Final Fantasy X
Platform: PS2
Rank: #2
Release Date: 12.18.2001
Publisher: Square EA


Final Fantasy X

Released early in the PlayStation 2's life, Final Fantasy X marked Square Enix's RPG jump into a new console generation. While some of the additions this game offered may be common stock these days, this title helped pioneer one of the most dominate RPG consoles of not just the decade, but all time.

As laughable (pun intended) as some of the voice acted scenes in Final Fantasy X might seem these days, it was one of the first top tier RPGs to offer it, and made for a great experience at the time. The game boasts a solid turn-based battle system, the unique sphere grid leveling system, and the ability to swap characters around during the middle of combat. Despite being very linear, the game's focus on story offered a memorable and emotional experience highlighted by a top notch presentation. The stunning visuals were a major step up from the release of Final Fantasy IX merely a year before. The soundtrack not only featured classical RPG music from series veteran Nobuo Uematsu as well as Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano, but Uematsu also brought us the shockingly modern, hardrock song "Otherworld." Final Fantasy X showed that even as a traditional RPG, it was fresh and appealing.

The first game in the Final Fantasy series hit in 1990 with Final Fantasy VII bringing RPGs into the mainstream in 1997, but Final Fantasy X was the next game to take the series to the next level. Voice acting, an amazing cast (yes, Auron rocks), a grand soundtrack, and a nice twist on the standard turn-based setup all help Final Fantasy X obtain its place as one of the most memorable RPGs of the decade.

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