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Halftime Report

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Is it really that time again? It sure doesn't seem like the year is half over, but it is, so here we come again with the RPGamer Halftime Report for 2009. Like last year, we have the top five most wanted games from our staff, and we have some unusual changes in taste compared to the last couple of years.

Much like last year, we not only share our overall picks, but the individual reports from our staff. We've got the best from Japan, games not to miss here in the second half of 2009, and our picks from the first part of the year. Will we have another great game like Valkyria Chronicles be overlooked or will more of our top picks end up disappointing in the long run? In 2007, our top pick for the halftime report was The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and last year's #1 was Final Fantasy IV DS. Will the DS take the top spot yet again? We shall see.

Now comes my standard disclaimer. This feature is solely based on the opinion of our staff, so if you disagree, we expect and enjoy it. We can't all like the same games, after all. Our opinions are just that, our opinions, so please share your own. Post your own top five, destroy our list, or just tell us how much you agree. You've waited long enough, so here is RPGamer's 2009 Halftime Report.

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