The Kingdom Of Zeal
by Jason Connor

The kingdom of Zeal,
Floating so high, like a dream become real.

A city of gold,
Possessions of wealth untold.

A worshipped queen,
Guided by forces thus unseen.

Her downfall will come about,
Not by someone from without,
But one within...

Dreams will fly,
Far through the sky.
Let us sleep, now, forever more
In Zeal.

* * *

The princess Schala,
Pillar of light in a dark plethora.

Her mind pure of thought,
Her heart guilt-filled and pain-wrought.

Her pendant glows,
Fueled by the power of Lavos.

The glory of the kingdom
Inevitably will come
At her command...

Dreams will fall,
E'er one and all.
Torn asunder, just as the lives
Of Zeal.

* * *

Janus the brother,
Dark and brooding, unlike any other.

Rebellious son,
Considered a two-faced one.

He holds the keys,
To many possibilities.

His future written in stone,
His destiny to atone
For sins to come...

Dreams will rise,
Like weary eyes.
Behold again glory reborn
To Zeal.

I hope you liked this. It's my first submission to the fan-fic section, although it's
not a fan-fic, so go easy on me. In case you didn't notice, the lyrics go the melody
of the music from Enhasa. If you liked this and want to read some actual stories of
mine, check out my website: The Final Fantasy Trilogy. Enjoy!