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Dungeon Explorer

Dungeon Explorer
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Hudson Entertainment
Release Date: 02.2008

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RPGamer was recently able to sit down with Hudson Entertainment about the company's upcoming portable Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts titles for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. Here are the latest details, straight from Hudson.

As we've read, the DS and PSP versions of Dungeon Explorer are both completely different experiences. Why do both retain the same title and subtitle? Wouldn't you want people to pick up both for maximum enjoyment?
The simple answer is that both games utilize "The Ancient Arts" as a unique style of fighting and battle. The game play inside both titles revolve around constant action and battle rather than a traditional turn based RPG property.

Since the DS version takes place after the PSP version, are there any direct story ties?
There are a few. The two games are 300 years apart. In the PSP game, three different story lines set players on a course to find a lost Kingdom that contains a labyrinth of unspeakable evil. The evil from this lost land has broken free and is threatening to destroy civilization.

In the DS game the story continues in the lost Kingdom (now found). The menace that was defeated centuries ago has come back in force and once again Warriors of the Ancient Arts must rise to defeat it.

Will gamers that pick up both versions be able to access anything special?
No bundle has been announced, yet. There is no crossover of items, weapons, accessories, etc. You won’t be able to transfer your save file and the games are designed to stand alone with completely separate story lines.

The PSP version seems to focus more on character customization. Could you share a little more details about the customization options? Can you create and customize just one class or can you have a blended character with both melee and magic skills?
Yeah. There are 6 basic classes in the PSP version. They include fighter, bishop, hunter, monk, shaman, and thief. Players are able to combine basic character classes and skills to achieve advance, and master classes. We will announce those in the coming months.

The PSP version allows you to change your character's class at any time. Of course, this has its pros and cons depending on the quest you are currently assigned by the Guild Master.

We really want to know about the Big Bang Arts! Please tell us more.
They're pretty cool! The Big Bang Arts are only found in the PSP version and harness the power of all three characters at one time to unleash a devastating attack on the enemy. Since the game is action orientated timing is essential to executing it.

In the single player mode of the PSP version, will there only be one main character, or is there a party?
There is a party that revolves around you, the hero.

We hate that PSP RPGs are always limited to Ad-Hoc and never seem to use infrastructure mode. Was there any specific limiting factors to this restriction? We would love to play RPGs with our friends, but our friends that play RPGs don't always live around us.
Multiplayer action is paramount to play at Hudson. Although we were not able to include the online element on this launch we are preparing to include in all future DE games.

On that note, we are happy to see that the DS version offers wireless multiplayer via Nintendo's Wireless Connection. Could you share some information about how that works?
Definitely! The DS version is supported on Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection for up to 3 people. There is also texting during battle and preparation voice chat available in friends mode. In non friends mode you can still communicate basic necessities to your party members.

What about the DS version's races and job classes? We'd like some info on those as well, please.
The DS has only 3 character classes (Hunter, Mage, and Fighter) but their skills and attributes change with the 3 races that are in the game. Additionally, the weapons they can use vary with the different races. An example is the Hunter class that will see one race using bows and arrows, another using throwing weapons, and finally the third using mechanical weapons such as guns.

We have to ask: why Dungeon Explorer? What was it about Dungeon Explorer that enticed you enough to create two new games in the series?
Dungeon Explorer has always been dear to us here at Hudson. In the past it has been a fan favorite and a great multiplayer game. With the technological advances we're seeing in consoles and handhelds these days it seems like the perfect time to re-introduce the series. Warriors of the Ancient Arts is the beginning of the return of DE.

Last of all, anything else juicy you'd like to share with us?
The original story and screen play were written by Hiroshi Adachi who was a Concept Planner behind the East of Eden Series.

Both games are a different from each other and have great story lines that will draw the player in. If you are a hardcore RPG gamer or looking for a game to introduce you to this genre, we are confident these are the perfect games to pick up and play!

RPGamer would like to thank those at Hudson Entertainment and Clever Communications who made this interview possible. Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts will be available for both the PSP and DS in Feb. 2008. We will provide more details as they become known to us.

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