Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - Screen Shots
04.18.2005 A Small Update  
Why must Dracula have such a large, maze-like castle? Ho, ho, ho! Green giant!
01.29.2005 First Screencaps  
Simultaneous Status Screen and Fighting Nothing Like the Smell of Pixelated Blood in the Morning Spell Circle
Perhaps a Summon? Kicking Booty With Magic 101 Big Ugly Boss
Watch out for Those Spikes The Pit and the Pendulum Too Many Monsters
Oh Wait...They're all Stone Speedy Attack Don't Make me Mad
I Love You, Soma! MWAH! The Iron Giant The Ballroom
You Monsters Bore Me In the Arms of an Angel Hop, Hop, Hippity, Hop
Who Knew Soma Could be so Sexy? Simultaneous Map and Climbing Action Whew, Try a Breath Mint
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