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From distant past to future's ire,
all evil hearts our deaths desire,
and piece by piece time roars in wrath
as darkness sweeps its troubled path,
in villages and towns so small,
to castles vast with towers sprawled,
the fire falling from the sky,
brought Zeal down - made Reptites die.
Shattered sorcery and vengeful mind
wrought havoc on the kingdom kind,
master program and saboteur,
technology's evils it made endure,
descended kin with war in heart,
from sense and justice did they depart.
Three generals choose the shadow did,
yet even together they could not win.
Generations spanning the great thirteen,
villainous progeny of vengeance dream.
On misty cliffs beneath the moon,
we pulled our friend away from doom,
time had made its lasting choice,
life would speak through many a voice,
and now at last our ends begot,
for Serge waits the Chrono Cross...