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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII - 1/8th Cold Cast Cloud & Hardy Daytona Model

With the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, this cold cast model of Cloud astride his hardy daytona motorcycle is sure to become difficult to find. Scaled to 1/8th life-size this pre-painted statuette is absolutely gorgeous and deserves a home on the desk or bookshelf of any hardcore fan of Final Fantasy VII. There are a number of other 1/8th cold cast models in this same series of statuettes.

  • 1/8th Life-Size
  • Pre-Painted
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· $185.00 SALE
· $231.25 MSRP

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist - 3 to 5" Articulated Figurine 4 Pak

The wild popularity of Fullmetal Alchemist isn't simply a reflection of the buying power of videogamers. The loveable characters and familiar themes mix with a new and intriguing take on magic that has taken both animation and manga by storm. This 4 pak of 3 to 5 inch tall characters includes Edward and Alphonse Elric, Winry Rockbell, and Roy Mustang.

  • 3" - 5" Tall
  • Fully Articulated
  • Includes 4 Figurines
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· $19.99 SALE
· $27.99 MSRP

Mega Man Legends

Mega Man Legends - 6.25" PVC Tron Bonne & Kobun Statues

Mega Man Legends (AKA, Rock Man Dash!) releases on the PlayStation Portable in Japan today! What better way to celebrate the introduction of the Blue Bomber to a whole new generation of videogamers than to pick up this gorgeous statue set? Tron Bonne stands 6.25 inches tall and comes with her very own Servebot to cuddle, play with... Or torture!

  • 6.25" Tall
  • Includes 2 Statues
  • Includes Painted Blister Card
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· $27.99 SALE
· $29.99 MSRP

Action Figures
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8" Heretic Yojimbo
Full Metal Alchemist

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Final Fantasy VII

1/8th Cold Cast Cloud
1/8th Cold Cast Aeris
1/8th Cold Cast Sephiroth
1/8th Cold Cast Tifa
1/8th Cold Cast Yuffie

Star Ocean - Till the End of Time

5.5" PVC Fayt Statue
5.5" PVC Sophia Statue
5.5" PVC Nel Statue
5.5" PVC Cliff Statue
5.5" PVC Souffle Statue
5.5" PVC Roger Statue

FFX - 1/6th Vinyl Kimahri
FFX2 - 1/6th Vinyl Yuna

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