Final Fantasy XIV
Platform: Win
Rank: #3
Release Date: 09.30.2010
Publisher: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV

The second numbered Final Fantasy title in a year, Final Fantasy XIV is Square Enix's newest MMORPG, following 2003's Final Fantasy XI. The game is planned for a worldwide release on PC at the end of September, with a collector's edition arriving one week before the regular release. The special edition will include a concept art journal and a behind-the-scenes DVD, among other things.

Final Fantasy XIV takes a lot of ideas from XI, even copying the races from the company's prior MMO and giving them new names. It promises to be more than just a rehash though, as many changes have been made. The character creation process has been deepened, quests have been made to scale depending on party size, and the visuals have been improved greatly. Square Enix even brought on Nobuo Uematsu to compose the entire OST for this title, though no slight is meant to Naoshi Mizuta and Kumi Tanioka who did a fine job composing on Final Fantasy XI.

Will this be a brand new experience or will RPGamers feel like they are merely playing a higher quality version of Final Fantasy XI? Only time will tell, but enough of our staff are interested in this one that it should be fascinating to see. Say goodbye to punting Tarus, it's now time to try out the Lalafell. In the meantime, please read our interview with the game's producer Hiromichi Tanaka from E3 for more details.

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