Day of Reckoning

MY PARTY: Serge, Kid, ????

ENEMIES: Cybot, Alphabat


You start out with a nice CG shot of a very freaky tower. Then, you see your heroes appear in an elevator, which has a branching hallway. To the left is a balcony, where you can see your target. To the right we have where you need to go.

In this area, we have another crossroad. You're in the north section, but you can head to three other paths. The right path leads you to the teleporter, but it's on a platform for now. Going down is a dead end, but left has stairs which lead to a platform patrolled by a Cybot. If it's your first time, run into the thing for a fight. Practice is good, and you're strong enough to take down everything here.

Once past the Cybot, you'll see a small flight of stairs heading back to a lower path. Just follow it into the door. Here there's a curved stairway going up to another door. Run up the stairs and into it.

Once back in the main room, you'll notice stairs on your right. They just lead to the bottom half of the half-pipe room, which has another door leading to a dead end. This was used for treasure in the Japanese demo.

The next set of stairs on the right is going to eventually be your destination, as they lead to the teleporter on the platform. This thing is inactive for now, so just continue along the original path.

Once past another set of stairs leading to another platform with nothing on it, you'll come to a door. Enter the door and you'll be in the bottom of the balcony room at the beginning. There's your target, the glowing black thing. Approach it and hit action. Good. Now let's continue.

The teleporter is now active, so step on it. Once on the new path, simply follow the road. You'll see a bizarre video. And now you're done.

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