by Hendrick Sukardi

Dedicated to:
Every person who dislikes endings with Marle marrying Magus.
This beautiful world of ours.
SquareSoft and this game, Chrono Trigger which brought many happy memories.
Lastly, huggles.

Marle stared at the leafless tree on the death peak. Crono was dead, and the celebration went on without him. A tear fell off her face, and she pushed her hair back, as her deep blue eyes concentrated on the tree.

Suddenly, a figure appeared. The top was spiky, and a vague scarf could be seen around the neck. Marle'ās eyes opened wide, she whispered softly, "Cr...Crono?" She arose and sprang to the figure, only to grasp nothing but the cold air and a flake of snow. Marle gave a barely audible, bitter laugh before wiping the tears away. Marle pulled her coat closer to her and started to go down the icy peak.

Never did she realise that a young man stood on a cliff looking at her. The young man had spiked hair, and was covered with a cape, his orange scarf flattered as the breeze blew, and he smiled. What could a village boy mean to a Princess? He thought. A strong wind brushed across him. He grasped his Samurai Sword, Rainbow, slid down the snow capped slopes and rushed down before the great winds start to blow.

"Crono!"ā An astonished gasp sounded in the air. The young man jumped in surprise, and turning around, he saw his boyhoods love. Marle. "Crono!" she repeated, and ran to him, wrapping her arms around him. ĪW... wait!"

"I'm not Crono!"ā he shouted, as he struggled loose from her. She smiled, and in a flash, swiped the cape off the manās head. The man she had loved, and lost. Crono.

Crono stood there, too confused to say anything, with Marle once again in his arms. "ĪLucky I forgot my crossbow or I'd never see you again!" she whispered to him. Crono gave no reply, looking at the skies which brought down the beautiful white flakes. Thinking, thoughts swirling.

"ĪMarle... I must confess, Ididn't want to see you again," ā he said, with a guilty tone, but tears brimmed in his eyes as he tightened his grip on Marle. He felt good to be back with her, and he didnāt want to lose her again. Marle looked with her sapphire eyes, and pushed Crono away and said quickly, "Why? WHY!" She fell onto her knees, and cried. Crono's hand was pushed away as he offered help. Marle stood up suddenly, and prepared to run. Crono grabbed her hand and hugged her tightly. "Don't leave me Marle, don't!"

Marle struggled with all her might, shouting, "Get away, you jerk!" Crono forced his lips on hers, which worked effectively.

Time passed slowly, and the two got off deathpeak without a whisper. Crono finally said, "Marle, I'm just a village boy, how could i compate to a princess... that's why I wanted to leave."

His companion giggle and curled up in his arms. "Silly boy, I don't care. You were a companion of the Saviors, one of those who saved htis work of ours and you gave up y our life for us. You're one of the heroes!"

"ĪHa ha! An unsun hero indeed," Crono replied. The sunset glowed a thick reddish-orange into the surroundings as the lovers once again kissed each other...


By : MysticBodyGuard/Hendrick Sukardi : who lived 13 years since he was born

Grateful thanx to my brother who encouraged me to write more after Crono slid down the snow capped mountains.