: The Magicbox
Running through the grass Talking by a bridge Attack for 50 damage
Attacking King Slime The tower awaits Fire damage
NO DON'T JUMP Whip it good! Bright light
Magic attack It burns! It burns! This'll cool you off
Welcome to the stand off Just standing and glaring Moving a barrel is nothing
Where does this chair go? Preparing to attack Where's the bathroom?
This torch might come in handy It's a shadow with a sword! The fish was about thiiis big
I feel like someone's watching Just trying to fit in And that's the way to do it
08.02.2003 First Screens
Just standing there Run like the wind In a forest now
Gotta cross this stream Standing some more Approching a castle
Sunset Running away That's a fancy bridge
That looks heavy "Under age indeed..." "Can it, lady."
I thumb through your magazines I open your dressers I look at your clothes
Staring at the sun Getting Dark A scary cave
Oh no! Slimes! Hero vs. Berserker Vista
Night time looks cool
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