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Halftime Report

Halftime Report

Halftime Report

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Halftime Report

The year is halfway over. So far, 2008 has shown a lot of promise. We've had some big name titles released and some really exciting RPGs still on the way. Here at RPGamer, we've decided to celebrate the first half of the year while looking forward to the second half. To do that, we've voted on our top five most wanted titles for the rest of 2008. That's not where the fun ends though. Along with our top picks for the rest of the year, a few individuals felt like sharing their highlights from the first half along with their picks for the rest of 2008.

The votes have been tallied and the top picks are here. With so many exciting games in the works, we had to limit our votes to games that had either been officially announced or strongly hinted at for 2008. Sadly, this does not include titles that we wish would make it this year. No Dragon Quest IX, no Final Fantasy XIII, no Persona 4... at least in North America. Also, the announcement of Chrono Trigger for DS came in just after voting had completed, so while it would have likely made this list, it was too little, too late.

As with last year's Best of What's to Come, this feature is solely based on the opinion of our staff. If you disagree with us, that's no bother to us. We expect and enjoy disagreement. Our opinions are just that, our opinions, so feel free to comment. We hope that this encourages you to share your lists with us as well. For now, I would like to present to you RPGamer's 2008 Halftime Report.

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