Good Bye

by Jeff Herrold


He stood there, watching over the festival which raged on all about him. He had come all this way, seen horrors beyond imagination, saved the world, and here was the end. Everything calm and lucid. The band played beautiful, lively music, but he took no notice. He looked toward the heavens above, and wondered if he would ever visit any.

His friends were scattered around this fair, this moonlight festival, reflecting on their own, personal ideals and thoughts. The grand adventure which had been scattered about time had finally come to an end.

He stood on the cobblestone ground silent as people danced and shouted gleefully. He did not join in.

Here he was, Leene Square, preparing the final goodbye. The Big Goodbye.

His friend, his companion, his ally, marched up before him. It had been over so soon. He took a look at his friendās wild red hair, his battle worn face, the white headband and yellow bandanna that he could never part with. His brown belt, and the long scabbard at his side which housed his kattana blade.

He would never forget.

She was with him. Her scarlet hair still tied in the pony tail that was her trademark. She still wore the white blouse and pants like the ones she wore when he first met her. It was time to go already?

He stood watching his friends, his companions, walk one by one into the blue vortex, heading back for their homes. Ayla, the warrior who had saved his life many a time, looked at him sadly before departing with her love.

Magus was gone, too. Silent and still he had departed without speaking.

"Frog?" He uttered.

Glenn turned and croaked sadly. "Till we meet again, thy friend." The armored amphibian croaked sadly.

He turned to go.

"Wait!" She said. The princess, Marle, walked toward Glenn. "Thank you, my friend."

She kissed him on the cheek. Everyone left chuckled.

"Doesnāt it always end with the princess kissing the frog?" Lucca said.

Lucca. I would probably miss her most of all. I felt a closeness to her which I had never felt before.

Her magenta hair hidden under that helmet of her design. I will miss her always talking to me, laughing, crying.

"Everyoneās leaving. . ." Crono mumbled. The warrior I respected felt on the verge of tears.

"It has to end like this?" The princess said.

I walked toward the empty void, prepared to face the worst. " I was created in a bleak future. We changed the course of that future. Will I still exist in this new world?"

"Oh, donāt say that." Lucca said, her blue eyes welling up.

I nodded. "Goodbye, Marle. Crono." I paused. "Lucca."

"I hate good-byes," she muttered, smiling.

I walked up toward that time gate which hung between the two pods of the transporter device I knew Lucca created. I "accidentally" crashed into an operating panel.

"Danger! Oil !"

They all laughed. Luccaās was forced.

"Iāll miss you!" I called.

I stepped in.

I shed one electronic tear.



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