Wings That Cannot Fly
By: Joshua Davis

I watch the clouds
Like a thousand great birds
Their wings charred to a golden crisp
As they parade across the final strongholds of daylight

I envy the dove
Like a lithe and graceful spirit
It weaves through the layers of heaven
Never bound and chained by earthly confines
Kissing the sky

My entire existence
Overshadowed by these wings
Artistic stigma painted on fate's cruel canvas
In all the tints of the stormy seas
With shades of hate and sorrow
Hues of the broken hearted

A dirge to the divine in vain
I lament here cold and alone
Sing myself a requiem in the center of this spiral
Swirling feathers that dance to the Devil's Drum
Do they now see that I am nothing more
Than an angel trapped in midnight
By these wings that cannot fly?