Book 2: Princess Alena's Adventure

by Christian A. Ciccone

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Author's Note

One year ago, a highly anticipated sequel was released upon the world.

Well, maybe not the entire world but at least to the eager and anxious members of the DQ Community on the Internet. 

The continuing story of Princess Alena Santeem and her travelling companions, Cristo Bendard, an apprentice cleric of the Zenithian Church, and Brey Soratos, a scholar of Santeem Castle, was released as all three faced challenges that not only affected those around them, but themselves as well. A tale of love and betrayal, triumph and sorrow, and pleasantry and sacrifice was shared with all those who gave a little of their time to hear their story.

Sadly, their episode within the region of Frenor had a short life span on the Net. This rare piece of fanfiction could only be found on a tiny website that was quickly constructed just for its release (Thanx to Jjukil for doing that for me, wherever he may be today). The website was soon forgotten despite the story's release, as there were no links to it and no direct access through web searches either.

But all was not lost. The author of this piece of fanfiction, known simply as Brainwave, never lost the original draft and, just like Part 1: Awareness of the tale of Princess Alena and her friends before, has re-released a new and improved version of this rare story. Although there may not be any major changes or additions for those who were fortunate enough to find the story before, undoubtedly there are many out there who never even got the chance to read it the first time and have been anxiously anticipating Part 2 of this story.

So, without further ado, here is Part 2: Alteration of Princess Alena's Adventure.