Atelier Viorate: Alchemist of Gramnad 2 - Screen Shots
09.20.2003 Initial Screens
Brawlin with the bears Your water's boiling You can go out with him for one set of nesting dolls
I really want a harmonica Six! Four!
Slot machines at an auction? Yes I shot the deer myself No, we're out of marbles
Purchasing an item Talking in the streets Cook those slimes!
Where the cute ones live Fenced in cats? That's a big keg
Chug Chug Chug Happy passes by evil Yes, why are you asking?
I need a room We don't sell rooms here But we do have pokémon status charts
Bust town square This is a strong one Not so busy town square
Can't the bees fly over the top? No, I like the deer head Aww, the dragon wants to play
I just don't want to know Look at all the water Go that way
If we can't see it, it's not happening My collection of cute ones That cat's up to something
Carrots Wood burns easily Cute ones vs. slimes
Energy bursts?!? Look at all the damage you did to my dungeon Welcome, I'll get the tupperware
That ever versatile carrot Peas and carrots? Carrot cake! Get it?
I'm sorry you need to be 21 to drink Nani? Oh, okay!
Sometimes I wear contacts Of course we carry carrots! One more status chart
Carrot profits Aieee! Yes, 100 will do fine
That guy again The messy bedroom Again, I don't want to know
Looks like she got a new stove And then changed to a table I sweep and sweep and the floors still dirty
Dishin' out the hurt Laughable conversation That's the prettiest chicken I've ever seen
Stark Man! The bear, it's huge! Dungeon crystals
The road less traveled always leads to a slime
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