Drag-On Dragoon 2 - Screen Shots
02.19.2005 Some New And Repeat Hi-Res Screens Impress Game Watch(46-49) & Famitsu(50-52)
Deploy the landing gear! A rumble in the arena Weapon upgrade
Divebomb She looks calm Crouching tiger...
What a lovely day for a barbeque
02.15.2005 Fresh Screens Jeux-France
My sword is ready Wow, a two-for-one deal A look at the menu
Oh, you are so dead So many targets to choose from Death from above
12.19.2004 Screens cut from magazine scans and the trailer Magicbox(1-33) & Squarenet(34-38)
Reaching WAAAAAY back Mmmmmmm, explosions Dragon fight
Manah This is a no win situation here Health bars
A few targets Put another horse-kabob on the barbie Must learn to focus eyes
A few ugly baddies Ah, flashbacks Having a little chat
Hello little girl.... boy? That was ACID.... not holy water!! Remember the days when shields weren't taller than you?
How's it going Nowe? Mana senses bad breath Caim.... in a flashback
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear Green slime..... rock monster Weapon specific special attack
Buddy, your skull is showing Nicely bright attack Torches
When birds pooping on you was only a dream The flying trapeze Fire balls
Running through a building Legna in a coloseum Running around outdoors
Preparing for some air-based carnage Weapon level up Nowe
Ah, don't get him angry Ehhhh..... Jesus? Sword-based magic
Silver hair Mana
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