Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles - Screen Shots
03.08.2003 First Screens
All right, who parked the boat? Helm's Deep-like Rainy day in the neighborhood
Room with a view Yet another boat wreck Female tree person
A bridge too far A happy looking fellow A city street
Male tree person Didn't I see you before? Down in the mines
I'm hiding behind this tree Nice.. bird.. creature? At the pier
At the forest River side town Patrolling the town
Purple haze A quiet little town Hi there
Grrr.. Is it me or is it cold here? I'm walking here
You smell something? Big bugs Guarding the trees
A tree person sits quietly Even more big bugs I bet you I can climb to the top
I can see my house from here Polly want a cracker A day by the lake
I see you under there Down the rabbit hole A giant water slide
Into the cave Long way up Big rock
I thought you were extinct? As the sun sets...
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