Lost Odyssey
Rank: #5
Release Date: Winter 2007

Lost Odyssey

A game with a promised simultaneous release in both Japan and North America, Lost Odyssey is shaping up to be quite an interesting title. Following in the wake of Mistwalker's first Xbox 360 title, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey looks to be much darker and more mature in terms of story and setting. The plot focuses on Kaim, a man who has lived for 1,000 years. In this time he witnessed loved ones come and go, but he can't remember much of that past. Featuring a five-person party system where the front row characters attempt to protect the back row, this turn-based RPG from the mind of Hironobu Sakaguchi seems to follow in the gameplay footsteps of some of his earlier Final Fantasy titles. Composer Nobuo Uematsu is also on board and will be creating a contemporary soundtrack more suited to the setting of Lost Odyssey. Mistwalker and Microsoft both have a lot to gain from the success of this title.

Lost Odyssey is just one of the many RPGs that are helping to break new ground in the area of Xbox 360 RPGs. Staff previewer Majed "lost_keeper" Athab stated that, "This game is enough to make me break my anti-Xbox mentality." With the original Xbox being rather light on RPGs and the current Xbox 360 just beginning to ramp up in that area, a holiday release would be a great joy for RPGamers worldwide, finally giving them a reason to rush out and purchase a system.

Editorials Editor Michael "Macstorm" Cunningham goes on record as saying, "This is my most anticipated game for the rest of the year. Lost Odyssey reminds me of a classic style RPG wrapped up in a next generation candy shell. A turn-based battle system, five character parties, an epic Sakaguchi story, and Nobuo Uematsu's music all to be found in one RPG? That reminds me of another personal favorite, Final Fantasy IV. I can't wait for confirmation of an official release date."

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