Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Platform: PSP
Rank: #4
Release Date: 08.25.2009
Publisher: Square Enix

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Welcome to fan service at its finest, ladies and gentlemen. I mean that with the utmost respect, because while Dissidia: Final Fantasy caters heavily to its fans, it matches that service with high quality voice acting, amazing PSP graphics, an action-paced combat system, and a unique crossover story.

There was debate since the announcement of Dissidia about whether or not RPGamer would even cover the game, but after playing it, we saw that the RPG elements are there. While not your typical RPG, or even action RPG, Dissidia offers a blend of story and customization, all the while bringing some of the favorite characters from the Final Fantasy series together into one game. The unique board game style of movement might seem a little strange for some, but overall, the game offers something unique for the series.

Staff reviewer Alex Reimer stated it best when he said, "Dissidia isn't so much a blatant fanservice crossover as it is a homage to twenty years of gaming history." Although some Final Fantasy fans fans might be torn between loving this and wanting to hate it, the production value of Dissidia is undeniable. While containing nowhere near as much fan service as Cloud/Squall slash fiction, this game does attempt to draw in the series followers, but at least it's bringing the fans in to something of quality that doesn't leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

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