City of Heroes - Screen Shots
02.05.2004 Tons of In-game Screens
Fear me. For I am Grape Face. If 6 feet is huge, then I wonder what that makes 8 feet. Female
The male is missing something. I would like to be a Warshade, please. Silvery
Almost done I am NOT Batwoman. Maybe there will be zombies.
Definitely sounds like zombies. Jumping Another loading screen
Sneaking into City Hall might not be too easy. Say hello to Ms. Liberty. Snowman on the loose.
A bit electrifying. Seems a bit heavy. And back to Ms. Liberty again.
Apparently, everyone forgot to come into work today. Watch out for pedestrians. That is some wacky road kill.
Suddenly his pacemaker blew up. Lightning storm in the park. Sadly, we just missed Doc's new time machine.
And here comes Will Smith to help you fight off this alien. Taking a dip in the water. Quick, steal the carrot.
What happens after you get crushed by a giant snow cone. Hey, what's up Herschel? Checking out Ms. Liberty.
Come here often? What happens when you forget to shower for months. "Nothing to see here. Everyone move on."
Showing gratitude. Look ma, no ground. Just don't look down.
Flying across the water. Snowmen should not try to balance on the fence. Everyone is frozen.
Investigating the Secret Lab. Now which way did he go... Flying back from a mission.
Time to get some new threads. Looking buff. Static electricity is a pain sometimes.
Everyone is disco dancing. Lots of pretty lights. Force fields.
Falling backwards maybe? Beats using the elevator. The pedestrians don't seem to mind.
Transparent cape. AMAZING!!! Falling down.
Checking out the map. Icey friends. For those too lazy to walk, there is always the subway.
I'd hate to play him in basketball. Lining up for a picture. Riot outside the building.
View of the city. Meteor shower. Taking a break from fighting crime to do some more dancing.
I'm melting!
05.14.2004 E3 Screens
Red Havok Flying Around Air-to-Ground Eyebeams
Localized EMP Power Cluster So Many Lensflares
Fire Nova He's Big. Very Big. Fire Nova 2
04.29.2004 Post-Release
One hero army The depths of Paragon She can take it, don't worry
Not our statue! Anything but! Cleaning up the streets Sephiroth? No wait...
Straight outta the Fifth Element Melt that rustbucket Rage at the wharf
Psychodemonic beasts Not a villian, hero, or dog in sight Almost GTA'esque art
Summing up the situation J-walker Hummm.. Good luck
Odd city... Full of pulse Topplin' the Temple
Smack white light Free-fallin' Poor, sick, twisted beings
No shirts required Metal Militia Group havoc
"Sure officers, my card is in my pocket." Fun for Tony Hawk "We must locate our shadows!"
Natural static Bracing for the PAIN Ranged snowflake combat
Training a poor soul Crack the shell As similar as day and night
Wha? Falling into a ring of fire El SUPER Mexicano!
Quick, superheroes, the tree leaves are fusing together! Ka-pow! Whap!
Team the last of them
06.06.2003 E3 Sceens 2003
In the dead of night Isn't that a nice statue? One hero against four villains
The heat is unbearable Independents Day A mob beating
I found my turtle A super villain? I'm a man I tell you, A MAN
Jump kick, matrix style
05.24.2002 E3 screens
Underground headquarters Supporting the world Leaping from the front steps
Zooming through the city sky A gray, desolate street Crumbled cityscape
Normal, everyday life A collection of freaks More freaks!
Posing dramatically Daytime posing  
01.21.2002 First Look
Downtown Heroes Outside at Night The Freeze Ray!
Batman with an Ankh? Night Flying Facing Off
Stand Back! A Burst of Magic Two-Player Combat
They don't sell those around they?
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