Loss of HP
Al Kristopher


Today in my lecture I vill discuss ze phenomenon dat has been experienced by many persons in ze past few months: ze correlation between enemy attacks inducing vat is known as “HP Loss” and ze result of such a loss, ze degradation of physical health. It has come to my attention dat in many areas of ze world, such as my homeland Porre and ze archipelago vere I live now, zere are creatures scattered everywhere dat sometimes find zemselves aggressive enough to attack wanderers und travelers. I vill address zem as “antagonistic creatures”, or enemies.

Zese enemies vill sometimes behave aggressively to ze point of inflicting injury on whoever crosses zeir path. Last veek, I made my rounds to Termina und found a nest of dingoes, guarded by zeir mutter. I noticed dat ven ze dingoes attacked me, white numerals fell out of ze air and vere positioned directly in front of me for a time, zen zey left just as soon. I zen felt a loss of health, and noted zat ze loss vas exactly equivalent to ze numerical amount “presented” to me before. I escaped ze nest and raced to my lab to study zis mystery.

After careful thought, I have concluded dat ven antagonistic creatures inflict any kind of damage upon an opposing physical entity, dat entity is first presented an amount of damage relevant to ze strength of ze attack. Zen, zat damage is subtracted from zeir health in an orderly manner, and so instead of vague scratches und vounds, ze injured entity knows precisely how much health zey have before expiring. I theorize zis may greatly help ze field of medicine, recovery--and also, var. I shall present more ven I find it; until zen, guten tag.