Code Vein  
Code Vein

The team behind God Eater create a new RPG where the remnants of humanity has been driven by the Thorns of Judgment to a single final stronghold.

· PS4
· Xbox One

· Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Japan
Bandai Namco US
Bandai Namco Europe

  Release Date  
2018 Japan
2018 US
2018 Europe
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·Code Vein Gifts Some Combat Details 09.07.2017  
·Code Vein Characters Introduced 07.20.2017  
·Code Vein Shows Some Combat Basics 06.16.2017  
·Bandai Namco Taps into New Code Vein Trailer - E3 06.12.2017  
·First Code Vein Trailer Emerges 05.02.2017  
·Code Vein Brings Thorns of Judgment Worldwide in 2018 04.20.2017  

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