Duty of a Knight
Jeff Herrold

"For the honor of Guardia!" I cried, bringing the Masamune down. The magical blade that crossed time and space hit its mark accurately; Magus fell before me. I gripped the blade, gazing at it with awe. "Verily, 'tis truly a magnificent blade," I remarked. As I turned to walk away from Magus' corpse, I looked at my reflection in the blade. Gone was the frog's guise; I stared at myself with mine own face! I ran a hand through my green hair, amazed.


I turned, surprised at the familiar voice. There, hovering over Magus's fallen form like a ghost hovering over his slain enemy stood the spirit of Cyrus. Clad in his blackened iron armor, the previous Knight Captain of Castle Guardia smiled upon me.

"You did very well, Glenn. I am so proud of you!"

"Thank you Cyrus, Thou art revenged!" I thrust my arm into the air, brandishing the Masamune.




"Frog! Are you awake?"

I was jolted from my dream suddenly, my hand clenching around the Masamune that I was holding in my sleep. I turned my head, looking at the kneeling form of Marle, or, as my ingrained knowledge as a knight-errand, thought, Princess Nadia.

"Marle? Why art thou awake?" I asked, looking around. There around the ruined remains of the campfire we had set last night, sat the deactivated hulkingRobo, dreaming electronic dreams. Beside him lay Lucca, her helmet removed and sitting next to her. She slept with her arms under her head, gun beside her. Our recent adventures had taught us to be prepared.

And--there, away from the group, looking up at the moon and stars, sat Magus. The warlock from Zeal did not look our way, his attention drawn toward the heavens. I felt the twinge of anger as I always did when I look at him, my mind drawing back to Cyrus's death, the hero of Guardia destroyed. And--to my condition--

"I was afraid I'd made the wrong decision, Frog--" Marle looked down at the rocky ground, her slender finger picking up a pebble near my bedding, and rolled it between her thumb and forefinger.

"What do you mean, Marle?" I asked, whiskers twitching. My bulbous eyes focused on her, the beautiful lass that reminded me so much of my own beloved Queen Leene.

"Him." Marle lifted her hand, and pointed towards the silent Necromancer. I know how you wanted--to avenge Cyrus, and everything--and it didn't hit me until just now, that, because we spared his life, you will always be in that form. If--if my mind wasn't all jumbled, I could have made a better decision--" She sniffled, and pulled her face away from mine. But with my sensitive frogeyes, I could see the tears cascading down from her own.

I took her hand in my own, clasping it within my glove comfortingly. "There, there, lass. Thou didst make the right decision. Thou were right, the slaying of Magus would not have aided in any thing." I looked at her silently. She wiped her eyes with her other hand, then looked at me.

"It was my fault, Frog!" She moaned, the tears threatening to push forth again. "If--if I had only tried harder, I could have been able to break free of Zeal's spell, and I could have saved Schala! If I had tried, Crono--wouldn't have--" This time she did nothing to hide her pains of grief. I patted her hand, feeling the sorrow myself.

"Listen, lass. 'T was not your fault. You--" I said, attempting to articulate myself with her new, modern grammar, "You could not have done anything. I was there as well, unable to stop anything. I do believe Crono knew what he was doing."

"But--But--I miss him, Frog!" She sobbed, leaning her head into my chest. Surprised, I wrapped my arms about her, hugging her. I consoled the weeping princess, as she poured her heart out to me. I could feel--No, it was not important. This woman had lost the man she loved, and I was doing what any knight of the Square Table would have done.

Her cries began to subside, and then stopped. I held her for a few minutes longer, and then lay her down on my bed padding. I stood, my cloak scratching along the rocky ground. Being careful not to disturb her, or anyone, I started off away from the camp.

Crono! The poor lad! Sacrificing himself to save the rest of us, and Magus's sister, from our destruction. The lad reminded me so much of Cyrus, with his courage, honesty, and charisma--

"Damnation!" I cried, slamming my fist into a tree's trunk. I had walked towards the edge of a small glen. I smirked, recognizing the irony, even as I held my fist, feeling the throngs of pain begin to shoot up my fist. "Why did you do it, Crono? You did not have to--"

"Because he was a fool." The cold cruel voice made me turn around, hand going to the pommel of the Masamune on its on accord. My eyes narrowed to slits as I faced Magus, the vile wizard standing, looking at me with the same contempt. "He thought he could stand against Lavos."

Magus came closer, his silvery hair trailing behind him. He stopped before me, analyzing me with his mind. "Why do you care?"

"Crono is mine friend. He hast saved mine life more times than thou has, vile wretch!" I barked, the familiar anger filling my veins.

"I saw you comforting that girl," he remarked, turning to look back at the camp. Through the darkness I thought I could make out the giant shadow of Robo, and then the sleeping form of Marle.

"She misses him."

"So do you all. Why? What does he have that enthralls you all?"

"He--is more than just a boy, or a man. He is our friend. I would die for him."

"What pathetic sympathy. The boy was a numbskull, and deserved to die."

"Hold thy tongue, miscreant!" I brought my sword up before me. Magus smirked.

"So you would actually try to attack me now?" Magus laughed, pulling his scythe out from his sheathe. For a moment, in the darkness, he looked the entire world like Death.

I frowned, and then lowered my weapon. "No. Thou art not important to me. Crono is. I will fight for him, but not for thee." I sheathed Masamune. Magus glared at me for a moment, then sheathed his weapon as well.

"Perhaps I misjudged you, little Frog--" Magus said, looking up at the moon as he spoke. "I have sensed something in Crono, and in our fellow companions. It makes me feel--different."

"Come, Magus," I said, my tension eased. "Let us depart." We turned, and walked back toward camp as the first rays of sunlight spread across the land.