Magus's Peace

Steven Stapleton

The empty shell of Lavos lay dead on the scared plains of the land. Three victors had emerged from this foul smelling tomb, and they became the heroes that tales were to be told of. Crono, a simple youth destined for greatness, had fallen in love with the renegade princess, and inherited the throne. Yet, happiness for the third would not come so easily. The man who was once known as "Janus" had lost his only love. He had searched for her, with little prevail, and not knowing where to look. The great magic this wizard held, was useless, and he knew it. It ate at his insides like a deadly virus, and he had to rid it. He had to find her.

Magus looked out over the sea. It calmed him, but not much. The Northern Cape, held the sorrows of the lost kingdom. Suddenly, Magus saw a flash of bright light off in the distance, and it seemed to be heading towards him.

"What the" was all he could muster before he was hit by the light. Magus was blinded momentarily, and when he regained vision, he stood in front of a large structure. It was black, and had many lights surrounding it. Magus, after examining it, found it to be an exact replica of his previous castle. Magus pushed open the large wooden doors, and entered.

Once inside, he noticed that the hall was vacant, as it usually was, but he could hear music off into the distance. He followed the sounds until he came to the room that had previously been Flea's. He entered the room, only to find himself in the center of Leene's square. "What the hell is going on" Magus pondered. He began to turn around and go back to the hall, when he discovered that the door was gone.

The wizard began to wonder around the fair, and eventually ran into Slash. "Slash, where am I?" he asked.

"Sir Magus, let me introduce you to the final resting place of souls."

"What! You mean I'm dead. I can't be dead, I still have to find Schala."

"Sir, you are not dead. You are here because you seek your sister. In this square, is gathered all the souls who have died for you, because of you, and in relation to you. You will find your sister, but first you must see what I have to show."

"So My sister, is really dead. Lavos did kill her. Take me. Show me what you will."

"That was what was planned, Master."

Slash led Magus to the tent of Norstien Bekkler. Once inside, he instructed his master to take a seat, for the show was about to begin.

The lights faded and a dark figure appeared on the stage. The spotlight hit it, and revealed his mother. "Hello, Janus. I have come to help you find the way."

"Mother, you are not, you were driven insane, I will not listen to this filth!"

"Wait, I died when Lavos 'Enlightened' me, but I am here, and I want to help. I love you, Janus, and I always will. Never forget this."

Magus sat back down, after hearing the words his mother would say to him countless times when this mighty sorcerer was but a small child.

"This side show, will ultimately show you the way to Schala. Listen to what the people say. I'll always love you." With this, Queen Zeal faded from site.

"Mother!" Magus jumped out of his seat, but was forced back down by a pair of white gloves.

Another image appeared. It was Flea, as lovely as always.

"Sir Magus, I died to preserve the way of the mystics, but, I have died in vain. You sought to seek your revenge on Lavos, not lead us to power. You must forget the pain of loved ones lost, and focus on the future. It was this that doomed our race." Before Magus could speak, she was gone.

The next to appear was Cyrus. "Magus, you destroyed many lives. I have despised you for that since the day I heard your name, yet, you worked along side my best friend to destroy a plague upon this earth. That was the noblest thing I have seen a person ever do, and for this, I have agreed to help."

"Pushover" Magus mumbled as the brave knight disappeared.

The next shape was smaller than any other of them was. It was a small child, dressed in a mages gown. "You are the figure of death, yet you are not more than a lost soul.

The light came on, and their stood the child, Janus.

"What, but I am not dead!" Yelled Magus.

"No, you live, but your child has passed. I ceased to exist the day you dawned that cape, and swore yourself to destroy Lavos. I despise you more than the knight could ever imagine. I should not agree to help, but I too long for Schala to be reunited, so for this, I shall help. After I finish, go the portal at the end of the square. There you will find the way to Schala."

Janus disappeared, and Magus made his way to the north end and found a portal. "Enter it." Said a strange voice, Magus looked into the shadow and made out the figure of Ozzie. "In that portal lies Schala." Ozzie disappeared, and Magus entered.

The light's flashed and Magus found himself on top of Death Peak, and a small egg by his side.

"Let's pray this works" Magus thought to himself as he took the egg to the top of the peak. Next to the tree, he found a figure slouched, as though asleep, Magus looked at it and found it to be Schala, or at least a clone of her.

Magus raised the egg above his head, and began to chant.


This is my first fanfic I have ever written, I hope it was o.k. Please e-mail me at and let me know how I did. Thanx.

-Steven Stapleton

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